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Fantasy Division 1

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 Burga Boii 18 15 1 2 28 46
2 SweatyBananas4U 18 12 1 5 26 37
3 Benajcooper97 18 12 1 5 16 37
4 Brian1867x 18 9 3 6 9 30

Fantasy Division 2

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 MarcTheSharc 16 13 0 3 19 39
2 Riverman 16 10 1 5 7 31
3 x Plunkett 16 9 3 4 8 30
4 Sofarukus 16 8 2 6 8 26

Fantasy Division 3

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 niwintz 18 12 1 5 8 37
2 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 18 11 2 5 20 35
3 Big B 1970 18 10 3 5 8 33
4 Diode X 18 11 0 7 3 33

Fantasy Division 4

Rank Teams Played Won Drawn Lost GD Points
1 WizzFox 18 12 2 4 15 38
2 S8TY 18 11 3 4 24 36
3 Curlywurky 18 10 4 4 17 34
4 SoggyCabbages 18 10 4 4 14 34


On the eve on the new revised AG:F1 season, Big B takes a look at how the drivers line up in their new teams and rate their chances of winning the Constructors Championship. There are two divisions / two races based on the level of driver skill and there will be spare slots for anyone who fancies joining in the races which take place every Monday night at 10pm.

Div 1 - SoggyCabbages & Harryn9000
Div 2 - wellsa27 & Riverman

Force India should be the team everyone will need to catch this season, as in Soggy and Wellsa they have the favourites for the drivers championship in both divisions. Expect a good haul of wins from those two, and with Harry they have someone who can pick up plenty of points when he's not causing others to crash. Riverman will be happy to ride the coat tails of his team for this season.
ODDS: 1/2 Favourites


Div 1 - Bonzy87 & ImmortalTanz
Div 2 - Burga boii & payne wales
The Williams boys will put up the strongest challenge to Force India, with Bonzy and Burga expected to get regular podium positions. Tanz will score well if he stays out of trouble and Payne may pick up the odd few points lower down the placings.
ODDS: 2/1

Div 1 - Joe & Shmidwell
Div 2 - Big B 1970 & Berty44

Another strong team, especially with the top division boys of Joe and Shmidwell, both of whom are capable of winning races. Big B may be not far the podium places in Division 2 and Berty will hope to gain experience as he goes along and pick up some points for the team.
ODDS: 3/1

Div 1 - SuitedRecluse & TheMalien
Div 2 - OOMESSI & deareststorm

A strong team on paper will be looking to prove themselves title challengers this season. SuitedRecluse should have no trouble mixing it with the big boys, and Malien has plenty of podium finishes in him. Their Division 2 contingent aren't as strong but will be fighting for points, providing Storm can finish more races than he has in the past.
ODDS: 5/1

Div 1 - TheAshCohen09 & Colmaw1287
Div 2 - aaronc333 & Emotionalworm

Renault has some vastly experienced AG drivers in its team this season, and Ash will be hoping to steadily bring in the points as Colmaw finds his feet in the top division. In Division 2, expect Aaron to be in contention every race, while Worm is likely to regularly be mopping up extra points lower down the placings.
ODDS: 6/1

Div 1 - RFC Buncey & Goldenbeard
Div 2 - ThePacfish & Red Rhinoceros

While Buncey and PacFish will be bringing the points home for Haas in their respective decisions, they'll need better performances from Rhino and the incident prone Goldenbeard if they are to challenge the other teams.
ODDS: 8/1

Div 1 - IDanger IMouse & MGC o NaKeDz
Div 2 - Ryjones88 & Jxcquesy

Judging by past races, Mouse might have to carry the Red Bull team until his team mates get settled. Ryjones is a steady driver who should score reasonably well but Naked and Jxcquesy are very much unknown content so far.
ODDS: 10/1

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