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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Brian1867x 26 16 54
2 Paullowes80 24 16 52
3 SuitedRecluse 26 14 46
4 RFC Buncey 26 13 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 leondennisss 26 23 71
2 Sofarukus 26 17 53
3 Aaronc333 22 16 49
4 DX I Jaminator 26 15 49

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 niwintz 24 19 62
2 Tuggi 26 17 53
3 Deareststorm 24 16 50
4 Ryjones88 24 14 46


Season 27 is upon us and Jaminator gives us his thoughts for the upcoming Season of AG's BEST League - The Premiership...


1st Place - ImmortalTanz
Key Player - M. Dembele

I think this will be his year. Having finished second on goal difference last time around, I think he'll have that extra something to finish first this time around. Tanz is able of beating anyone on his day, and with the League expanding, there's more points available this season. That being said, we've seen he's not unbeatable, myself managing to take points off him last season and his self-proclaimed "bogey" team Danger Mouse entering the top division, it's going to be tough at the top.

2nd Place - TheAshCohen09
Key Player - Bruno Fernandes

A reversal of the top 2 from last season, I think Ash will just get pipped to the post by Tanz this season. Ash has undoubtedly strengthened his squad going into the next season, bringing in Bruno Fernandes, Luka Jovic and Julien Draxler, all of which add to a strong existing spine of De Ligt and Pickford. Ash's play style of high press and fast paced attacks will certainly be a shock to some of the managers coming up from the Championship, it's a strong division, but nothing like the prem quality.

3rd Place - Burga boii
Key Player - Lucas Moura

As much as it pains me to say it... I think he'll recapture his form from a couple of seasons ago and get back to near the top of the tree. That being said, I still don't think he'll have enough to usurp the top 2. Towards the end of last season he managed to escape midtable mediocrity to finish 3rd, at the expense of myself and Jxcquesy, a feat which I think will not happen this season. I think Burga will be up the top from day one, I'd be surprised to see him anywhere below 5th. He's another player who's strengthened his team, bringing in Wolves double Neves and Patricio.

4th Place - Colmaw1287
Key player - M. Brozovic

Could be viewed as an odd pick as he's one of the new lads with a weaker squad than the existing managers, however every time I've played this lad he seems to scrape a win. Very good player and should he get some decent players added through BFAs or Transfers, I reckon he could be a top four player no worries. This prediction could fall flat on it's face, and I feel like a few games in we could see Col go one way or the other.

5th Place - Jaminator
Key Player - Lacazette

Myself next, I think I'll do relatively well again this season - as long as I don't go down I'll be happy! My squad is getting incredibly slaggy up-top, therefore I need some strength in Defence and Keeper to mount any kind of challenge really.

6th Place - Jxcquesy
Key Player - Pulisic

Again I feel like Jxcquesy will do well as more and more good players come into the leagues, the way he plays compliments having decent players in his team, passing quick 1-2's to work a way through his opponent. He could end up doing better if he improves his team, but when you compare his squad to others in the division, it's a stark contrast. I'll be surprised if he finishes any lower than 6th, but could easily finish higher should things fall into place for him.

7th Place - Joe
Key Player - Depay

A really hard one to call this one. Last season Joe won the Play Off to stay in the division, this season I can't see him being near the drop. He has too many good players and following our matches together, it's always close with points often being shared. Again, with having more players added to the division I can see him finishing comfortably mid-table, arguably could finish a lot higher up depending on how others perform.

8th Place - IDanger IMouse
Key Player - Martial

A lot of people's bogey team, Mouse can beat anyone on his day. I think he's got to be the only player to go from the Prem to League 1, and then back up to the Prem again all in consecutive seasons. This probably backs up the fact that he can be inconsistent in his game, brilliant on his day but possibly lacking in the staying power over a season in the Prem. That being said, I think he'll finish mid table and safe of the drop.

9th Place - aaronc333
Key Player - Luis Alberto

Great player who, as he often admits, needs a much stronger squad. Premiership champion 2 seasons ago, Aaron surely has the quality to do well in the division, but without a doubt needs to strengthen his team in a lot of areas. Last season's TDD BFA saw Aaron go all out for a Mystery only to end up with a shitter, incredibly unlucky really. That being said, on his day I think Aaron can still beat anyone in the division and will remain in the Prem.

10th Place - deareststorm
Key Player - Douglas Costa

Who'd have thunk it?! Storm in the top flight eh? Brilliant achievement from Storm last season to charge out of the Championship and into the Prem, where I think he could do well. The reality is I feel over the season, he could find himself struggling to pick up wins, and more often grab draws. Overall I think he WILL stay up, but he'll need the play-offs to do it. He's got one of the best squads around, boasting 2, yes 2 85 Rated Players. Watch this space for an interesting campaign.

11th Place - RFC Buncey
Key Player - Sigurdsson

My old mate Buncey… I think looking at his squad it's very balanced - great depth throughout. Having gained promotion last season from the Championship, I think he will unfortunately struggle this season, ultimately losing the relegation play-off to Storm. It all depends on his internet quality and if his butler is on hand to play his games... On a serious note, I think he'll have a tough season with a handful of wins to show for it when the end of the season comes around.

12th Place - geordiecrawf
Key Player - Ramires

My TFI party pal! Looking at his team he's been lucky enough with the squad he has been given, without getting the slaggiest of players it's well balanced. Possibly bringing in a new striker in the shape of Arnautovic, he should be able to get going in some shape or another. That being said, I think it's going to be a tough season for the lad, purely due to his new starter squad. Ultimately I think he'll go down due to his squad, but I'm sure he'll fight to stay up.

13th Place - OOMESSI
Key Player - Thorgan Hazard

This lad played well in the reserve league and has shown he's got what it takes to do well in the AG Leagues, but very similar to Geordie, I think his starter squad will see him go down due to a lack of quality in the playing staff. That being said, he has got some sellable assets such as the Key Player listed. If he can bring in some players to strengthen across the board, he could easily sneak into the play offs to stay up.


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