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So with the ever increasing popularity of all things AG and the influx of new members, I thought its about time we started to get to know our fellow gamers. So with this in mind I have created a weekly blog and will put the spotlight on a different member each week, so let’s start getting to know our first guest. This week and first in line we put our questions to our softly spoken gent from the Emerald Isle.
So without further a do Let’s get to Know...…


Name Bert
Gamertag Berty44
Age 58
Location Dublin 🇮🇪

  1. Favorite Sport? To Love watching NFL, soccer and rugby.
  2. Most famous person met and where? Tiger Woods at the K Club. He was out on the course playing a round of golf just like me and we met him and got to see him tee off. Only other famous person I met was Red Rhinoceros, he actually called to my house and we spent the evening playing Golf and FIFA
  3. If u woke up with 50M what would you buy first? Holiday home in Portugal to go play golf over there in the winter, would need good internet though so I could still game at night.
  4. If you were on a deserted island and could take 3 people who would it be? Shane Lowry for the crack, Bear Grylls to help me survive and Jennifer Aniston
  5. What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate
  6. One place in the world you would love to travel to? Japan
  7. Favorite Band/Artist ? The Electric Light Orchestra, still have my first every vinyl album of theirs which I bought back in the day. The vinyl itself is actually blue, looks class ! Favorite current artist is Gerry Cinnamon, had tickets for his gig this month but it has been postponed for a year.
  8. Worst injury sporting or otherwise? Was playing a Gaelic football final for my club, under 21, was captain of the team. Guy caught me with a swinging elbow and knocked out one of my front teeth. Had to get 18 stiches in my mouth as well. Small hospital in my town, I never forget walking down the stairs after getting the stiches, with nothing on but a skimpy gown and the team coming in the door of the hospital with the cup !
  9. 3 words, Describe Yourself? Laid back, fitness freak, gamer.
  10. One go to game no matter how old? 2011 Heineken Cup Final, Leinster's great second half comeback against Northampton
  11. Favorite TV show? Father Ted, will always watch it whenever it appears on tv
  12. Do u have any strange collections ? Nope, don't really collect anything. I do however have a Subbuteo set with floodlights from back in the day and a few teams with nice kits I collected, its in the attic somewhere.
  13. Favorite Alcoholic Drink? Varies, after a round of golf couple of pints of Guinness, for a night in the pub Heineken, when at home a few cans of Bulmers
  14. Biggest pet hate? Cheating
  15. Biggest Risk or Dangerous Activity you want to do? Would like to try a sky dive
  16. Your life is a book, Name it. How to be Crap at COD for Dummies

    A massive thank you to Berty44 for taking the time to answer these questions and helping us to get to know the man behind the voice a little bit better. Its always good to know that little bit more about an individual and you never know we we may have more in common than just the odd game here or there. The blog will return next week where we will focus on another member, who it will be I don’t know yet, so keep an eye out on those inboxes people, because you never know it could be you.
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