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Fantasy Division 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Brian1867x 20 12 40
2 SweatyBananas4U 16 11 34
3 Burga Boii 18 10 33
4 SuitedRecluse 16 9 31

Fantasy Division 2

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 ShaunC92 18 12 38
2 x Morriis 18 10 33
3 x Plunkett 18 9 31
4 Sofarukus 18 8 29

Fantasy Division 3

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 S8TY 16 13 39
2 Curlywurky 18 11 38
3 Red Rhinoceros 18 11 36
4 SoggyCabbages 18 9 31

Although it came down to needing a win against the Division 3 champions in the final matchday, Club America stepped up their game and did enough to secure safety from relegation after some disappointing results mid season.

By the start of Matchday 4 I was out of the cups and could use the old cliché of "concentrating on the league", and my rebuild to a Hispanic squad was done, with just the need to bring in players to strengthen some positions. It was the start of a spell where I found goals hard to come by. I scraped a 2-2 draw then was well beaten 0-2 by Curlywurky in games many people would probably be expecting me to do better in. This was followed by a goalless draw against Emotionalworm that even SoggyCabbages would've found boring. A couple of late goals won the return fixture 2-0, and that was the last time I'd score more than one goal for a few weeks.
I didn't (and still dont) have many fast players in the starting XI, and was struggling to cope with the pace whores of the league, so Alex Munoz, who had until then been my goalscoring super-sub, was put in at CB to add the needed pace to track back. It did make me hard to score against, but my lack of goals meant I was getting too many draws, with just a point against Diode X and nothing against Hilly89 preceding a pair of 1-1 draws against ItsOnlyJEFF9108.

The league was that tight, I went into the final Matchday in 7th, with the possibility of still coming 4th at best, or 9th at worst, As the game was against newly crowned Champion Riverman, relegation was looking the more likely outcome. I finally found a bit of quality in front of goal, while at the same time Golden Boot winner Okafor couldn't hit a barn door with his many shots, helping get a 3-1 win. Despite losing the next game, other results went my way and it was enough to stay in 7th and we get to go again in Division 3 next season.

s35 stats.png

I only lost 6 games all season, but the large amount of draws was costly in a division where everyone is very close in ability. I struggled to find an effective formation that suited the players I have, but I think I've hit on something a little more effective ready for the Season 36. There wont be a complete rebuild like there was next season, although it was fun spending over 300m scudo and bringing in 23 new players! Theres still some improvements to be made, and from the players that came into the league on Transfer Deadline Day, I may have to say "if you cant beat them, join them", and invest in some speedsters.

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