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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 12 11 34
2 Jxcquesy 10 8 25
3 Joe 10 6 19
4 Burga Boii 8 6 18

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Jobi Juan 12 8 27
2 geordiecrawf 12 8 26
3 Colmaw1287 10 7 24
4 Bonzy87 12 7 23

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 SoggyCabbages 12 8 27
2 Ryjones88 12 7 23
3 niwintz 10 6 21
4 Red Rhinoceros 10 7 21


Swindon Town are flying high in the #AGFL Championship this season, gaining 27 points from their first 12 games.

Two 2-0 wins over Jeffantony1988 last night has helped moved Swindon to the summit of the Championship although other teams do have games in hand.

One of the main reasons the Robins are doing so well is the fact that they have only conceded 7 goals in their 12 games played so far this season.

"From the get go, I wanted to concentrate on building my team from the back forwards. We've brought in Ajayi which we paid big bucks for in the BFA. I personally think my defence is the best in the league, if not the whole three leagues. Attack win games, defence win championships and now we have a defence which can go onto to have succuss this season. We are still on the look out for a big name Striker to challenge Vido and Joveljic for their places but overall I am a happy my squad so far."


Richarlison celebrates in front of Red Rhinoceros at Milton Keynes Stadium

For the past couple of years I have often travelled the length and breadth of the country to watch my AG Fifa boys play in real life.

My most watched player would have to be Richarlison who I have seen several times , he was a young Watford hopeful when he first came to these shores , although Berty44 will recall the tale as I thought he was a young English lad in the U21 set up rather than a young Brazlian whizzkid.

He was on fire that day as he often was during his playing days for Red Rhinoceros.

The second occasion was at Milton Keynes , I was doing a favour for fellow manager Joe to run my eyes over his goalkeeper Onana who had an inspired game for Cameroon against the might of Brazil. I was very lucky as Neymar went off the pitch injured only for Richarlison to come on and take his place for Brazil , not only this but he also scored his first goal for his country and was named Man of the Match. It will be a long time before he re enters the league but you can be sure I will be looking out for that raffle !


All the talking stops now, the AG Fantasy Football League Season 28 has started and did so with a bang last Friday. 40 teams all started the new season with hopes of surviving, promotion and trophies. The preseason previews were done on the site last week and indications were that that Jxcquesy is favoured to win the Prem from Burga boii, Colmaw will win the Championship with TheMalien going up automatically in 2nd place, with Berty44 favoured to win League 1 from Ryjones.  Ultimately there is only going to be one winner so let’s see how the first set of matches of season finished when the season kicked off last weekend.


Yes it’s a cliché, but we have to start with the best surely… thus we start our very first game which is our first feature match on today’s MOTD ( one of the features of AG is that most of the community broadcast their games on Mixer facilitating fellow site members viewing the matches )


Our resident league correspondent Mr IDangerIMouse took time out this week to look back at how Season 27 went down throughout the three leagues that ran on Absolute Gaming.

League 1

What a season it has been from the very beginning to the final end to FIFA 19. There has been ups and downs all season, but thankfully for some in this league you can’t go further down so it’s vitally important that you leave everything you have out on the field, if you’ve been in the same position as myself and got relegated from the premiership to the bottom league it’s a chance to try out different strategies and formations to use and dominate the opposition.



Season 27 is upon us and Jaminator gives us his thoughts for the upcoming Season of AG's BEST League - The Premiership...



Season 27 is nearly upon us , it's going to be an exciting one with 2 brand new managers and 3 relegated ones joining the usual crowd. Check out Rhino's predictions below !

Premiership Fixtures & Results

Championship Fixtures & Results

League 1 Fixtures & Results

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