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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 ImmortalTanz 8 7 22
2 IDanger IMouse 12 6 21
3 DX I Jaminator 10 6 20
4 Colmaw1287 10 6 19

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 X Plunkett 14 9 29
2 Goldenbeard 12 7 23
3 Riverman 14 7 23
4 Big B 1970 12 6 21

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Bonzy87 12 9 28
2 Hilly89 12 9 28
3 Red Rhinoceros 12 9 27
4 Emotionalworm 10 8 25

Week 5 and we are almost at the halfway stage of the competition and boy have we got something special this week. As a “young” upcoming journalist I like to try and keep things fresh and enjoyable for everyone, some say we have turned more corners this week then half of the drivers. Some say we’ve turned more times then TheAshCohen09 and ImmortalTanz did on turn one, but hopefully you will enjoy it all the same.

This weeks magnificent track is Spa, and for me one of the best tracks on the calendar. This is the fastest and one of the most tricky long courses on the circuit, straight from the off about 200/300 meters from the start line you have a cracking hairpin right hander which leads into the up hill s-bend which your probably taking well over 200mph, one wrong move here and your done for. The high Chambers on the other really fast corners will catch a lot of people off guard and we fully expected a lot of crashes even from our elite drivers.


Week 3 of the AG F1 2018 season brought us to China. These races take place every Monday night at 10pm so if you have the game make sure to get on and get on the grid ( we are running two races from next week to cater for everyone such is the love this game is currently getting ).

Our resident F1 correspondent IDangerIMouse brings us this week's report of the constructors championship race.


It was a big week for the animals on the AG Tour this week with Mouse winning the event and Rhino claiming the Tour Championship. IDanger IMouse has been producing some superb form after a troublesome few weeks and it paid off this week as he was our winner of our final regular season event by 5 shots on the difficult Sunday River course. BobBank tied for the best gross score with Red Rhinoceros and that got him 2nd place. We had joint 3rd as Red Rhinoceros and Burga boii ( another returning to form ) all tied. All this meant that Red Rhinoceros has been crowned AG Tour Champion for the season. 

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