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  • FIFA 11 vs 11 Event
    Guest if you have an Xbox and FIFA 19, then you will be interested in our FIFA 11 vs 11 Event which kicks off this Friday night. Members will be divided into teams using Pro Clubs and battle it out for the evening. Come and along and join us for one of the best gaming events on AbsoluteGaming. 3 million Scudo for all those that take part.
    Sign up: 7.30pm - 8.50pm | Kick off 9pm Friday

TGC Society Course Winner

Riverman Riverman Season 4 Week 8 Winner - AG Tour Championship
Jobi Juan Jobi Juan S4 Week 6 Winner - County Kerry Links Cup
ImmortalTanz ImmortalTanz S4 Week 5 Winner - Westbury Open
leonnnn11 leonnnn11 Golf Season 4 Event 4 Winner
deareststorm deareststorm Season 4 Event 3 Winner