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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 ImmortalTanz 8 7 22
2 IDanger IMouse 12 6 21
3 DX I Jaminator 8 6 19
4 Colmaw1287 10 6 19

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 X Plunkett 12 7 23
2 Goldenbeard 10 6 20
3 Riverman 12 6 20
4 Big B 1970 10 5 18

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Hilly89 12 9 28
2 Red Rhinoceros 12 9 27
3 Emotionalworm 10 8 25
4 Bonzy87 10 7 22

The season is well and truly under way and already we are nearing the midpoint of the season.  IDanger IMouse has taken time out to have a look at how the season is unfolding so far.
There's only one place to start and that is with Spanish side Sevilla, with Manager not only securing a surprise win in round 4, but pulling off back to back victories with 2 very good results in round 5. I think the round 3 blog last week inspired Harryn9000 as he pulled off an amazing double over title contenders Lazio, and followed that up with 4pts from fellow Spanish side Athletico Madrid. We all think that Harryn9000 took to aid of his sister for both victories this week after only acquiring 1 point from the previous 3 weeks. These 2 results almost confirm that Harry should be safe from relegation this season but we are only half way and still a long way to go.
In other news across the league we see PSG and Inter Milan both making charges for the title, putting Athletico and Ajax under pressure at the top. This coincides with the Elite stages of the CC Cup as both Athletico and Inter have progressed through to the final stage of the illustrious Cup.

Athletico Madrid seem to be playing really well at the moment, qualifying for the semi-finals of the League Cup and hopefully with the recent signing of superstar Anthony Martial can see themselves kicking on for the rest of the season, but that won't be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination with a lot of tough games still to play.
Here's an update of recent results in the Championship:
Round 3
deareststorm 3 - 1 Berty44
Berty44 4 - 4 deareststorm
Round 4
ThePacfish 3 - 1 Burnzee Boyee
Burnzee Boyee 1 - 2 ThePacfish
Bonzy87 1 - 3 IDanger IMouse
IDanger IMouse 4 - 2 Bonzy87
Harryn9000 3 - 2 RFC Buncey
RFC Buncey 1 - 2 Harryn9000
Berty44 2 - 3 Jobi Juan
Jobi Juan 3 - 2 Berty44
Big B 1970 2 - 0 deareststorm
deareststorm 1 - 3 Big B 1970
Round 5
Jobi Juan 1 - 1 Big B 1970
Big B 1970 4 - 3 Jobi Juan
Berty44 0 - 1 RFC Buncey
RFC Buncey 3 - 0 Berty44
IDanger IMouse 1 - 1 Harryn9000
Harryn9000 5 - 3 IDanger IMouse
Burnzee Boyee 1 - 2 Bonzy87
Bonzy87 3 - 1 Burnzee Boyee
Ryjones88 1 - 3 ThePacfish
ThePacfish 2 - 5 Ryjones88
So as it stands at the halfway stage Athletico Madrid lead the way with Ajax and PSG sniffing in close behind, as for the other end of the table Wolverhampton pull back the bottom spot, with surprise candidates Roma and Newcastle fighting for relegation. It's been an enthralling half to the season and plenty of more fantastic football to be played and we just can't wait to see how the season unfolds.

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