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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 12 11 33
2 Burga Boii 12 10 30
3 Jxcquesy 14 8 28
4 SuitedRecluse 12 7 22

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 12 11 33
2 SoggyCabbages 12 10 31
3 BiGGieD80 14 8 26
4 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 14 8 25

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Hilly89 14 9 29
2 Wellsa27 12 9 28
3 Emotionalworm 12 8 26
4 L0stbOy90 12 9 26


Its the end of Season 26 in the AG Fantasy League and the various divisions have their promotion and relegation playoffs going on. These are always exciting fixtures and generate a lot of interest on the site with many putting bets on with our bookie and the fixtures themselves gaining plenty of viewers when streamed live on Mixer.  This seasons League One promotion playoff sees Burnzee play Big B. 

Itchy McScracthybaws of The Chronicle spoke to Newcastle United Manager Burnzee Boyee from the Powder Monkey, Wallsend, Newcastle and here is his article.

Before the season started, many would probably have said, that sitting in the playoffs was not something that they would have envisaged seeing, yet as Burnzee Boyee’s Black n White Army surprisingly march onward, game by game, that’s what we have. Last week’s game saw the Toon Army fall to Big Bri’s Milan home and away, in two thoroughly entertaining games. Results elsewhere, however, saw them fall from 4th to 5th in the playoffs. Now however, they face Big Bri once more in the play off Final. So how has all this happened in a short space of time going from 7th last season to playoffs this season? Frantic off season decisions, transfers speculations and rifts in the dressing room appeared to have condemned the Tyneside squad to staying a lower half of league 1 team for the second season of their new manager’s tenure.

No changes were made during the pre-season, however, there rumblings of discontent that certain players were unhappy ( couldn’t understand the Geordie lingo), hit the headlines as De Jong made it clear that he was not happy after just a short tenure at Newcastle. (He also couldn’t hold a pint). After an executive meeting (and 20 pints later) at the Powder Monkey Bar, Wallsend, It was decided by some amount of mutual consent that De Jong could leave the club. Dortmund and their manager Burga Boli, immediately made a move for him [De Jong] now that the opportunity had arisen to sign the player they had been after for a while, and in a dramatic deal for the Tyneside club, De Jong was traded to Germany, in exchange for striker Kevin Volland, midfield maestro Alexandr Golovin and winger come striker, Helder Costa (The Toon’s new Julio Geordio).
Toon Manager Burnzee Boyee has been singing the praises of the three players as the three players have been an instant hit with the Toon Army faithful. The Toon Army faced a difficult final run in of fixtures to hold on to 4th playoff place, given the fact that Niwintz’s Lyon sat 6 points adrift of the Toon Army in 5th place. When asked how he felt the season has been, he replied “It’s been a dream for me and the lads to be honest.” He added “The opening fixtures against Diodex seemed to set the picture of what we were facing very early on. Game 1, we win 3-1, but in the return leg lost 1-2, we never really had a clean sweep of fixtures from then on, but we fought hard in every one of them.”
Looking back at the season he [Burnzee Boyee] felt that the defining moment for the team was their 4-0 defeat at the hands of Niwintz’s Olympic Lyon. “We had such a tight 1st leg at 3 each, however Lyon showed their true class in the 2nd leg by sweeping us aside. Many of the team were demoralised, especially De Jong, which is when we asked for a transfer for him. We wanted a team of hard workers, not individual shirkers.” Coach Burnzee had previously looked to strengthen his team at the mid season point, but funds were just short and certain players were being asked as part exchange, players in coach Burnzee’s words that “ ...were not really for leaving at that point.” Adding” Coming to the business end of the season, there are some players who are really happy with what we have achieved, and have spoken about the possibility of moving on if the right offer comes in for them. I would rather keep as many of them as I could, but these guys have done me and more importantly, the fans proud.”
We asked Coach Burnzee if he could pinpoint a single moment in the season where he felt it all click? “I think it was against Tunners Spurs team”. “We won both games 2 nil, which seemed to be spurred on( no pun intended) by the arrival of Volland, Golovin and Costa, the atmosphere in the changing room was electric and seem to carry over in to the following week where we surprisingly won 1-4 against Rhino’s Villareal in the 1st leg and then 2 nil in the second leg at home. The fans were ecstatic.” He added “I think we were all pinching ourselves after that one.”
Newcastle have beaten one of the big guns in the form of IDanger IMouse’s Atletico Madrid, 1-0 at Home and 1-3 away, and then they hit a slump when they won 1-0, then drew away from home to Soggy’s Lille as coach Burnzee described the game “ I feel this as a game where we dropped 2 points, such was the manner of the 2nd half, they just frustrated us. A few meaty tackles almost caused us some problems however we’ll be back fighting fit.”
“Sitting in the playoffs is a great achievement for us, however I think we may have to look at our set up as we’ve now lost our final two fixtures back to back vs Big Bri and his Milan after losing two to Jobi. Both extremely high quality players, which takes nothing away from the losses.” Will the Toon Army recover from these back to back defeats or will they falter at the last hurdle in their first playoff campaign? Striker Kevin Volland seems to think so, even more so now with the arrival of Vincent Aboubakar just before the transfer deadline.
Having just won the playoff semi final, they now look to the final.
Kevin Volland’s dramatic 74th minute winner in the semi final away to Olympic Lyon is pictured above.
Hopefully, they can give the faithful Geordie fans something to shout about in the big rematch in the Playoff Final when they Take on Big Bri’s Milan once more, in last push for final promotion place to the Championship. Regardless of the result, it should be an entertaining match from start to finish.
Itchy McScracthybaws
The Chronicle
Postscript: In a very tight tussle watched by an enthralled audience of AGers on Mixer Big B denied Burnzee promotion when Kevin Prince Boateng headed in the only goal the 84th minute

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