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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 24 21 64
2 Burga Boii 24 19 59
3 Jxcquesy 24 15 49
4 DX I Jaminator 24 13 43

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 28 23 70
2 BiGGieD80 28 15 50
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 28 16 50
4 SoggyCabbages 28 15 50

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 28 23 72
2 MJG1878 28 20 67
3 niwintz 28 20 64
4 Payne Wales 28 19 60

Football is back, the new season is almost upon us and it's time for Season 26. Its time for perennial League One dweller Red Rhinoceros to take us through the runners and riders for the division this season.

Goldenbeard (Juventus) - Two relegations in his first two AG seasons have got to hurt , I remember him being a top 6 Prem player on a previous site and feel that he has found a level now that he can dominate , he has a brand spanking new franchise and will look to get off to a flier. The one thing that could trip him up is the talent in his squad or lack there of , he inherited a poor one originally and really needs to improve. It's difficult spotting a star player as such but Benedetto just about fits the bill. I haven't played him for ages but Riverman used to moan about his defensive approach.

Riverman (Napoli) - Another relegated player from the Championship who I am not used to seeing in the bottom division , he scores goals galore does our River but usually lets a few in at the other end aswell. Supports Dover and fancies Goldenbeard's sister , these two are mates in real life and I expect it to be quite a rivalry at the top of League One. River has been playing down his chances of winning against me on match day one after friendly drubbings at the hands of Berty and Harry. I'm not buying these mind games , River will be going full guns blazing for that title. His star man is Josef Martinez who is going to be his 'New Gnabry' by smashing the goals in for him. I for one am delighted that I will no longer hear him on the mic mispronouncing the name of his star centre back De Ligt who departed earlier in the week.
Red Rhinoceros (Villarreal) - I have been called a bottler after spending much of last season in the top two and I will take that on the chin after losing 5 of my last 6 matches to drop into the play offs. I was then well beaten by Big B in the semi final. Marcus Rashford was the league's top scorer last season and despite many offers I have decided to keep him for season 26 too , he has been joined only this week by 3 star players following an overhaul of the Villarreal attack. Vinicius Junior , Angel Correa and Jadon Sancho will all be supporting him this season so expect the goals to be shared around a little more. The loss of Kimpembe will hurt so I need to get a replacement Centre Back in pronto. I will be challenging again but feel that the play offs are my home and expect a 3rd go at them in 3 seasons.
Jeffantony (Dortmund) - I have been brave predicting a higher finish for myself over Jeff because he is undeniably a talented Fifa player who will be surprised to have dropped into League One , we have close games in general and he will be there or thereabouts again. He sold the Man United brand and therefore starts a new season with the Yellow Wall cheering him on at Dortmund. Jeff is a Man United supporting scouser who sounds nothing like Harry (Berty still mixes them up) and he has signed big hitters Chris Smalling and striker Mariano to help him get to the top.
Niwintz (AC Milan) - Niwintz is my fellow League One play off bridesmaid , he has also lost in the play offs over the last two seasons and I fully expect him to have another go this year. He was everyones top tip for a promotion place last year and just fell short having a terrible mid season losing run. He will be out for revenge after I did the double over him last season but I wonder if he needs to shake things up a bit more with transfers , he will again have Kamano leading from the front with Kluivert and Bellarabi in support.
SoggyCabbages (Lille) - Soggy Soggy Soggy , Crushes my dreams every season by beating me , frustrating me at just the wrong time in important games. He started off poorly last season but got his act together and has recently reached the final of the Dazzer Razzer tournament. I found it really difficult placing him in this preview but a convincing 2-1 friendly win last night confirmed that he would be as usual trying to scrape into the play offs. Unsurprisingly Soggy's star player is a defender and a very good one , namely Dortmund's centre back Toprak. This Brighton fan is off to Wembley soon to watch his heroes get annihilated by City in the FA Cup.
Tunners1 (West Ham) – My mate Tunners has recently had a baby and unlike Ryjones's I don't know what she sounds like !! I have it on good authority that he is getting no sleep and judging by his recent friendly results it seems to be affecting him. He got rid of the Spurs brand for big money and Milik who he promptly sold to Joe , he couldn't hit the proverbial barn door apparently. I am predicting another heartbreaking season where he just misses out on the play offs. He's a Liverpool fan so is used to failure and late season slip ups , sadly I don't see anything different for him this season. Dolberg , Callum Wilson and the newly acquired Pukki will fire him to mid table medicority.
Emotional Worm (Benfica) – I was very tempted to push Worm up a place or two as he has shown a bit of form recently ,however I have just taken a look at his squad and I do wonder where the goals are going to come from. He is a good player on his day but needs to find some consistency if he is going to push his way into the play offs. Star man ? erm Ljajic ? Our worm is a Liverpool fan from Northern Ireland , the place is full of them !!
Diodex (Bournemouth) - Diooooooooooooooo is again League One's rage monkey having lost Burnzee to the Championship this season. I think he has calmed down a little in recent weeks actually but I hear he is struggling with his game. Has had some success in the transfer market in recent times with his beloved Weghorst returning and whilst he has great talent in midfield with Navas and Tadic plying their trade I feel it could be Cheryshev that gives him the goals he will need to make progress this season. Dio is a bit of a posh bloke from down south who has turned into a bit of a gym rat .... shame on you Al !
Wizzfox (Fiorentina) - Wizzy oh wizzy , finished bottom last season and took a few wallopings but all in good spirit , I never heard him moan once and I really hope he has trained hard in pre season because it really doesn't get any easier on AG. I heard that he hit a hole in one playing the golf today which is no mean feat so he has the skills in his hands to make a Fifa player. I've checked out his squad to find which superstars could help him win a few matches this season only to find that he has 4 Goalkeepers !!! I wonder if he is in cahoots with Soggy to find out how he can get them all on the pitch at the same time.
Gazgrass (Marseille) - Welcome Gaz , sorry to predict a bottom finish for you pal but I have only played you the once and you made Wizzfox look like Ronaldo ! Only joking pal it's good to see you in the leagues and I'm sure once you play more and more Fifa you will find yourself flying up the league. I finished bottom in the first year of Fantasy and look at me now !! err still in League One actually. I know that Gaz is another man from Northern Ireland , a place I know pretty well and I believe he is mates with Niwintz, Gaz has inherited some decent players in his team and made some transfers in the past few days. He will have Poulsen and Lamela in his ranks this season but my advice would be not to ignore Che Adams ! great striker with pace.
Have a great season fellas , and let me know who you think will come in the top 3.

I think I know where the League Winners Trophy is going....

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