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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Jxcquesy 24 20 60
2 steveybhoy 24 15 51
3 Burga Boii 24 14 45
4 MarcTheSharc 24 14 44

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 RFC Buncey 24 19 59
2 Joe 24 17 57
3 Big B 1970 24 14 46
4 Wellsa27 24 13 44

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 S8TY 24 17 57
2 Amen Raz 24 15 48
3 Tunners1 24 12 41
4 Tuggi 24 12 41


Season 24 promises to be a cracker in League One with Fifa 19 just a couple of weeks old , we have grown slightly this season and there will be 11 managers battling it out for promotion to the Championship. We have sadly lost Chad from the leagues – I say sadly not only because he’s a great lad but also because he finished just one place above me last season and I was looking for revenge.

We have several new managers in the division namely Niwintz & SoggyCabbages who were relegated from The Championship and league newcomers Wizzfox , Burnzee Boyee & Tunners

Check Red Rhino's Season 24 Predictions Below:

  1. ThePacfish (Parma) - Or Trollfish as he is fondly known on the forum – narrowly missed out on promotion last season and lost out to Riverman in the play offs. I haven’t played him on Fifa 19 yet but he is a seasoned Fifa veteran who rarely plays so far down a league set up. He’s a Yorkshire lad who calls a whippet a whippet and isn’t afraid of a conspiracy theory. He has a young squad sprinkled with real quality , the goals from Augustin and Embolo along with the silky skills of Pereira will see him top the division.
  2. Niwintz (Lyon) - This Happy Hammer lost the relegation play off to Big B and so fell to the bottom division which was a surprise to me as Niwintz has always given me a beating. I also feel a little guilty after hounding him to sell Ruben Neves for most of last season , without that transfer maybe Neves could have kept them up. He will start season 24 with big Dante at the back and Bertrand Traore in attack. Niwintz has a decent wedge of Scudo to start the season , with a couple of shrewd investments I expect him to makes a good run for automatic promotion.
  3. Payne Wales (Swansea) - This sheep worrier was leading the play off final last season against Riverman before bottling it in the second half and remaining in League One. He was delighted to secure the Swansea City franchise and I believe this will inspire him to 3rd place in the division this season. He struggled at first with Fifa 19 but has now got the hang of it and will be very difficult to beat. I have spotted him down at the Villarreal training ground a couple of times this pre-season eyeing up my players and I am expecting a bid very soon.
  4. Emotional Worm (Celtic) – ‘Wormy’ finished 5th last season losing the play off semi final to dash his hopes of promotion. He will have to get busy in the transfer market however as I cannot spot too many star players in his squad , the best is probably Januzaj who will need to jink his way to a few goals if Worm is to uphold this prediction. He will be spurred on by the terrace anthems that Celtic share with his beloved Liverpool.
  5. Tunners1 (Houston) – This big hunk of love from the Humber City is new to AG after trying his hand at PES for a few months. It hasn’t appeared to have hampered his Fifa game however as he has had a very decent pre-season (against me at least). His squad is looking a little on the weak side so he will need to get involved in the transfer market and use his wad of cash wisely. He does have a couple of very useful players in Frank De Jong and Dendoncker although star finisher Jermaine Defoe will have to be heavily relied upon for goals.
  6. Harryn9000 (Reading) – This loveable Scouser finished 7th last season in the division but he’s a very underrated player and with a little more consistency I fancy him to scrape the final play off place. I have built up a nice rivalry with Harry so it hurts a little to predict a higher finish than me. He will have to concentrate this season however and stop chasing GI Jane if he is to finish this high up. He made a great acquisition in Schurrle towards the end of last season although Rigoni is the star man in this team , he scores for fun. Harry has the most available cash in League One starting the season so he will be looking to get a star player in to help his cause.
  7. Red Rhinoceros (Villarreal) - I have been called some terrible names recently (usually in the podcast) and I have to admit most of it was deserved as I finished bottom last season. I’m not sure why but I tend to tense up during league games and struggle to win games when it matters. I have a very decent squad and I seem to have taken well to the new Fifa so am hopeful of a good season. Recently crowned runner up of the very important golden goal competition after losing to a dubious Jlizzle penalty.
  8. SoggyCabbages (Lille) - Relegated from The Championship after his opponents worked out how to beat his 9 man defence I am expecting Soggy to struggle this season , I think it will be more difficult to bore his way to points on this version of Fifa. I am predicting he will come on the mic sometime during season 24 but I am secretly hoping it won’t be against me. No surprise to see that his star player is a defender in Kieran Trippier.
  9. Diodex (Red Bull Salzburg) - He won’t thank me for putting him so far down in my predictions but there is no way he will finish above me for the second season in a row ! He hates a lot of things when playing Fifa does our Al , including replays !! Now they are gone I will no longer hear him tutting on the mic as I watch Toko Ekambi smash the ball past his goalkeeper. He will need his beloved Jota to be firing on all cylinders this season if he is to avoid the bottom couple of places in the league but a solid Centre Back in Kimpembe will set a good foundation.
  10. Burnzee Boyee (Newcastle) - I don’t know much about Burnzee apart from remembering him from the Madden Leagues and rumour has it he’s nearly as old as Berty !! I have a feeling he will struggle in the division having seen a couple of his pre season results but I have to admit he was the most difficult player to place in this prediction table. He has a very nice squad wearing the black and white stripes this season including young Trent Alexander Arnold and Timothy Fosu-Mensah at the back and Lozano upfront.
  11. Wizzfox (Granada) - Another new member to the league although I hear that he has been here before. I know little of the Fox apart from the hammerings he received in the Reserve League. This is of course a new Fifa game we are playing but it is still Fifa and he will need to improve fairly quickly to avoid bottom spot. There is good news though , he was given a great squad with star men Bobadilla and Harrison Reed expected to shine for Granada. I have a great song for when Bobadilla scores Fox , I will catch you on the mic and pass it on to you.

That concludes my predictions , go prove me wrong !

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