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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Brian1867x 26 16 54
2 Paullowes80 24 16 52
3 SuitedRecluse 26 14 46
4 RFC Buncey 26 13 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 leondennisss 26 23 71
2 Sofarukus 26 17 53
3 Aaronc333 22 16 49
4 DX I Jaminator 26 15 49

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 niwintz 24 19 62
2 Tuggi 26 17 53
3 Deareststorm 24 16 50
4 Ryjones88 24 14 46


Our resident league correspondent Mr IDangerIMouse took time out this week to look back at how Season 27 went down throughout the three leagues that ran on Absolute Gaming.

League 1

What a season it has been from the very beginning to the final end to FIFA 19. There has been ups and downs all season, but thankfully for some in this league you can’t go further down so it’s vitally important that you leave everything you have out on the field, if you’ve been in the same position as myself and got relegated from the premiership to the bottom league it’s a chance to try out different strategies and formations to use and dominate the opposition.


This division has always proclaimed to be the most attacking of all the divisions however this season that has not been the case at all, in fact with a total of 590 goals across all teams they are the least prolific in front of goal in all 3 leagues. The most prolific goal scoring team was playoff contenders AC Milan with an impressive 67 goals throughout the regular season, but unfortunately that was not enough to secure automatic promotion, but did end up in a 3rd place finish for niwintz and a playoff spot. The least prolific was Fiorentina with a mere 23 goals scored Leaving Wizzfox and his men stranded to the foot of the table. They even have the least goals scored across all 3 leagues maybe explaining what has gone wrong for them this season.

For every goal that gets scored there has to be someone at the other end to let them all in and unfortunately for Florentina they where the so called whipping boys of the league with an astonishing 76 goals conceded which was the highest across all 3 leagues another tell tale sign of what went wrong in Italy this season. The leagues best defense goes to Barcelona who managed to secure 4th spot overall in the league and just missed out in the playoff final.

Golden boot

Duvan Zapata 29 Goals AC Milan niwintz

Golden glove

Nick Pope Barcelona @RedRhinoceros

Player of the season

Dante, Muriel, Haller all 3 players who have been nominated by other managers for player of the season, but for me there has been one singular player who has stood out throughout League 1 this season.

Richarlison has had a huge impact with every team he’s been at this season and was sorely missed when @RedRhinoceros sold him earlier in the season, it even came back to bite rhino where it hurts when @nakedz picked him up towards the latter end of the season and Richarlison returned the favour by scoring 2 goals in the playoff final which helped Monaco win the playoff final.

Manager Of The Season

League 1 where the quickest managers to finish all of there games, but when it came down to Manager of the Season we only received 3 nominations. One for nominations Sevilla manager @bonzy, one for Villareal manager @hilly and finally one for Barcelona manager @RedRhinoceros. Myself personally I would have voted for AC Milan Manager niwintz for possibly ly the most successful season in his history with a 3rd place finish, and also a runner up in the league cup, but out of the 3 voted I would have to go with

Hilly89, nobody gave this guy a chance and with quite possibly one of the worst teams to start off with in his first season grabbed a 2nd place finish, and a place in the Elite stages of the CC Cup an impressive feat in a short period of time and look forward to see what he can do from a level playing field next season.

Best Transfer

Richarlison to @nakedz was the most influential transfer this season. The transfer cost just made it that much sweeter.

Best BFA

Marquinhos did everything he could to pull Gazgrass off the foot of the table and justifying the 40mil price tag Paid by Marseille.

Shock of the season

There are a lot of shocks this season, a League one player niwintz making the League Cup Final, Hilly89 taking a bunch of losers into winners, but my favorite nomination was

SoggyCabbages defensive style is epic beyond believe but the real shock is the amount of goals he let in despite playing 10 in defense.

Wanker Of The Season

Last hut not least, the worst title of them all who deserves to be a Wanker…

Sorry but this one was clear, straight to the AC Milan manager this award will be shipped off to. For accusing title winner Bonzy87 of match fixing and losing his bottle when it matters the most as he lost the league cup final and a play off match even though he was 2-0 up.

Winners and Losers

League winner: Bonzy87
Automatic promotion: Hilly89
Playoff Winner: @nakedz
Wooden Spoon: Wizzfox

If you missed the playoff final here is our very first MOTD segment enjoy...


The mediocre men, middle of the pack the dream makers and the dram smashes all of these names you can associate with the Championship Fantasy League. For me this division is always the hardest to judge as nobody wants to be the team to get relegated and everyone wants to be promoted and call themselves Premiership standard, which is a feat in itself in our fabulous setup.

I personally would say this is the hardest league to get out of with the best of League 1 going up against teams coming down from the Premiership and then chuck in last year’s mid table specialist all add up to one tasty recipe. In this years feast there was a total of 597 goals scored across all the teams in the Championship with 76 goals coming from Roma who managed to secure themselves a 3rd place finish and eventually a play off victory, however with scoring 19 more goals then any other team in the league paullowes80 and his men will be highly disappointed in missing out on a 1st place finish. Benfica where this seasons strugglers and could only manage a mere 24 goals which in total converted into just 2 wins all season for the payne wales army, hopefully they will pick up more goals as they enter League 1 next season.

For every team that can score a goal there’s always a team who let’s them all in. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that the bottom team Benfica would have the leakiest defense, however that was not the case at all. It was very hard to try and describe this but Bayern Munich had the worst defense in the league with a total of 66 goals conceded which secured Riverman in the bottom half of the League just above the relegation zone in 8th place, and after his successful playoff victory in League 1 last year I'm sure he is happy in staying up this season. The Leagues best defense was that of the other German giants Borussia Dortmund who manage to secure their Manager Goldenbeard a 2nd place finish and an automatic promotion spot, the only thing hell have to work on for the prem next season is putting the ball away at the other end without losing composure at his own.

Golden Boot

Callum Wilson 23 goals Roma (paullowes80)

Golden Glove

Jack Butland 29 goals conceded Borrusia Dortmund (Goldenbeard)

Player Of The Season

Now for the award that most players can only dream of winning and you know its been a tough season when the likes of R. Lukakau and Z. Ibrahimović don’t even get a mention on the list. There was a few players that really stood out this season and it was very hard to pick a winner. Donnaruma was the first player that came to mind as well as Butland, I mean these two saved almost everything. Then Akanji also came to mind as CB’s go he was a cut above the rest this season, and then how could we forget Bellotti at the other end this guy was lethal all season, give him an inch he’d take a mile. However the standout player of the season and the guy to receive the most nominations was

Cauiby, this guy had a spectacular season and repaid his managers faith by scoring 14 goals this season and I’m sure x Plunkett will be buying him a beer or two after winning the league.

Manager Of The Season

A few nominations for manager of the season, one even going to Harryn9000 which in good faith I can’t take seriously, you can’t give someone who got relegated a manager of the season award, so that leaves the other two. Goldenbeard and x Plunkett both had amazing seasons and both deserved the award, both Managers had great runs in the CC Cup with Boca Juniors tearing it up in the Commoners Cup Final and Goldenbeard mixing it up with the big boys in the Elite CC Final stages.

It went down to the wire but with a better League cup And considering it is his first season in the AG Fantasy Leagues @x plunket wins the award and now also a chance to mix it with the best of the best in the Premiership.

Best Transfer

This was a real tough choice as so many players made so much difference to each and every team, for instance the straight swap deal between Wijnaldum and Callum Wilson which went on to secure Roma a Playoff final victory. Goldenbeard selling Texeira for 60milion was another great deal, I also liked the Akanji plus 40million for De Jong as ThePacfish was after him for a very long time. However I feel the player to make most of an impact after a transfer was

Bayern Munich selling one of, if not the best striker in the league at the time being sold to German rivals Borussia Dortmund for a mere 30mil and 2playerz, this lead to Goldenbeard using his managerial whits to bring in L. Moura and Fabinho in a trade deal for star winger Junior and Wermer. This was very questionable at the time but definitely impactful as it made Borussia very difficult to break down and got them into a 2nd place finish.

Best BFA

To be honest it is very hard to look past Bayern Munich’s business this season spending a whopping 279. 8million in BFA auctions alone its no surprise the best BFA comes from Riverman who spent a rather impressive 115million on

L. Sane a superb player and maybe worth every penny. However I’d like to throw a special mention to Berty44 who spent just 38.5 million less then Riverman and still managed to finish 2nd bottom even though he had the highest rated team across all 3 leagues during the season.

Shock of the season

No surprises where I’m going here and I’m sure everyone can agree that

Fulham had a shocker having been relegated from the Premiership now find themselves in League 1 next year let’s hope the new FIFA serves him better then it has over the last 1 seasons.

Wanker Of The Season

I’m sure this won’t be a surprise to any of you as this manager had 4 nominations for the award and to be honest I was thinking of him when I decided to do the whole review of the leagues.

Harryn9000 congratulations, you can’t really be surprised either to be fair… you’re an avid Liverpool fan who took your rival as your franchise and then started telling everybody you would walk this league with ease. You found yourself in the relegation playoff and this is what happened

You got relegated… have fun “walking” In League 1.

Winners and Losers

League Winner: x Plunkett
Automatic Promotion: Goldenbeard
Promotion Playoff Winner: paullowes80
Relegation Playoff Loser: Harryn9000
Relegated: Berty44
Wooden Spoon: @payne


The best League in football came to and after a very long and tough season, the excitement at the start of the season was truly immense with almost every single team in the leagues saying that the Premiership was the hardest it has ever been. To be honest I couldn’t argue with that at all, I am apart of this league and every team I played it was as tough as the last and it also didn’t help with the influx of severely high rated players entering this season as well as the standard involved in the league itself it really made it harder then ever before.

There where more twists and turns this season then on of AG’s famous F1 nights, and believe me that takes some doing. The Premiership winner of season 25 aaronc333 found himself spending more time in the relegation playoff spots then in any other position, but eventually escaped. Another player spending his season in the bottom half was Joe who had to face the relegation playoff final to escape the drop, which was another huge surprise. Two players dropping out halfway through the season, one returning, fines going left right and center and deareststorm staying up, it's been a roller coaster ride.

Despite having 1 player less after a certain shit house left halfway through the season (meaning all goals got discounted) the Premiership teams scored 711 goals across all the teams in the league, with two players scoring over 70 goals which is crazy in itself. FC Porto scored 74 of those goals which was more then enough to secure ImmortalTanz and his troops a comprehensive title win, but it was @DxJaminator and the free flowing Manchester City who scored the most amount with 77 goals throughout the season but unfortunately for them it was only enough for a 3rd place finish. At the other end Newcastle United battled really hard from start to finish but unfortunately despite a mountain of chances just could not put the ball away which means with only 29 goals geordiecrawf will be playing Championship football next season, whether it be at Newcastle or not is a different story.

Golden Boot

Gabriel Jesus 29 goals Lazio (RFC Buncey)

Golden Glove

P. Gulasci 32 goals conceded FC Porto (ImmortalTanz)

Player Of The Season

The Premiership teams where on point with their nominations giving the most out of any league and when that happens you sit up and take notice. We had nominations for Naingollen, O. Dembele, P. Lopez and Z. Ibrahimović, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough to make it into the final selection. The 3 following players all had an incredible season and believe me their was very good reasons for each of them to win the ultimate reward.

Marega for Manchester United had a very good season for Burga boii and was unfortunate to miss out on player of the season but he can be happy with a second place finish. I. Williams was very impactful for Porto and scored an impressive 21 goals for ImmortalTanz despite only joining halfway through the season he did finish in 3rd but I’m sure if Porto had him from the start he would have 30+ goals. The winner was G. Jesus an astonishing season scoring 29 goals and pushing Lazio from an expected relegation battle to a 5th place finish, great management work from RFC Buncey.

Manager Of The Season

Only one place this award is going despite Tottenham (deareststorm) staying up which is incredible in itself and Lazio (RFC Buncey) finishing higher then anyone expected it still wasn’t anywhere near the level of supremacy that

FC Porto showed through the season, I mean ImmortalTanz managed his team so well that he didn’t lose any games until the set of round 8 fixtures. A fully deserved title win, 74 goals, and a 2nd place finish in the Elite Finals of the CC Cup. Ladies and gentlemen your future PES League winner, Mr. Motivator himself ImmortalTanz. I would like to make a special mention to Lazio on 2 Cup trophies and a spectacular 5th place finish and I think on any other day he would have walked it.

Best Transfer Deal

Well the premiership had everything in terms of transfers, ridiculous buys, players coming in winning matches left right and centre, dodgy deals like Malcom Leaving Athletico Madrid on a free transfer which ultimately saved Ajax’s season. However there’s only one place to go and that’s to Lukaku. This guy single handily broke aaronc333 and made him quit the league, what a transfer.

Best BFA

I can’t do 3 league reviews and not mention this guy

Z. Ibrahimovic he didn’t just break one manager oh no he went one further and broke 2 of them, and I’m sure aaronc333 and SoggyCabbages never want to see this guy again. Yes I know he wasn’t an actual BFA but a raffle, however how can you not love this guy. If it had to be a BFA I’d have to say Bale going back to Tottenham and saving the ass of deareststorm who I’m sure is very happy with the 130.3million he paid for the Welsh wizard.

Shock Of The Season

I’ve already mentioned a few shocks this season in this blog already however there is one I’ve neglected to mention all the way through,

This team had a tremendous season last year winning the league, forever present in the cups, a huge presence every time you played them. I don’t know if it was a change of tactics from TheAshCohen09 or a change of personnel, whatever it was it went badly wrong turning his beloved Arsenal from world beaters to just mere cake beaters. I’m sure this will change next season however and is my early pick to be the first premiership champion on FIFA 20.

Wanker Of The Season

Well actually there are 2 and I’m sure they can’t be surprised, OOMESSI and aaronc333

And since Messi is no longer with us that just leaves one. Leaving the leagues is just pure champion juice…and unnecessary, I didn’t see you complaining during season 25 and leaving the leagues then. You can’t have one bad season and quit part way through, very lucky to have not been banned for the rest of the season.

Winners and Losers

Premiership Winner: ImmortalTanz
Relegation Playoff loser: Colmaw1287
Relegated: geordiecrawf
Wooden spoon: OOMESSI

Special mention

A huge congratulations to the below managers for winning their respective trophies:

League Cup: RFC Buncey
CC Elite Final: Jxcquesy
CC Commoner Final: RFC Buncey

Who knows what’s in store for us all next season but I’m sure MarcusJonesy and the rest of the admin team will make it one of the best ones yet. See you all next season.


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