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Fantasy Division 1

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 Brian1867x 12 8 3 1 17 27
2 SweatyBananas4U 12 7 2 3 12 23
3 Benajcooper97 12 6 2 4 7 20
4 RFC Buncey 10 6 1 3 9 19

Fantasy Division 2

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 TheAshCohen09 10 7 2 1 19 23
2 x Plunkett 10 6 3 1 15 21
3 DX I Jaminator 10 5 1 4 2 16
4 Berty44 6 3 2 1 4 11

Fantasy Division 3

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 Amen Raz 10 7 2 1 20 23
2 Riverman 10 7 1 2 16 22
3 Hilly89 10 6 0 4 6 18
4 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 10 4 2 4 2 14

Fantasy Division 4

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 WizzFox 10 5 4 1 2 19
2 Payne Wales 10 4 4 2 7 16
3 L0stbOy90 8 5 1 2 6 16
4 Harryn9000 10 5 0 5 2 15

Borussia Dortmund's season in the Premiership starts this Wednesday, as manager Ash Cohen's side take on Shelbourne Wolfsburg side, in a game that sees them only travel a few hours away north. Shelbourne, who was part of the promotion trio from the Championship last season will be looking to make a dent in Dortmund's start to the season, in a season that the fans are waiting in high anticipation.

Manager Ash Cohen, who signed a one season contract with Dortmund a few weeks back, will want to take them on a journey this season that hopefully results in some silverware.

"I'm looking forward to kickstarting our season on Wednesday against an opponent who I know is not going to be an easy game. He came up from the Championship last season, and he'll want to prove that he can mingle in the Premiership this season, so I don't expect a easy game. But we've had a good pre-season and a bit of form, and we need to carry that into the first set of fixtures.

The game will be streamed live from 8pm Wednesday so many fans will be waiting to see how Dortmund fare against Wolfsburg.

But it's been an interesting few hours, with a move that many saw come as a shock and out of nowhere. A number of players will make their competitive debuts for Dortmund, including goalkeeper Gautier Larsonneur, attacking midfielder Yari Verschaeren, and their most recent signing, Tanguy NDombele, who was signed this morning from OOMESSI.

"It's been a crazy few hours within the market. We've seen Matt Targett leave to a manager who has been a long-term admirer of him, and I wish him all the best with his new team, and in return, we can't wait to see how Tanguy fares for us early on."

It's thought that a few players may also leave the club in the coming few days.

"We shall see. If a right offer comes in for certain players, then we may be willing to talk".

Borussia Dortmund pre-season transfer activity:

Highest income- 29m for Emiliano Buendia to payne wales
Lowest income - 1 scudo for Mykola Matvienko to S8TY
Number of straight transfer incomings - 2
Number of swaps incoming/outgoing - 3

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