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We are currently looking to get inside the minds of our Club League members. Although it shouldn't take much to pick their brains. First up is our Club League cup winner Jobi Juan

He gives us the run down on his history and how he has faired this season.

Where are you from?

A little village outside of Swindon called Watchfield

What is your current job?

Window cleaner

Which club do you support and why?

I support mighty Swindon Town. The town I was born in was smack down in between Swindon and Oxford. My address had an SN (Swindon) postcode but was classed as Oxfordshire. So I could choose between the two. It was 10 minutes to the county ground and 40 minutes to the Manor ground so Swindon it was!

There were nearly celebrations in the streets down in Valencia when Big B's team came within a minute of that very rare thing in the AG Career league, a clean sheet. In the game again Southampton, the few fans that had stayed that long were treated to a late goal by the substitute Mina that to the uneducated might have suggest Big B was about to get his first win of the season. Those that have seen this team play regularly werent in the least surprised when CookieMUFC's charges equalised in the 90th minute. What had surprised them more was that the goal was so late in coming. In the earlier fixture, Valencia had lost 3-2 despite having been 2-0 up at half time.

Coach Big B said "if the games all ended after 45 minutes, we'd probably be top of the league" Its true that in nearly every game, Valencia can be on top most of the first half but will surrender a decent lead after about 60 minutes, when the whole defence seems to be falling apart. Big B added 'If we're not at least 3 goals ahead by half time, I know we're still likely to draw or lose. Thats the way things have been this season. We're good at going forward but no matter how well we sort things out in training, this set of players seem to balls it up in the second. Before I came out here Gary Neville warned me about how lazy some of the squad were, but Ive seen it myself now, and the trouble is, I'm stuck with this rabble til the end of the season."

Now its not Mick Hucknell although the last time he had a huge hit was around the same time aaronc333 won a league title. Might be a case of "Money too tight to mention" after this season slip in the loans stakes. Ill leave deareststorm to sort that one out.

Check out the image above. Created back in 2010 when Aaron was ..............ill leave this one to ImmortalTanz

Anyway pressing on. AG greatest tournament returned tonight. The TFI Friday Cup. 9 members took part and four of those were TFI virgins. You would like to think IDanger IMouse Kemmatt101 I 7Vo Sense I and Chadji30 would cause some problems for the long term members.................anyway moving on.

got his way to the final. When you got to help a new member you dont pay attention to the game and deareststorm some how managed a win vs returning members dazzler24.

It was the final that was meant to be. Did Storm win? no. Does anyone care who won then? No.

We move on. Thanks for reading.

Its the race that no members wants to be in but currently we have 4 fighting out at the bottom of Club League 1.

As you an see by the table none of the members are in great form. We check each member out and The Banker gives his thoughts on who can claim that great title.

was the front runner in Club League 1 for the early part of the season. In his own words "I only played Storm and he is dog shit". Tanz is currently sat at the top of the bottom 4. He is 5 points clear of niwintz however everyone behind him has games in hand. He could well be dragged into the bottom 2 but I think his quality will just see him ok.

only one win this season against Storm although did take a creditable point from a game vs paullowes80. niwintz will be ok and I see him finishing at the top of the mini table.

the man currently out of action with Australian Flu. Has this effected his form in recent weeks? Storm is yet to record a win and is in big trouble because Bri has games in hand. Storms issue is that he cannot keep clean sheets. Going forward (in his own words) he is deadly. if only he had that Jose bus! I see Storm finishing with the wooden spoon.

Big B 1970
is a man in desperate need of a win but has games in hand for comfort and also knowing two of those will be against Storm. Fans are comparing Bri's time as manager to that of Gary Neville. The only difference being is GNev is far better looking. Bri should dig himself out of this and the games vs Storm will be the game changer.

Its gonna be one hell of a finish to the season thats for sure.

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