Newcastle United fans have today vented their frustrations at the lack of movement in the transfer market so far from new boss, BobBank. So much so that they have started calling him “The new Wenger”.

One fan said, “I just don’t get it. He’s got cash there to spend, but he’s just sat on it and not made any effort. I bet he waits right till then window closes and then he’ll sign someone like Danny f’ing Welbeck. It’s more like PiggyBank than BobBank, he just doesn’t want to spend”

When we put these fears from fans to manager BobBank, his answer was clear. “I have made enquiries about new players, but I’m only looking to improve the playing squad rather than just throw cash out there and unfortunately the better players in this market are not going to come cheap. I’ve looked to move a few players on and hopefully we will start bringing some new names in soon.”

“But overall, this squad is pretty decent and I’m pretty happy with it. Lozano particularly, is a shining light going forward and Dabo and Lovren are both quality ball winners. Hopefully we can build around those and give ourselves a real chance of a decent season.”