• FIFA 20 - TFI Ryder Cup
    Guest if you have an Xbox and FIFA 20, then you will be interested in our FIFA 20 - TFI Ryder Cup which kicks off Friday at 9pm! Sign up will be open in the forums at 7.30pm. 2 million for all those that take part. Format will be based around the Ryder Cup.
    Sign up: 7.30pm - 8.50pm | Kick off 9.00pm Friday!
VIP Membership

AbsoluteGaming is a voluntary ran site and any donations made will go directly toward the server costs & upgrades of the site. No profit is made from AbsoluteGaming. By donating towards the site members will receive a VIP Package as outlined below. We thank any member who contributes to the site. By donating you ensure the sites longevity but more importantly knowing you’re helping your favourite gaming website.


This is the VIP Package information. This can change at any point without notice. The list below is based on per month.

  • Members have a VIP badge to say they have support the site on the forum.
  • Hidden forum access. VIP forum is hidden away so anything goes.
  • Fantasy League Members have one VIP auction per month exclusive for VIP members.
  • One free 2 million Bookies bet a month.
  • A free Raffle for either Scudo or a Fantasy League player
  • FDF fee reduction from 6 million to 3 million.


£3 a month.
£8 for 3 months access.
£15 for 6 months access.
£22 for 9 months access.
£28 for a year access.