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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Burga Boii 6 4 14
2 Paullowes80 6 3 11
3 Aaronc333 4 3 10
4 Jxcquesy 6 2 9

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 TheMalien 6 4 13
2 RFC Buncey 6 3 9
3 Berty44 4 2 8
4 Riverman 4 2 8

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Red Rhinoceros 6 5 15
2 IDanger IMouse 6 4 13
3 Jobi Juan 6 4 13
4 niwintz 4 4 12

niwintz carried on his stunning start to the season, beating fellow irishman Emotionalworm 4-2 in a close game, but then dominating in the second for a comprehensive 4-0 victory. Kluivert and Kamano were again in goalscoring form, which puts them ahead in the golden boot competition. niwintz sits top of the table with maximum points, but other managers don't seem to impressed, claiming he's only played the two weakest teams in the division.

Red Rhinoceros was another manager to have a good week. Big B 1970 's strikers again wasted too many chances, but the Villareal front men were clinical in response. Rashford was unstoppable with 5 goals, and Rooney chipped in with the other 2 this week, as Rhino's boys won both games 4-1.

Title favourite Jobi Juan came through another tough pair of games with a good haul of 4 points against IDanger IMouse. A close first game ended with honours even, with all the excitement coming in the last 10 minutes of the 2-2 draw. The second game was again tight, with the Inter Milan boss being delighted to have kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 win.

In our second installment of Rhino Meets ....... I introduce my long time late night buddy Diodex

Let's get straight into this one mate ;

You have an unusual username , where does it come from ?
I work in Electronics, its the word that worked best and the X was cos someone already had Diode! fuckers. And you numpties, Its DI ODE, not DIO DE!

2. Where do you come from?
I live in a very sleepy village in Dorset, with blinding fast 12meg Fibre...

3. After 2 rounds you are in 5th position in league one, do you feel you have what it takes this season to compete for a playoff place? What position would you be happy with?
LOL, no. I figure I did ok to get a win from Burnzee and Tunners, but playing the Niwintz, Big B and Jobis will be my ultimate downfall, even your elite team will bend me over backwards. Anyone can beat me. And 7/8th is the best I can hope for.

As part of mine and Big B's Weekly Round Up we will interview a League One member. This week is the turn of SoggyCabbages who was a great sport ;

1. Where does the name SoggyCabbages come from ?

7 or 8 years ago I had one of those rubbish Xbox-generated gamertags (OpenedAutumn58). So I sat down to think of new names and whilst dunking a biscuit in my tea I had an epiphany - SoggyBiscuits. Fortunately that was taken, because a young me didn't take into account any sexual connotations of that phrase. So I thought "what else is Soggy that I've eaten recently?" And the answer to that was Cabbages. Hence 'SoggyCabbages'.

2. Which opponent in Season 25 are you looking forward to playing and why ?

Has to be niwintz. I've played him dozens of times in friendlies and in league matches and have only ever managed to take a result from him a couple of times. I used to constantly lose 3/4 to nil but recent games have been closer. I feel this season I'll finally manage to tame the Wintz.


Niwintz and Dangermouse ran riot in League 1 - both managers felt they had something to prove after disappointing campaigns in season 24 and they started with a bang.

The transfer admin from Northern Ireland was obviously still smarting after the play off defeat to Red Rhinoceros as he smashed last season’s struggler Wizzfox by 13 goals to 0 over the two games.The first game was 0-0 at half time but Niwintz simply turned on the turbos and didn’t look back. Kluivert and Kamano did the damage with 5 goals each !

A shock in the french nation as after one season with Monaco, guiding them to the top flight, he leaves and switches to rivals Marseille. Many thought he'd give them a year and build on promotion to stay in the Premiership, but this was not to be.

We managed to get 5mins of Wells's time as he was busy on the training ground preparing for his opening fixtures agains Burga Boii's Dortmund.

Reporter: So, after one season you leave Monaco. What are you reasonings?
Wells: It was a fantastic season, beyond our expectations, but a move to Marseille was too good to turn down.

Reporter: You got them promoted, wasn't that enough to let you stay and continue?
Wells: We (Monaco) made the play-offs, and though the final was abandoned due to political reasons, we were confident of victory. Ultimately I saw Marseille as a bigger challenge.

New season. New faces. New franchise for balonga13, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today marks the start of the new season here on AbsoluteGaming. The race to be crowned Premiership champions is looking like it could be one of the best the site has ever seen. During my 9 years on AG, I don't think I've ever seen a league as strong as this one, not like back in the day when the leagues were small and deareststorm had a place at the top table, by default. Looking at the names on the league table, it's impossible to say, "yep, I'll pick up some points there". So, if you could afford me 5/10 mins of your time, I'll have a run through of who's who in the Premiership.

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League 1 Fixtures & Results

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