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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Jxcquesy 8 8 24
2 steveybhoy 8 5 18
3 Burga Boii 6 5 16
4 ShaunC92 6 4 12

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Joe 6 6 18
2 RFC Buncey 6 6 18
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 6 4 12
4 MJG1878 8 3 10

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 S8TY 6 5 15
2 Gazgrass 8 5 15
3 Amen Raz 6 4 13
4 Tunners1 6 4 13


Subz87 rounds up his unbeaten season in the Fantasy. Here is what he had to say:

Last time I was in the Fantasy League it was Season 18. I finally won the Premiership but decided to withdraw from the Fantasy League cause I didn't have the time to be in it anymore.
Four seasons later I decided it was time to comeback. Many new names still but a few I knew. I thought it was gonna be between myself , aaronc333 , TheAshCohen09 and IDanger IMouse for the title.

After a few matchdays it turned into a 2 horse race between myself and AshCohen, Ash who usually has a poor start of the season was steam-rolling his opponents, while myself already drawn against Jobi Juan in the 2nd game kept winning close games. Then out of nowhere ImmortalTanz beat Ash and I think that game was a crucial one, the tables had turned and Ash had to chase me instead. It looked like the pressure got to him as he dropped another point in the next round and I kept on winning. During the final stages of the season I managed to bring in the right players , Helder Costa, Christian Pavon and Aleksandr Golovin.
My winning ways continued and as Ash lost twice against balonga13 and drew against Danger Mouse I was once again the Champion. AshCohen managed to break my winning streak 14 game winning streak as we drew the first game 2-2 but I won the second game 6-2 and ended the season Undefeated. 16 wins 2 Draws and 0 Losses, with 75 goals scored and 31 conceited.

add to that a Challange Cup Win without a single loss and then winning the League Cup. A whole season without losing a single game. Don't think that has been done before and it's going to be hard to replicate.

Next season is gonna be a interesting one as I have a huge target on my back, but I'm looking forward to it.

// Subz

Stats Season 22:

Helder Costa 20 goals
Jordan Botaka 18 goals
Cristian Pavon 13 goals
Gabrielzinho 11 goals
Oliver Burke 5 goals
Weston McKennie 2 goals
Joe Worrall 1 goal

Not in the club anymore
Pione Sisto 2 goals
Massimo Luongo 1 goal


Players IN

A.Cragno 5m

J.Botaka (Swap S.Allen + 4.7m)
H.Bellerin (Swap Sisto+Luongo and 20m)
L.Camp (Swap for J.Wulff)

O.Burke 5m
M.Saracchi 5.5m
H.Costa 20.5m
N.Pope 25.5m
P.Sisto 8m
C.Pavon 10.5m
A.Golovin 25m
M.Sissoko 19m

Bakayoko 2m

Players OUT:
N.Bendtner 8m
R.Barkley 30m
A.Behich 13m

Included in Swap Deals:

Velasqueaz 60 MID
De Smet 61 DEF
Eggestein 66 ATT
Camp 67 GK
Floro Flores 72 ATT

Transfers OUT: 51m

Transfers IN: -29.7m
BFA: -119m
STB: -15m
Raffle: -2m
= - 114m

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