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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 24 21 64
2 Burga Boii 24 19 59
3 Jxcquesy 24 15 49
4 DX I Jaminator 24 13 43

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 28 23 70
2 BiGGieD80 28 15 50
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 28 16 50
4 SoggyCabbages 28 15 50

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 28 23 72
2 MJG1878 28 20 67
3 niwintz 28 20 64
4 Payne Wales 28 19 60


Week 3 of the AG F1 2018 season brought us to China. These races take place every Monday night at 10pm so if you have the game make sure to get on and get on the grid ( we are running two races from next week to cater for everyone such is the love this game is currently getting ).

Our resident F1 correspondent IDangerIMouse brings us this week's report of the constructors championship race.

The Shanghai circuit is widely renowned for being one of the most popular and enjoyable race tracks on the F1 circuit, with long booming straights, wide corners and a couple of hairpins, we expected a lot of quality racing from our AG experts in this week's race, but unfortunately our "experts" turned into puppies.

Our Race winner IDangerIMouse in action

During the practice sessions we saw championship leader SoggyCabbages and F1 favourite Red Rhinoceros bow out due to "unforseen circumstances" (basically couldn't handle the track) which paved the way for somebody new to take those spots and have a crack at the title.

So on to practice where IDanger IMouse and Bonzy87 once again looked dangerously fast, but had their fair share of problems, in particular with a certain Burga boii (we will get onto him later) and a small incident with Joe and other drivers, proving that this circuit needed 100% concentration.

In Qualifying Mouse continued his blistering pace and smashed out a track record of 1:34.399, fellow pace setter Bonzy87 really struggled and landed in the 1:50. However it was rookie sensation RFC Buncey who took the headlights with a huge 1:33.785 absolutely decimating the record and the rest of the field to obtain P1.

So race day approached and I asked the teams for any video footage of their races and I was overwhelmed by the responses, it was so hard to just pick out one or two, but I've picked the ones that the F1 investigation board and CEO Joe will be looking at.

First up is the dreaded first corner at the front there was an intense battle between mouse and Buncey, but Buncey begrudgingly had to take the outside line leaving Mouse the opportunity take P1 and never look back. At the other end of the field ImmortalTanz got what seems to be a deliberate attempt to be taken off the track, have a look yourselves in this YouTube clip:

Tanz in Trouble

Further into the race mouse and Buncey were going at it like rabbits until Buncey slipped off into the grass and spun out leaving Mouse in front and an respectable 2nd for Joe and even more impressive 3rd for TheAshCohen09 who would have won driver of the day, if it wasn't for Bonzy87 climb up from last Position into 7th.

The most disappointing part of the evening was indeed the race of Burga boii who admittedly had a poor qualifying, but looked to try and improve his position in the race, but that didn't look likely to happen as TheMalien and "beardo" ( Goldenbeard ) where jostling for position Burga boii looked like the only loser in the battle as he was taken out.

This wasn't the end for Burga, oh no as he had another incident later in the race and just seemingly quit mid-race. Be interesting to see what he has to say for himself when Dx I Jaminator and TheAshCohen09 get their hands on him in the podcast which you will be able to hear when its released at the weekend on Sound Cloud / Spotify / iTunes Podcasts.

Overall an enthralling race from start to finish, with the most challenging track on the circuit (Barcelona) next for the AG Legends we can expect lots of carnage on the tiny Circuit De Catalunya. I'll leave you now with an exclusive interview from our driver of the day Bonzy87:

The 1st two races have gone really well for you and you have already received the title of "driver of the day" once, so how does it feel to win it again?

Awesome its great to get recognition for all this hard work I've been putting in.

Do you think there was a different driver deserving of the title?

Mouse show a lot of pace throughout the day even if that was a expected and I thought Ash had a very good race (was it 2nd)? gaining a couple of position and maybe should have win driver of the day, great result for him.

You have been showing great pace all weekend in practice, so what on earth happened in qualifying?

Its all or nothing for me as I've had 2 last places and a pole. I believe I'm just going too hard to get a fast lap and with it being one shot when it goes wrong I have to start at the back. But yes it was the corner going on to the long strait and I hit the curb too fast and spun out, didn't manage to wreck the car but the damage was done on my lap time. I'll be looking in to maybe change my qualifying strategy over the coming week.

You must have been very disappointed with your starting position knowing championship leader SoggyCabbages was away and the points where there for the taking, do you feel you missed an opportunity?

100 percent, but I'm not going to dwell on it everything happens for a reason and it just wasn't meant to be.

Starting so far at the back of the grid you must have felt like giving up, what was your secret into finishing so high at the end?

Its funny as I was still confident of getting a podium finish after doing exactly that at Australia and even though I didn't manage it I was 4th until the second last corner when I got taken out, which I believe to be both cynical and damn right deliberate, but Ill dust myself down and be back stronger next week, my focus and practice is on Spain now.

Lastly thank you for taking the time in talking to me do you have any words for your adoring fans and fellow drivers?

Love the fans its what keeps me going in the hard times!! I've got a lot of respect for most of the other drivers but some of them need to open their eyes as Stevie Wonder could get around the track better then them, obviously mentioning no names.

Driver of the day Bonzy87
Most accident prone ThePacfish
Worst driver Burga boii (rage quit again)

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