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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Jxcquesy 24 20 60
2 steveybhoy 24 15 51
3 Burga Boii 24 14 45
4 MarcTheSharc 24 14 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 RFC Buncey 24 19 59
2 Joe 24 17 57
3 Big B 1970 24 14 46
4 Wellsa27 24 13 44

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 S8TY 24 17 57
2 Amen Raz 24 15 48
3 Tunners1 24 12 41
4 Tuggi 24 12 41

New season. New faces. New franchise for balonga13, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today marks the start of the new season here on AbsoluteGaming. The race to be crowned Premiership champions is looking like it could be one of the best the site has ever seen. During my 9 years on AG, I don't think I've ever seen a league as strong as this one, not like back in the day when the leagues were small and deareststorm had a place at the top table, by default. Looking at the names on the league table, it's impossible to say, "yep, I'll pick up some points there". So, if you could afford me 5/10 mins of your time, I'll have a run through of who's who in the Premiership.


Manager: aaronc333
Franchise: Napoli
Star Man: J.Maddison
IN: T.Bifouma & J. Maddison
OUT: W. Rooney, M. Niang, S. Vitoria

Currently in possession of the 2nd lowest rated squad in the league. Too many seasons of under investment has seen myself slip behind in terms of quality. A few eyebrows were raised when I allowed W. Rooney to leave the club. Rooney was the clubs top scorer last season, but I felt Rooney slowed the team down at times when trying to attack. James Maddison has more pace and agility about him, and the plan is to share the goals around the front line a little more evenly than last season. My main threat will come from the pace up front, although the defence will need to be strengthened as the season goes on. A solid league season, pushing at the top end and a decent cup run will do for me.

Manager: balonga13
Franchise: Wolfsburg
Star Man: Eduardo Salvio
IN: None
OUT: None

A major hiccup last season, has seen Balonga slip quite far with his squad, he currently has the lowest rated squad in the league, but that hasn't stopped him keeping up the pace at the top end of the table. With some new found wealth, Balonga will be hoping to bring in more quality and if that happens, he'll definitely be up there challenging for all honours. Until that moment comes, Balonga still has one of the strongest forward lines in the league, with Susaeta & Eduardo Silva.

Manager: Bonzy87
Franchise: Bournemouth
Star Man: Diogo Jota
IN: Min Jae Kim & S. Doumbia

First season in the league. Bonzy has been tipped by a few members to drop down to the Championship this season, although these predictions are largely based off the fact he's relatively unknown to them. I'm sure Bonzy will be thinking otherwise and can't wait to prove people wrong, after all, he did win the first tournament he entered on the site, although with a squad better prepared for the battle. A few new faces will be needed, as Bonzy has taken over a fairly poor squad down on the south coast. Disastrous start to the campaign for Bonzy, losing both league games to Jam 3-1 & 4-1.

Manager: Burga boii
Franchise: Borussia Dortmund
Star Man: Luis Muriel

The Champ. The Man. Mr consistent. The guy who can't spell burger or boy. Last season Burga just couldn't be stopped in the league, once he was on top, he stayed there. Burga will be hoping that he can find that form and consistency that brought the trophy home. I'm sure he knows it won't be that simple though, he has the big target on this back now, everyone will raise their game against him. In Luis Muriel, he has one of the best strikers in the league, as proved last season with running away with the golden boot, scoring 34 goals, 12 more than his nearest rival. I'm sure Burga would also like to give a better account of himself in the cups this time around.

Manager: CookieMUFC
Franchise: Orlando City
Star Man: A. Townsend.

Yep. Cookie is in the league, in case you had forgot. Cookie has a very steady squad, no real superstars, just players who can do a job. Cookie is capable of mounting a serious title challenge, although could get left behind during the season, if he doesn't keep up with the quality players coming in.

Manager: Dx I Jaminator
Franchise: Man City
Star Man: C. Wilson
IN: V Moses, C. Wilson, B. Mendy, A. Iwobi
OUT: E.Lavezzi, V.Aboubakar, P.Max, E.Bailly & C.Under

As you can see, Jam has been very busy since the transfers window. In my opinion, some debatable deals, although it's all down to personal preference. Jam is a group similar to myself, could win the league, but could also end up fighting relegation, capable of beating anyone on his day, but just lacks that consistency to mount a serious title challenge. Could that change this season? Well he's already not playing me in the 1st set fixtures, so there's something that has changed from previous seasons. 2nd on the rich list at the moment as well, so will no doubt bring in more quality very soon. As of writing, Jam has made the perfect start to the season. Taking 6 points from Bonzy, winning 3-1 & 4-1

Manager: Joe
Franchise: Liverpool
Star Man: H.Lozano

Currently the best player on the site after his recent TFI win (apparently). Tipped by myself for relegation, same as a few in this league, can beat anyone, but could just as likely lose as well. He'll be hoping the "famous" Anfield crowd can offer more support and live up to that myth of being a great atmosphere, instead of just singing YNWA in the 1st and 90th min. Joe was also kind enough to give us a quote for this piece, "I've promised my boyfriend Riverman that I'll bring home the trophy this season, he's fed up of me being a massive let down in the league, as well as in the sheets".

Manager: Jxcquesy
Franchise: RB Liepzig
Star Man: V. Aboubakar
IN: V .Aboubakar, S. Simic, F. Kessie, M. Niang
OUT: V.Moses, C. Wilson. T.Bifouma, W. Ndidi

Like Bonzy, Jxcquesy is new to the league, unlike Bonzy, Jxcquesy has been given a great starting point with his squad. Taking over a team that has challenged for trophies over the last few seasons. Jxcquesy has decided he wants the team to moulded to him, instead of just riding the coattails of the previous manager. Some will its a brave move, considering how good they were, but you have to respect it. It's hard to predict what could happen with Jxcquesy this season, as he's still unknown to most, having played him a few times myself, I'm predicting a mid table finish, maybe just avoiding relegation through the play-offs. Who knows.

Manager: paullowes80
Franchise: Fulham
Star Man: A.Rebic
IN: W.Cyprien
OUT: J.Denayer R. L. Cheek, A. Plea

Unfortunately I can only see a season of struggles for Paul. Will score plenty, but will concede plenty as well, partly due to the fact Paul will just play an attacking game, nothing wrong with that, but can be his downfall at times. Obviously I could be totally wrong and Paul's approach see's him take points off every one and finish towards to the top end, that's the beauty of this league.

Manager: TheAshCohen09
Franchise: Arsenal
Star Man: L.Torreira
IN: L.Torreira, A. Plea
OUT: B.Embolo, J.Weigl Guedes

After a season in the Championship, Ash has returned to the Premiership, no doubt hoping to right the wrongs of his last season in the Premiership which saw him relegated. With the highest rated squad in the league, Ash has to be one of the favorites to take the league title, but as with pretty much all of us in this league, will be hoping to make a solid start, otherwise the pressure could be on straight away and could end up at the wrong end of the table again. Currently sat on top of the rich list, so either way, Ash is in a great place if reinforcements are needed, and as I write this, Ash has just signed A. Plea from paullowes80 for 20,000,000

Manager: wellsa27
Franchise: Marseille
Star man: J.King
OUT: S.Simic

Wellsa has found himself in the Premiership, mainly by default, due to a play-off game being called off due to someone having too many guests round, which meant he was unable to take part. Wellsa has a tough start to the league, facing off against the current champion, Burga boii. Wellsa will be hoping to make a real statement of intent in these games, whilst always being very wary of finding himself at the foot of the table after round 1.


Having said all that, I've absolutely no doubts in my mind that this is going to be a cracking season in the Premiership, and in the other leagues as well.

May the best man win.

*note* you may not agree with the star man for your team. Don't care

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