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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 24 21 64
2 Burga Boii 24 19 59
3 Jxcquesy 24 15 49
4 DX I Jaminator 24 13 43

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 28 23 70
2 BiGGieD80 28 15 50
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 28 16 50
4 SoggyCabbages 28 15 50

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 28 23 72
2 MJG1878 28 20 67
3 niwintz 28 20 64
4 Payne Wales 28 19 60

 So you have arrived at our site and are probably wondering what games we play and how are all our leagues organised. Here is what we do and how we do it !

FIFA Leagues

FIFA20, this is our main thing. We have 3 different divisions, Premiership, Championship and League 1. Each division currently consists of 13/14 players with relegation and promotion, either automatic or by season ending promotion and relegation playoffs. Fixtures come every 6 days throughout the season and each fixture you play a double header home and away against your opponent. We also run two cup competitions, firstly the Eliminator ( in which upper division players are handicapped by giving lower leaguers goal head starts ). This runs though a series of group stages before we get to the semi finals where it becomes knockout. Then there is the League Cup which is a straight knockout, a one and done competition.

If you join up and want to play in our leagues get your name down and when a spot opens up we will accommodate you. You will play games against current league members to decide on what is the most appropriate division for you to be slotted into. If no spots are available we will generally run a Reserve League to get new players used to our setup and assess them.

The leagues are run on a fantasy basis. You will get a franchise at the start of the season and a team with players of varied ratings from different leagues and you will try and mould them into the formation and style that suits you. You will do this be transferring players with other managers, either swapping or for players plus our notional currency which is called scudo. The transfer market is one of the most fun parts of the leagues.  You can "earn" scudo in numerous different ways. You get paid for each fixture you fulfil in the league or cups. Your payment will be your matchday fee less the wages that are charged for your players. There is a sliding wage scale which means that the higher the ratings of your players the more you pay. At the very start of the league players will be in the 61-74 range of ratings but as seasons go by new players are introduced and the standards go up, over time you could end up with Rashford or Aguero before we have what we call a reset and go back to the lower players. A full run of the league takes about two years to get from lower rated to highest rated, currently players of rating 75/76 are making their way into the league through auctions / raffles. You will be hoping along the way of course that the players you have perform well in real life and get FIFA upgrades to help make them play better in game. Nothing better that getting your hands on a 18 year old fullback from the Dutch league and seeing him improve in real life and getting updates !  Your squad size will be between 18 and 23 players and if you have a useless player who is no longer of use and you want to get rid of him to stay within squad limits you can sell him at a small scudo cost to you ( called Spanking a player ).

Each week during the season there is usually a raffle for a player who will be at the higher end of the ratings that are currently in the league and you can buy tickets in an attempt to win such players. Also there is a weekly BFA Auction. The League Commissioner ( he does not play in the league himself to ensure independence ) will put up usually 8 players to be bid on with your hard earned scudos. Public auctions finish at 8pm with the highest bid for each player winning out and its usually frantic when an auction is finishing on the site. Don't be late with your bid though or you will be fined ! Auctions can also be blind where you will private message the League Commissioner, not knowing what others are bidding for a player. When the results of the winning bids become know after 8pm there are usually some laughs where managers have massively bid on players where nobody else has bid and they could have got them much cheaper.

Most managers tend to use mics when playing and although they are not mandatory the use of them adds to the enjoyment of playing the games.  We run regular events such as golden goal or mini cups which start usually at 10pm and are opportunities for earning scudo to improve your squad by attending. There are awards for "goal of the round" which also pay scudo for just entering and more then for the winning entry.  Every Friday night there is a community run event which will be usually FIFA clubs or Call of Duty where everyone parties up and plays against other. Through all that you will get to know all the other managers and you can be guaranteed that no matter what night you go on there will be a few lads in a party just playing FIFA against each other with their teams in round robin fashion, trying out potential transfer targets or newly acquired signings.

You can also earn scudo by playing other games on site and getting paid for participating. As well as FIFA we have another three formal competitions namely F1 2018, TGC and COD. Here is how we run them:

Formula 1 2018

F1 2018 is free on Gamepass and it really does not matter if are an ace driver or have just passed your driving test as we have a race for you. Every Monday night at 10pm there are two races, one for those who can race like Lewis Hamilton and another for those who drive like Mr Bean. Each race runs its own party and they are broadcast live on Mixer to the world. We have a full season schedule but it really does not matter as any Monday night you are welcome to join a race, just message Joe and he will put you in a car. Race and you get scudo !

As I write this ( end of February ) our race season has just finished. We expect that F1 2019 will become available on Gamepass in early March and once it does we will be starting a brand new season of Monday night racing.

The Golf Club 2019

We run our own AG Tour which has its unique Handicap Secretary so even if you struggle with the game you can compete weekly with the best players on the site.  There is an 11 event season schedule which crowns our AG Tour Champion. At season end we run a Matchplay Tournament, another one and done event to see who is the best golfer on the site when there are no handicaps and the pressure is on.  Tee it up weekly and you get scudo and if you are lucky enough to get a hole in one you get even more scudo.  Once a month we run a Stableford event which is over two rounds on a weekday night for which we all party up and have a laugh at seeing each other sending golf balls down cliffs or missing 2 foot putts. Some of these events are over crazy golf courses and are a right laugh.  Berty is the man to message if you want to join the AG Tour.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare


We run COD 2 v2 League in which the pairings are seeded so that the playing pitch is as even as possible.  13 teams are taking part in the current league which is a best of 3 games ( first to 6 wins the game, so basically 2v2 gunfight mode.  It takes about 6 weeks to run the season with the top 4 reaching the playoffs to battle for the title. As well as the league there are regularly scheduled COD events which are extremely popular and if you have the game and see an event scheduled in our calendar be sure to sign up.  Do you get scudo for playing COD...oh yeah !

We also run other regular community events ( yes you get paid even more scudo ) and here is a sample of the games that regularly appear on our event schedule, as you can see we like shooting crap up... a lot !

Gears of War



Rocket League

We also irregularly do other events. Some of the other ones we have done in the past few months include the likes Ashes Cricket, Worms WMD, Forza, Halo. Basically any popular game people play we will run an event for it.

We have our very own podcast which is broadcast bi weekly and goes out on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.  Each week different Managers make guest appearances to talk to the hosts, TheAshCohen and DXI Jaminator, about their teams, the leagues and everything that is going on with the site. We have our own YouTube Channel. We run our own Fantasy Premier League and our own Fantasy NFL League. We even have our own bookie aka Riverman who puts up odds weekly on literally everything, football, darts, NFL, I'm a Celebrity, rugby, you name it he will do it. I love his weekly accas which offer good odds for your scudo bets. He must be good though as he rarely loses ! He also offers pickems / last man standing competitions based on the NFL and Premier League.

We have lively forums where you can discuss anything, tv, football, even politics ! So join up today and see what you have been missing...







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