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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Jxcquesy 24 20 60
2 steveybhoy 24 15 51
3 Burga Boii 24 14 45
4 MarcTheSharc 24 14 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 RFC Buncey 24 19 59
2 Joe 24 17 57
3 Big B 1970 24 14 46
4 Wellsa27 24 13 44

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 S8TY 24 17 57
2 Amen Raz 24 15 48
3 Tunners1 24 12 41
4 Tuggi 24 12 41

As part of mine and Big B's Weekly Round Up we will interview a League One member. This week is the turn of SoggyCabbages who was a great sport ;

1. Where does the name SoggyCabbages come from ?

7 or 8 years ago I had one of those rubbish Xbox-generated gamertags (OpenedAutumn58). So I sat down to think of new names and whilst dunking a biscuit in my tea I had an epiphany - SoggyBiscuits. Fortunately that was taken, because a young me didn't take into account any sexual connotations of that phrase. So I thought "what else is Soggy that I've eaten recently?" And the answer to that was Cabbages. Hence 'SoggyCabbages'.

2. Which opponent in Season 25 are you looking forward to playing and why ?

Has to be niwintz. I've played him dozens of times in friendlies and in league matches and have only ever managed to take a result from him a couple of times. I used to constantly lose 3/4 to nil but recent games have been closer. I feel this season I'll finally manage to tame the Wintz.

3. Who do you fear most this season ?

If you had done this interview before Gameweek 1 I would have said Danger Mouse but I'll have to change my answer. I wouldn't say 'fear' (maybe apprehension) but this would have to be Big B 1970. I've only ever played him twice on this Fifa a couple of seasons ago. Most of the table I can look at and see where I'll get my points, but with him I'm not sure.

4. Was Dangermouse too good for you in Week 1 or did you just have a bad day ?

A mixture of both really. In the reserve league before the end of 2018 I had changing formations to try and finally find one which suited my squad (without reverting to a 5-back one because we all know everyone cries when I use that). I had found mild success with a 4-5-1, but for some reason I decided to go to a 4-3-3 against Mouse. Although I'm not going to blame the two 4-0 losses on this, I don't think it helped - it upset my team balance. I think he was just generally the better player. I don't think he mullered be to the extent 4-0 scorelines would suggest however.

5. Do you think your possession style with the patient build up play will be the best tactic to get out of this division?

Maybe not, but I don't particularly care. It may be labelled boring by some but I enjoy it so that's all that matters. I got to the play-offs last season with it, so obviously it has some merit in this division. Maybe if I got to the Championship I'd become slightly more direct as it's generally more talented players and I'd be battling relegation. But the time being I'm more than happy with posession play.

6. Who is the favourite player in your team and what does he bring to your games ?

Has to be Trippier. A very versatile player, can play him anywhere in defense, and he doesn't do a bad job in midfield either. Greens all around for his physical, skill and defending stats. More than worth the 40m I payed for him a couple of seasons ago. He's obviously highly coveted by many other players as I constantly get enquiries for him via PM.

7. Which player currently in the league do you want in your side ?

Has to be Burnzee's Frenkie de Jong. That man is a midfield maestro. I've got the defensive midfield players sorted but I lack that killer attacking midfield player. Plus he's only 21 and rated 81 - he's got plenty of growth left.

And Finally ...............

8. Where do you live ?

Just outside the lovely city of Brighton, East Sussex. Hence why I support Brighton & Hove Albion.

Thank You Soggy , I have a customer in Peacehaven , I look forward to seeing you when the weather gets a bit warmer.

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