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Welcome to AbsoluteGaming

AbsoluteGaming was launched in November 2009 to bring like minded gamers together. Predominantly we run FIFA leagues and tournaments with the finest setup that you wont find anywhere else on the web. Along side the FIFA leagues and tournaments we also offer community events on a variety of games.

FIFA Leagues

FIFA20 this is our main thing. We have 3 different divisions, Premiership, Championship and League 1. Each division currently consists of 13/14 players with relegation and promotion, either automatic or by season ending promotion and relegation playoffs. Fixtures come every 6 days throughout the season and each fixture you play a double header home and away against your opponent. We also run two cup competitions, firstly the Eliminator (in which upper division players are handicapped by giving lower leaguers goal head starts). This runs though a series of group stages before we get to the semi finals where it becomes knockout. Then there is the League Cup which is a straight knockout, a one and done competition.

Your Franchise

A Franchise is purchased at the start of every season. The Franchise is the base for your squad that you transfers your players in and out of during the season. You can check all current Franchises via this season Squad Sheet.


The leagues are run on a fantasy basis. Once you have your franchise and squad with players of varied ratings from different leagues and you will try and mould them into the formation and style that suits you. You will do this be transferring players with other managers, either swapping or for players plus our notional currency which is called scudo. The transfer market is one of the most fun parts of the leagues.  You can "earn" scudo in numerous different ways. You get paid for each fixture you fulfil in the league or cups. Your payment will be your matchday fee less the wages that are charged for your players.

Auctions & Raffles

Each week during the season there is usually a raffle for a player who will be at the higher end of the ratings that are currently in the league and you can buy tickets in an attempt to win such players. Also there is a weekly BFA Auction. The League Commissioner ( he does not play in the league himself to ensure independence ) will put up usually 8 players to be bid on with your hard earned scudos. Public auctions finish at 8pm with the highest bid for each player winning out and its usually frantic when an auction is finishing on the site. Don't be late with your bid though or you will be fined ! Auctions can also be blind where you will private message the League Commissioner, not knowing what others are bidding for a player. When the results of the winning bids become know after 8pm there are usually some laughs where managers have massively bid on players where nobody else has bid and they could have got them much cheaper.

So how do I get involved?

First of all you need to register an account in the forums. This is the hub of our community. Sign up takes only seconds and as absolutely free. Once you have created an account then head to our Introduce Yourself forum where you can post up your welcome and introduce yourself to the community.

I want to be involved in a league. What happens now?

We run a variety of FIFA leagues and Tournaments for all members to take part in on AbsoluteGaming. We take pride in our career leagues which is why league places are very much sought after. A lot of work goes into running our leagues so league places are only given to members who are active. If you do want to be involved in our league setup then register your interest via Join Our League forum. Once you have done that we urge you to get involved in the forums and events that we run. That way you will prove to the admin team that you are active enough for a league place. If we have a large waiting list then AbsoluteGaming also runs a Reserve League. This is to keep non-league members active whist the current season is running.

Community Events

We run regular events one night events throughout the week. Starting at various times to suit all of our community. The events are run across a variety of games such as FIFA, TGC Golf, Call of Duty etc. events are a geat way to get involved in the site and meet members of our community. Our gaming calendar is always jam packed.

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