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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 24 21 64
2 Burga Boii 24 19 59
3 Jxcquesy 24 15 49
4 DX I Jaminator 24 13 43

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 28 23 70
2 BiGGieD80 28 15 50
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 28 16 50
4 SoggyCabbages 28 15 50

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 28 23 72
2 MJG1878 28 20 67
3 niwintz 28 20 64
4 Payne Wales 28 19 60

Time flies by here on AG and we are now in Season 26 and one of the top division's stalwarts DX I Jaminator had taken the time out to look at the Managers and their teams. He assesses their chances and predicts how he thinks the season will unfold.
Here are his ramblings...….
Key Player – Teixera
Projected Finish – Third​

Okay so let’s start with last season’s surprise winner, Aaron. The AG veteran managed to recapture his 2013 days and win the biggest prize in AG last season, the Premier League crown. I’m sure Aaron himself would admit that it was a surprise to win last season, but it was a completely deserved win overall. When facing Aaron myself last season, what was key in his game was the unwillingness to give up any ball or 50/50, a fact which is reflected in the inferior goal difference to the two runners-up Burga and Jxcquesy, both of whom had scored more goals overall. Aaron has strengthened the squad in a big way this transfer window, bringing in Mata, Teixera and Muniain. This season I see Aaron solidifying a Top 4 Finish, but falling short of his previous title winning exploits.
Burga boii
Key Player – Hulk
Projected Finish – Fifth​
The Winner 2 seasons ago now, Burga has proved himself as one of the best players in the AG set-up and up until the run-in last season looked as though he could have retained his title. Having managed to secure Manchester United as a 5 Star franchise in the off-season, Burga has guaranteed a maximum payout for his league fixtures, possibly a difference between getting those BFA players or not. Burga is undoubtedly a matchday player, in friendly games he can be beaten no problem, but when the fixtures roll round he normally shows up ready to win. Recently he has brought in El Shawaray to bolster his attacking ranks, which already contain Hulk, Muriel, Adama and Raul Jimenez – a front line to rival most. However, with only the one big move in the transfer window, could the former champ be guilty of complacency and fall foul of not bringing in the players to kick on? Only time will tell. I feel he’ll fall out of the top four this season, but only just.
Key Player – Gabriel Jesus
Projected Finish – Seventh​
Onto myself now, and following the poor end to last season (only staying up via the goals of Jesus in the playoff game) I need to kick on and improve no doubt. The previous season was incredibly below par, and the scary thing is that the Premier League looks even stronger this time around. However, hope and optimism comes in the form of the superstar Brazilian Jesus, who leads the forward line including Kingsley Coman and Joao Felix, both of which are amongst the best players in the division. It’s going to be all about ensuring I’m solid at the back and get the ball up to the lads up top to do the business asap in every game, and not rely too much on the gung-ho all out attack tactics which saw me struggle last season. Pre-season has been filled with big spending and change throughout the squad, hopefully meaning we can steer clear of relegation this time around.
Key Player – Andre Gray
Projected Finish – Fourth​
He’ll no doubt disagree with this prediction, but I think Tanz will finish Top Four quite comfortably. The Belgian supremo has found himself struggling to bring in top quality players and recognisable names into his squad, solely due to the shitshow of a squad left behind by Dr Death and JLizzle before him. Having said that, Tanz is one of the best players on the site, and should he bring in a few players to bolster the ranks, he could quite easily shoot up the table. As I’m writing this he’s purchased some real quality in the Fullback positions, both Hernandez and Mbabu(a previous player of Tanz), this transfer could prove crucial to his performance this season.
Key Player – Lozano
Projected Finish – Sixth​
The Liverpool man finished comfortably in the mid-table last time around and will be hoping to improve this season. Joe has added quality to his squad in the window, with Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson and Napoli Striker Milik coming in to add to an already star-studded squad. The only negative I can see for Joe this season would be his wages. With the change brought about by the Banker this season, Joe will be earning £1,300,000 per matchday, yes this will be supplemented by other events and goings on throughout the season, however could we see a star player sold to raise cash for any other potential transfers? Quite possibly. Sixth is my guess for Joe’s finish this season, but don’t be surprised to see him end up higher than that.
Key Player – Pulisic
Projected Finish – Second​
Boasting the Premier League’s top scorer and AG League’s player of the season from last season, Jxcquesy will be hoping Pulisic will fire him to Premier League glory this time around. The Leipzig boss will undoubtedly looking to improve on third place last season, especially as he could’ve won the division on the final matchday last time around. However, the recent transfer of his RB and LB to Tanz could cost him a few places in the title race. We’ve seen last season how good Jxcquesy can be, demolishing players game after game, but ultimately we’re getting to a stage where the manager can only be as good as the players he’s controlling, something which in my opinion will see him fall just short of the top prize.
Key Player – Eric Bailly
Projected Finish – Eighth​
Possibly the most improved player last season, managing to finish much higher than most projected, Paul defied the odds and secured a decent overall season following his promotion. Yes, I’ve projected he’ll finish Eighth, but don’t be surprised if he’s comfortable in the top four, it’s too hard to tell with Paul. Looking at the squad, his defence and goalkeeper look to be very solid indeed, with a littering of decent if not superb quality up the top end of the pitch. One thing you can guarantee is that AG Sports News can camp out at Craven Cottage all season, as Paul’s squad is always in flux and rarely stays the same as the season progresses. This is possibly the worst finish to predict, and I’ll happily hold my hands up at the end of the season if it’s wrong by a long way!
payne wales
Key Player – Naby Keita
Projected Finish – Tenth​
Not a prediction I enjoy making at all, if Payne can avoid the drop this season, he 100% deserves manager of the season, following back to back promotions from league one. Having said that, Payne’s squad is littered with talent in every area… Keita a recent 70 Million acquisition from myself, should prove to be a top signing and help to stem the flow of attacks from the star forwards he’s going up against. Having secured Valencia in the off-season, Payne will see an increase of his matchday payments this season, probably scudo which will go on guaranteed raffle tickets! Yet another hard one to call though, as Payne, like Paul continues to change up his squad without hesitation.

Key Player – De Ligt
Projected Finish – First​
His time is now. I think following the transfer of De Ligt from Riverman, Ash can finally secure the AG Premier League title. Having played many a friendly against him, I can safely say he has no problems going forward, Anderson, Piatek and Gotze will prove difficult to stop for any team this season. With the addition of De Ligt, I feel he can tighten up at the other end and quite possibly turn some of the previous draws and tight losses into wins this season. A running theme of these predictions is how difficult to call they all are, as it’s quite conceivable that come the end of the season, Ash could find himself outside of the top four should results go against him. I just feel that the spine of Pickford, De Ligt, Gotze, Anderson and Piatek is arguably the strongest around, and should be enough to win him the title.
Key Player – Kimpbepe (or his bank account)
Projected Finish – Ninth​
Having gained promotion last season, scoring tonnes of goals and with some unreal performances, Malien’s squad has been systematically disbanded. Balde – Gone, Mariano – Gone, Andre Silva – Gone, Gnabry – Gone. Any squad which loses those players is without a doubt going to be in for a long season, the only hope is that when the BFAs role around, we see a high calibre of players coming in, which Malien can snap up. Malien’s still got undoubted talent as a player however, and with the right additions can easily climb the leagues, of that I’m sure. I think it all boils down to the squad quality and depth, and this season I can see managers starting to hold onto bigger players in favour of a better league position.
Projected Team of the Season
Mbabu – De Ligt – Baily – Shaw
Henderson – Arthur
Anderson – Mata – Pulisic
Awards at the End of the Season
Top Scorer – Pulisic
Golden Glove Winner – Pickford
Manager of the Season – TheAsh​Cohen

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