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Fantasy Division 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 SweatyBananas4U 2 2 6
2 Burga Boii 2 2 6
3 Benajcooper97 2 2 6
4 SuitedRecluse 2 1 4

Fantasy Division 2

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 x Plunkett 4 2 7
2 Amen Raz 2 2 6
3 x Morriis 2 2 6
4 Big B 1970 2 1 4

Fantasy Division 3

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Red Rhinoceros 2 2 6
2 S8TY 2 2 6
3 Gazgrass 2 1 3
4 Tunners1 2 1 3

SuitedRecluse gives us his run down of the AGFL season so far.

So we have hit the halfway point in this the First season I have spent in the Premiership. And to be honest the start has been better than expected. I never thought after 12 games I would be sat in 4th place. That is also made slightly better that I have played a couple less than some teams below, but on the other hand I now play all the teams who were tipped for the top spots. As we saw in the first 3 weeks it was imperative Points were put on the board, And that was no different in games 4,5 and 6. Again it was a mixed bag we had IDanger IMouse Jxcquesy and newcomer to the prem ShaunC92.

Coming into Game 4 this was the fixture that max points were needed, no offence to Mouse but he has found it tough going back in the prem and I needed to capitalise. The first game was a one sided affair and everything I seemed to hit flew in the back of the net in a 6-1 victory, the second game was more of a battle and even though I had plenty of shots and possession Mouse was Far more harder to break through but a 1-0 victory saw the target of 6 points taken.

Next up was Jxcquesy and I have struggled in previous matches so didn’t expect much. But the openness of the game and the constant attack v Defence suited my style and helped me achieve a 4-1 victory. The second game was played against a far more Stubborn jxcquesy team and he kept the ball away from me for long spells. This helped him to a 1-0 win.
But to be honest I would have taken 3 points all day long if offered before the games were played.
These run of games was concluded by 2 matches against newcomer Shaun. Having not played him at all this was a unknown. This certainly told as he battered me for 35 minutes and I rode my luck. After the break tho the tables turned and Leeds ran out 4-0 victors. The return game was the total opposite and even tho I took a early lead I always felt second best in a game Shaun took by the scruff of the next and put me to sword 4-1. That took me to 22 Points and sat in 4th.
What’s next?
The next 3 games start the killer period, we entertain Suthy, Burga and then Jam. This is also the reason why points were needed early doors because all the teams we now face were all poised to be front runners so points will be hard to come by.
The league will certainly now see changes a plenty every game week now the so called bottom 6 start playing the established players in this league. As long as we can better those below us and even take a few points from the next 3 games it would certainly help towards staying afloat in this league. Only time will tell and we will be trying our best to keep battling till the end.

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