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x Morriis gives his Leicester run down

I quite like a blog, I've posted my fair share now. So having an incentive of boosted Scudo is a bit of a no brainer! This one will be all about me! The end of season 39, whats changed, and the predictions for season 40...

So we finished off season 39 quite anti climatically. [USER=30]paullowes80[/USER] and [USER=152]SuitedRecluse[/USER] were a class above everyone else and uncatchable. A respectful 3rd place finish and a shot at division 1 was on the cards via playoffs. I was potentially a bit too cocky going in, having a bit of banter with [USER=379]ShaunC92[/USER] on how I'd send him down or he'd keep me in my place. Fact is, I fell at the first Sweedish hurdle. [USER=636]Charlinho[/USER] always offers up a difficult game but he dispatched me in the play off easily. So a bit of a dissapointing end to season 39. No promotion no nothing! I'm a bit torn as on one hand, it'd be nice to be back in division one competining in the top league. But on the other hand I'm out my depth there, division one consists of players who are outright better than me or play the game like their life depends on the win. Ultimately I'm happy to be remaining competitive in division two where I could realistically finish in just about any position!So a few changes going into season 40 and I don't see it being any easier. [USER=14]TheAshCohen09[/USER] coming down from division one is a player I've always struggled against and I don't see it being any different this time. [USER=578]TR00PER1919[/USER] isn't a division 3 pushover and I don't think it'll be a straightforward 6 points. I think he'll offer more of a challenege than managers did last season. [USER=150]Hilly89[/USER] is a bit more of an unkown, and that scares me. Topping the table last season means he's obviously doing something right. If he brings that good form into this season he'll be just as good as any of the other main stays.

A team change too. I picked Leicster. Not sure why, I could have mugged [USER=153]x Plunkett[/USER] off and taken Leeds as I posted well before him. But I told him I wouldn't and stuck to my word. Decent kits, decent stadium, dog shit team. I'll leave it there.#

Next change is the team. I'm sticking with the same formation as last season in 4231. I toyed with some others but nothing felt right. Form me, 4231 offers a good attacking and midfield balance. Despite having 2 CDMs I can't defend to save my life, so my all out attack and press style of play can quite easily be countered. Player wise we've got some new faces and said some heartbreaking goodbyes. There's still a deal in the works due tomorrow but once that's through, I'm very happy with the team!

Players left:

Ousmane Dembele - RW - 84

Chiesa - LW - 84

Andrew Roberson - LB - 86

Kalvin Phillips - CDM - 80


Players in:

Ander Correa - ST - 84

Riyad Mahrez - RW (moonlighting as a CAM) - 85


No defensive signings, all attackers. Heavy wage bills and class players will hopefully see me mount a top two spot at the end of the season.

Prediction wise in match order: (record W-D-L)

[USER=13]Big B 1970[/USER]  (6-1-4)By the time I post this, me and Bri will have already played, so it'll be a good meassure at how accurately I can guess these fixtures! I think Bri is a decent player, his league position last season isn't a true reflection of his ability. With Lukaku up front I think he'll cause me some problems. I think I'll get a win and a draw here. 4 Points

[USER=636]Charlinho[/USER] (3-2-3) Depends what type of day I can catch Charlinho on. Could quite easily be 6 points to myself or 6 to him! After beating me in the playoffs though I'll be looking for revenege. I'll go for an even split here and say a win each. 3 Points


[USER=150]Hilly89[/USER] (1-0-0) Even though Hilly has just come up from div 3, I don't think he'll be a push over. He topped his division last season but I'm looking to do the same this and to do that I need to get points somewhere. Hoping to get the double over on hilly! 6 Points


[USER=58]Joe[/USER] (0-4-7) Joe is a weird one. He's shit at the game but always gives me trouble, and I cannot stand Darwin. More than likely that I'll be Joes only 6 points this season and he'll love telling me about it. With some team changes though I'm hoping to at least get one win out of him. 3 Points


[USER=53]payne wales[/USER] (0-1-4) I've not played Payne all too much but he was lingering at the bottom of the table last season and I've seen a few others peg him for the same position this season.  Hopefully it's one I can catch him on a bad day and get 2 wins out of him. Admitidly it'd be my first wins against him this fifa! 6 points.


[USER=66]Riverman[/USER] (6-1-5) Pace whore galore. We get rid of one in [USER=74]Tunners1[/USER] and get another in the form of River. I was hoping to face him earlier in the season after being rusty playing My Little Pony or whatever it is he plays. But MD6 means he'll have probably shook the cobwebs off and share the points with me. 3 points


[USER=356]S8TY[/USER] (10-2-2) S8TY unfairly gets pegged as a boring player, and I don't see that in our games. He can easily pick me apart on his day and more often than not we have close games. I do think I get the better of him more often than not though so I think a win and a draw is on the cards here. 4 points


[USER=14]TheAshCohen09[/USER] (1-1-4) I've always struggled against Ash. The results last season shouldn't reflect too much this, it's a different kettle of fish up there! I don't think I'll get anything out of this matchday and it'll be my first nil points. 0 Points


[USER=578]TR00PER1919[/USER] (0-0-1) Not played my fellow Leeds man in a good while, but I've always thought he's a much better player than Div 3 standard and was always suprised to not see him promoted. Well he's here now and I think he's going to cause a few upsets. I think he'll probably snag a point off me but nothing more. 4 Points


[USER=153]x Plunkett[/USER] (5-7-2) As much as I hate to admit it, I think he's the better player out of the x men lately. Every head to head we've had has been very boring draw though and I wouldn't be suprised to see another 2 in our league games. 2 Points


[USER=321]Amen Raz[/USER] (2-1-5) Raz will be an interesting finish to the season. Will he give up on his lower rated players and go out in a flash of glory of 86's and 87's? Probably not, which will be his major downfall. He's a good player but can his lower rated players keep up the pace? 6 points


I get that to 41 points for the season. Is that enough to top the table? I don't think so but I reckon it'll be just enough to clinch automatic promotion. I've placed a lot of confidence in myself here and hope no one takes offence to my predictions. I'll more than likely be wrong on all accounts and it gives you something to laugh about in our upcoming match reports!

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