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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Brian1867x 26 16 54
2 Paullowes80 24 16 52
3 SuitedRecluse 26 14 46
4 RFC Buncey 26 13 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 leondennisss 26 23 71
2 Sofarukus 26 17 53
3 Aaronc333 22 16 49
4 DX I Jaminator 26 15 49

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 niwintz 24 19 62
2 Tuggi 26 17 53
3 Deareststorm 24 16 50
4 Ryjones88 24 14 46


Transfer deadline day is without doubt the most exciting day of any season here at AG.  We take you through our recent TDD with the help of Jam White our very own version of that well known tv transfer day guru.


Transfer Deadline Day is upon us... For today, my name is Jam White, and I'll do my absolute gaming best to keep up with the goings on around each of the teams involved.  To kick us off, we've got a brief interview from three of the Managers involved - coincidently, these three are all in the Top 5 Richest Clubs going into TDD. The three managers in question are Berty44 TheMalien and Red Rhinoceros 

Jam White: So then chaps, are there to be any likely departures from your respective clubs today? Who's on the way out?
Red Rhino: No outgoings from Villareal today, we're cash rich and we need to add to our squad! We have a small group of players and need to add a touch of class to help with our final push for promotion.
Berty: I love my players, my squad is very strong, however you never know! IF a player is needed in a swap to secure a better player, then maybe!
Malien: Niklaus Stark has handed in a transfer request this morning, and we expect him to be leaving. With 80 Million burning a hole in my pocket, I can see quality coming in, not leaving!
Jam White: Okay lads, thanks very much. What about incomings then? What's your main goal for TDD?
Berty: At Roma we need a top class Centre Back or Winger, and we're willing to spend big for the right one.
Malien: Similar to Berty, Chelsea are desperate for a top drawer CB.
Jam White: Interesting... Do you lads think a record signing could be made today? We saw Benedetto move to Big B 1970 a few TDD's ago for over 100 Million. Could we see something similar?
Berty: Quite possibly! It's interesting that Bri is also one of the most cash rich Managers right now. Anything is possible today.
Jam White: Okay, cheers lads I think we'll leave it there. I'll be doing the round today to hopefully speak to some more managers as the day goes on! Please feel free to contact us a AG Sports News (Jam's PMs) if we're welcome at your Stadium.
Current Big Hitters available in the Transfer Market:
Defender - Niklas Stark- a very, very solid CB. Playing in Germany in real life. Very pacey for a CB, 6 Ft 3 and good on the ball. Surely someone will snap him up?
Midfielder - James Maddison - great passing, Free Kicks, playing for Leicester who are bound to get a manager bounce, meaning MDR's. Young and English, who wouldn't want him?
Forward - Goncalo Guedes - a player who has become nomadic in recent weeks, however his class in undoubted. 82 Rated with pace to burn. Arguably could play anywhere across the front line. Could be the saviour of a season?

Things are hotting up here at AG Sports News, as the Deadline ticks ever closer.... Who's going to blink first? Who's going to be left disappointed?

We've had a done deal already today, with Nabil Bentaleb leaving Ryjones88 and heading to Red Rhinoceros in a 15 Million Scudo swoop.
This deal sees Bentaleb link up with his real-life midfield partner at Schalke, Will McKennie. Could this deal pave the way for Lerma to head for the Villareal exit? Stay tuned for more info.

We've hopped into the AG Helicopter and done the rounds since this morning, in fact we've managed to speak to a further 4 managers. Let's see what they had to say...
Jam White: I'm here outside Arsenal's training ground with League Cup winner TheAshCohen09 , so tell me Ash, With the deadline looming this evening, what's your plans going into tonight?
Ash: We'll see what the BFA brings, ideally I'd quite like to bring in a centre back to the team.
Jam White: Okay, with a team of great players, are any of them likely to leave?
Ash: Barring any exceptional offers, there will be no more outgoings.
Jam White: Short and sweet, fair enough... After securing the League Cup and looking at a possible CC win, what's going to push you next season to win the league? Could one player do that? and If so, who?
Ash: all in I'm very happy with my team. Perhaps a top top striker would be nice but all in all I couldn't pinpoint any position at the moment. I'm happy across the board. As mentioned a CB will be the first priority, either tonight or next season.
Next stop on the stadium rounds, Harryn9000 and Sevilla.
Jam White: With 30 Million in your pocket, what's the aim for today? What do you need?
Harry: I'm looking for a winger to be a starter a replacement for Kent. i was looking at Navas but a deals probably unlikely now.
Jam White: With prized assets such as Winks, Sissoko and Ben Foster, are any likely to go for big money? and if so, what deal would it need to be?
Harry: they need to be big money because I'd need to buy like for like replacements.
Jam White: You're the out of form team in the Championship right now, who else around you needs a big Transfer Deadline Day to escape the drop?
Harry: I think Goldenbeard or Jeffantony1988 and Deareststorm need to strengthen the teams they only need a a few good player and they could be challenging.
We've popped down to Laaaandan, West Ham and Riverman up next...
Jam White: With 48 Million in your pocket, what's the plan for today? What do you want to bring in?
Riverman: 48m may or may not be used to strengthen. We are unaware as to who may be available late in the day and will make a judgement call at that point. We won't spend for the sake of it
Jam White: With some impressive players such as De Ligt and Allesandrini on your books, could anyone be leaving?
Riverman: There are no plans for any sales, never say never but it's unlikely any big guns will leave
Jam White: In your opinion, which manager in your division needs to have the biggest result on TDD? Who needs to bring in quality?
Riverman: Harry as his slide down the table is alarming and he looks like sliding all the way back to league 1.
Last up, we're in the fashion capital of the world... No, not Doncaster, Milan, with Big B 1970
Jam White: What sort of position you after? Any incomings or outgoings? Will you spunk in all on one player?
BigB: I've had a change around with my star strikers in the past week, with Wilson and Benedetto leaving for 50m and 45m respectively, then King coming in for 50m. Doesn't mean I wouldn't sign another striker though. I'm not after any position in particular, just quality players. As for spending big, I broke the spending record last season, and I'm happy to do it again this season.
Hot Players in the Transfer Market right now...
Midfielder - Kagawa - 80 Rated - top CAM, passing stats all in the green. Not often you see a player up for 20 Million BIN who's 80 Rated.
Midfielder - Jefferson Lerma - 79 Rated - CDM of dreams, big and strong with good passing too. Playing for Bournemouth in real life, destined for a move surely?
Forward - Jesus Navas - 81 Rated - pace to burn, good crossing and can play anywhere up or down the right side. DiodeX is wanting CB or 30 Million Scudo +, get buying lads.
On a final note for this update, the Banker has been in touch....there could be a REAL superstar coming into the league later tonight, with some nice auctions planned for later. Managers who post deadline day videos on the site get a 10 Million Bonus they can use for the auctions later.
We're back! It's been a quiet afternoon here at AG Sports News, with still only the one deal being agreed...BUT... we're gearing up for what is going to be a brilliant evening so don't go anywhere!

We're going LIVE to Manchester United's training ground to speak to manager under pressure manager - Jeffantony1988
Jam White: So Jeff, Maguire back on the market so soon after buying him? was that always your intention?
Jeff: Yes and No. I was going to keep hold of him but It seems like CBs are in high demand at the moment so if I can get a decent replacement and some money to get involved with today's transfers I'll be happy.
Jam White: You're in 10th Place at the moment in the Championship, will securing a late deal see you to safety?
Jeff: After seeing your interview with Harry. I personally don't think the players that I might bring in today will impact on my survival. I feel that I have a good squad (1 of the highest rated in the championship) it's just that I need to find the right way to play with my team as it's changed quite a bit this season so there hasn't been much time for players to settle. So for my last 4 games I will need my team to play well and some good luck
Jam White: Who's going to be the biggest player out of all the managers on Deadline day, who's going to do the biggest deal?
Jeff: if it's not transfer junky Rhino then it will have to be 1 of the top 3 richest clubs at the moment (you included) I can see 100m+ being spent on a single player again
We're now going to a ground not too far from here, Goodison Park and DiodeX
Jam White: With Jesus Navas being on the market, what would make you sell?
Diodex: A beast of a CB or over 30mil! he might be over 30, but he's still got it.
Jam White: What would be a successful Deadline day for you?
Diodex: Getting something! ANYTHING! or more than likely all the deals being when my wife is badgering me!
Jam White: Are you looking forward to the window closing? or are you hoping to do a deal before in slams shut?
Diodex: With my massive 17mil, I'm expecting nuthin'
We're going live to France now, Marseille in fact, with Manager wellsa27
Jam White: So Wellsa, what position are you looking to strengthen?
Wellsa: I'm looking for a top class CB/CDM, I only have the one recognised CM at the minute in Gedson, so that has to be a priority.
Jam White: Do you think a good Transfer Deadline Day is key to you staying up?
Wellsa: I'm not expecting any new arrivals as most of our funds were spent on El Shaarawy, but I should survive with my current squad.
Jam White: Why sell Kagawa, Nasri and El Shaarawy?
Wellsa: I have an abundance of attacking midfielders, so I need to offload at least one. All of them are great, El Shaarawy is the stand out by far!
Things are getting desperate here, Harryn9000 is going stir-crazy with no deals to submit. He's started raiding his sisters wardrobe...
Tick tock, as I write this blog the window will close...
Harry Maguire has been SOLD to Joe in a deal that sees Zakaria go the other way in addition to cash to Jeffantony1988

It's manager interview time again... This time up, Joe PayneWales, ImmortalTanz, aaronc333 and ThePacfish
Jam White:
Q1 - Your side is looking pretty well balanced, is there any position you need going into TDD?
Q2 - With a possible swap for Lerma on the cards, will he be a good addition to your team?
Q3 - Will we see any major outgoings from Palma today? and if so, then who?
Q4 - What would be the player you'd most like to see come through the Auctions tonight?
1. Not a position so to speak. I’m looking to add some width to the team currently as I have a wealth of central midfielders but only Bailey who can go out wide. Had a look at Navas but I’m not parting with £30m for a 33 year old.
2. Not hearing anything on that front. Asked Rhino what he would add but have heard nothing since, he’s either driving up the motorway to my house or it’s a dead end.
He’s a player who would do a job for us. Tidying up play so those ahead of him can concentrate on goal scoring.
3. It’s spelt Parma, sign of disrespect for this great club!
No outgoings planned although, as always, all players are available for the right price.
4. Paul Pogba, although he’s probably too high rated these days. Realistically I’d plump for someone like Donnaruma or Arthur from Barcelona. Hopefully I have the funds to get involved whoever comes up.
Jam White:
Q1 - A lot of people wonder why you and Rhino do so many deals, what's the reason?
Q2 - Lot's of staff turnover at Rangers this season, who's been your best transfer?
Q3 - Your targets for TDD, who are they and why?
Payne Wales:
1. When I smash him he thinks my players are amazing when they pull his 1 man team apart so he sends me a million pms wanting them so i just give in
He just don't get it that my skills destroy him Not the players
2. Renato Sanches he is every where
3. No names in mind but would like a slag striker failing that a slag CB
Napoli's manager Aaron up next...
Jam White:
Q1 - Have you had any interest in any of your squad today? and if so which player and manager?
Q2 - This is the first Transfer Deadline Day of recent times where you've had a very good franchise, to those who have 3.5 star or lower, what would your advice be? Save cash for a BFA or Franchise auction?
Q3 - Who's the one player you want to see added to the league? regardless of whether you could afford him or not?
1. No interest in my players, either they’re really shite, or people know they can’t afford them haha.
2. I’d save for a better franchise. It’s helped me massively improving my squad this season
3. Sebastian Giovinco
Liverpool and Joe up next...
Jam White:
Q1 - You've got a nice team, what improvements can be made?
Q2 - Who are the untouchables? What players would off limits if any amount of cash was offered?
Q3 - Targets - who are they, and have you had any offers from other managers for your players today? If so, then who?
1) CB and CDM are my primary targets right now, would love a top class CB to partner Murillo
2) Ox, Wilson and TAA probably the only ones, everyone knows I love my Liverpool players. Anyone else is available for the right deal
3) I am in discussions for a player but the NDA states I can’t name him. Wouldn’t expect too much movement but if a huge cash offer comes in for someone with auctions on the horizon I would listen!
Last up today: Tanz
Jam White:
Q1 - If you win all your games in hand on Malien, you can go top of the Championship, is your squad ready for the Prem?
Q2 - If not, then what players would you like to add to strengthen your team?
Q3 - You're known as the AG wheeler dealer, are you lining up any deals from other managers tonight? or will it be BFA action?
Q1 - No is the simple answer. I've been in that league and nowhere near good enough so will need some investing if I go up
Q2 - Tough as Ii like my actual team just needs upgrading. Maybe a CM to replace Taider and a CB to replace Besler
Q3 - Don't think I'm doing anything tonight as it stands. It could all change of course during the night but as it stands I haven't seen anyone come on the transfer market who i think will take me to the next level.
And so concluded transfer deadline day, here are the most significant BFA's:
Juan Mata 82 RW to Red Rhino for 18.8m
Jordan Henderson 82 CDM to Riverman for 36.0m
Malcolm 82 RW to IDangerIMouse for 50.0m
Andrea Belotti 82 ST to BigB for 95m
Xherdan Shaqiri 82 RW to Red Rhino for 50m
The biggest winner on the day was Jaminator. It started when he won the Kingsley Coman 15m ticket raffle to get the 83 rated winger. It got even better when he won the Blind PM Auction for 83 rated Premiership ST Jesus and finished when he won Naby Keita 83 CDM - he was a mystery player and Jam paid 80.5m for him, what a day !

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