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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Suthyho 10 9 27
2 Burga Boii 10 8 24
3 TheAshCohen09 12 5 17
4 Paullowes80 12 5 16

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 12 11 33
2 SoggyCabbages 10 9 28
3 BiGGieD80 12 7 23
4 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 12 7 22

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Hilly89 10 9 27
2 Red Rhinoceros 12 7 21
3 L0stbOy90 10 7 20
4 Harryn9000 12 6 20

It's time for instalment 3 of our Rhino Meets series and this time I tracked down one of AG's men from Northern Ireland , one of our Transfer Admins and League One promotion candidate Niwintz.

Rhino : Where does your username come from ?

Niwintz : My nickname from a young kid was wintz (my surname is Winters), I added the ni to the start NOT because I am from Northern Ireland but I messed my gamertag email up and it was easier to change from wintz to niwintz.

Rhino : Where do you come from ?

Wintz : Bangor Co Down, Northern Ireland. Born in Belfast but lived in Bangor for all my life. Bangor is seaside town with around 100k people living there. It’s a commuter town for Belfast (where I work)

Rhino : I meant your actual postcode ?

Wintz : Erm ...... shall we end this interview here ?

Rhino : Ok , let's move on ..... What football team do you support ?

Wintz : The Happy Hammers

Rhino : After 3 rounds you are in 4th place in league one , but with games in hand and an impressive 100 percent record following your bye week , what are your ambitions for the season ?

Wintz : I haven’t had the hardest of starts but by no means were they easy, well the Emo game was tough (sorry Wizzy) The quality of opposition In this league is very high and I think everyone can take points of each other. I think 3 will go up from the following 4 – Rhino, Danger Mouse, Jobi and myself – which 3 I have no idea. I am hoping to be one of those 3

Rhino : Does the Play Off Semi Final defeat in Season 24 still hurt ? What went wrong that day ?

Wintz : What semi-final defeat? I have wiped it from my memory

Rhino : Which opponent are you looking forward to facing this season and why ?

Wintz : There are no standout players I can’t wait to play, I normally enjoy playing all of them as our games are tight and fair. If I had to pick one it would probably be Tunners so I could hopefully beat that team that think they are a big team (Spurs)

Rhino : Do you fear playing anyone and have you got a rival in league one ?

Wintz : I fear none of the other guys as I can beat any of them on my day, it will be uber tough when playing the other 3 potential promotion rivals. No rivals as I have great relationships will all the guys in the league, all top blokes.

Rhino : Who is the favourite player in your team and what does he bring to your games ?

Wintz : Last season Kamano could of shagged my wife whenever he wanted, the guy was immense. He is still performing well this season but wee Kluivert has been unreal this season. Scores lots of goals and is very pacey, he links exceedingly well with Kamano and form a fearful front line for Lyon.

Rhino : Which player currently in the league do you want in your side ?

Wintz : Really hard to say, I am very happy with my squad and am not really on the look-out for any other players. I have looked for the likes of K.Tierney B.Pavard & J.Butland – all who have been outstanding against me.

Rhino : If you could make one change to the league set up what would it be ?

Wintz : Nothing – leagues run really smoothly, fixtures released at a good rate. Suspensions could be something that could be looked at, someone gets sent off and they miss a couple of games. The admin of this might be too hard though.

Rhino : When you are not on the XBOX what will we find you doing ?

Wintz : I have two lads – 17 & 12 so chasing them up on their homework probably, when the weather gets better the golf evenings return which takes me out of the house a good bit. Love watching Rugby Union – especially son’s school team and Ulster, golf is also great watching on Sky – they know how to do coverage. Football is my first love in terms of following and playing, had a trail when I was 15 with Sheff Utd but didn’t work out.

Thanks to Wintz for braving the Rhino !

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