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FIFA Golden Boot

RFC Buncey RFC Buncey Gabriel Jesus - Golden Boot winner for Prem
niwintz niwintz League 1 Top Goalscorer D Zapata 29 Goals
paullowes80 paullowes80 Season 27 Championship Calum Wilson 23 Goals Top Goalscorer
Riverman Riverman Season 26 - Top Goalscorer - J.Martinez
Berty44 Berty44 Season 26 - Championship Top Scorer = M.Marega with 15 Goals
TheAshCohen09 TheAshCohen09 Roy Krishna - Premiership Golden Boot - Season 26
TheMalien TheMalien Season 25 Championship - Mariano
Jxcquesy Jxcquesy Pulisic Golden Boot
Burga boii Burga boii Luis Muriel Golden Boot season 24
Riverman Riverman Season 24 Championship for being the biggest gay with Serge Gnabry
leonnnn11 leonnnn11 Golden Boot Winner - Championship -Season 23 - Silva Caiuby 19 goals
Jeffantony1988 Jeffantony1988 Golden Boot Winner - League 1 -Season 23 - Gonçalo Guedes 25 goals