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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Burga Boii 20 16 50
2 Suthyho 18 16 48
3 Jxcquesy 20 14 46
4 DX I Jaminator 20 10 34

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 22 17 52
2 SoggyCabbages 22 14 47
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 24 14 43
4 Mackem Jet 24 12 41

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 20 17 52
2 MJG1878 20 12 43
3 niwintz 20 13 42
4 L0stbOy90 22 13 40

We are back for another weekly chapter in the getting to know you Blog. This week we have one of our newest members who joined in March stepping into the limelight and shedding some light on the character behind the voice.
So this week lets get to know.......

SuitedRecluse gives us his run down of the AGFL season so far.

So we have hit the halfway point in this the First season I have spent in the Premiership. And to be honest the start has been better than expected. I never thought after 12 games I would be sat in 4th place. That is also made slightly better that I have played a couple less than some teams below, but on the other hand I now play all the teams who were tipped for the top spots. As we saw in the first 3 weeks it was imperative Points were put on the board, And that was no different in games 4,5 and 6. Again it was a mixed bag we had IDanger IMouse Jxcquesy and newcomer to the prem ShaunC92.

We caught with our new #AGFL virgin BiGGieD80. He let us know his thoughts on his first ever season on AbsoluteGaming:

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun, home to the Yakuza, the weird and wacky, karaoke, the CyberJapan girls, and other girls on top of that.

In April 2020, a little unkown Englishman crossed the entire globe (pretty much), to take over the FC Tokyo franchise. His name was BiGGieD80. He couldn't speak any Japanese whatsoever, however with the way he had plans for the club, he wouldn't need to speak Japanese, he'd need to learn pretty much every other language known to mankind.

BiGGieD80 didn't waste much time selling his squad's top player, but then strategically re-invested that money in starting to rebuild the squad.

Borussia Dortmund's season in the Premiership starts this Wednesday, as manager Ash Cohen's side take on Shelbourne Wolfsburg side, in a game that sees them only travel a few hours away north. Shelbourne, who was part of the promotion trio from the Championship last season will be looking to make a dent in Dortmund's start to the season, in a season that the fans are waiting in high anticipation.

Manager Ash Cohen, who signed a one season contract with Dortmund a few weeks back, will want to take them on a journey this season that hopefully results in some silverware.

"I'm looking forward to kickstarting our season on Wednesday against an opponent who I know is not going to be an easy game. He came up from the Championship last season, and he'll want to prove that he can mingle in the Premiership this season, so I don't expect a easy game. But we've had a good pre-season and a bit of form, and we need to carry that into the first set of fixtures.


Week 11 action.

League One moves closer to the climax of the season, and those wanting to get out of the division were looking to pick up maximum points this week. It was great to see Emotionalworm back in action after his absence but he seemed to have forgotten how to score goals in his catch up games against Hilly89 , who beat him 1-0 and 4-0 despite the games being fairly even in play.

Ryjones88 would have expected to get all six points against bottom of the league andybrill89 and all went well in the first game for him. The outstanding Watford goalie helps keep his team in games but was eventually beaten 3 times, to lose 3-1, with Andy getting a consolation goal at the end.

Matchday 5 Action

Harryn9000 has got a bit of a reputation for making a strong start to seasons before fading towards the end, but have the wheels come off as early as Matchday 5 in his games against L0stbOy90 ? In the first game the sides matched each other in an end to end encounter, that finished 2-2. Harry thought his side was the stronger in that game but were let down by poor finishing, but the tables were turned in the second game as Stevenage dominated for long periods come out victorious with a scoreline of 4-3.

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League 1 Fixtures & Results

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