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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Burga Boii 20 16 50
2 Suthyho 18 16 48
3 Jxcquesy 20 14 46
4 DX I Jaminator 20 10 34

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Aaronc333 22 17 52
2 SoggyCabbages 22 14 47
3 ItsOnlyJEFF9108 24 14 43
4 Mackem Jet 24 12 41

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Wellsa27 20 17 52
2 MJG1878 20 12 43
3 niwintz 20 13 42
4 L0stbOy90 22 13 40



It was like all my Christmas' rolled into one. For those real Ghost Recon fans cast your minds back a good 8 years. Those hours spent running round the Quarry map, or the individual missions of Captain Scott Mitchell. Thats my first memories of the Ghost Recon franchise. Since then we have had Ghost Recon Summit Strike and both GRAW and GRAW 2 to keep us happy. So was the 5 year wait for Ghost Recon Future Soldier worth it?


Very few studios would ever view halting development on a game midway through and rethinking the things that aren’t working as a viable option. It’s interesting then that Ubisoft decided Future Soldier not only needed additional time but also an entirely new direction. In a market where we have Modern Warfare and Battlefield this game will always be compared to those. After all they have set a benchmark for shooters.

Despite being in development for a suspiciously long time, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier remains the third-person shooter many have fallen in love with since the series’ debut in 2001. It remains a champion of what it sets out to do, namely dropping players into an environment that is essentially a tactical playground and letting them craft a personal plan. Supported by three squadmates – who can also be controlled by humans, should you have the friends – every step and shot requires a certain amount of thought.

It take a while to adjust to the tactical element of GRFS after playing the preciously mention FPS. No longer is it a run and gun affair. The new Sync shot is a welcome addition. Being able to take down multiple targets as you work your way through the levels, however do it too early and an entire platoon may be alerted. Wait too long, and there’s every chance the element of stealth will be lost. Stealth missions come with 'no alert' conditions and even the simplest backstreet firefight involves a high degree of situational awareness. Your troops, it turns out, aren't bullet sponges, and while you can be revived should you fall, you simply won't survive out of cover or against large numbers for very long.


The length of the single player campaign is perfect. Where in previous shooters the campaign has been so short, Ghost Recon Future Soldier doesn't disappoint. What I enjoyed most was the actual pace of the overall gameplay. If you look back at previous Recon titles, I found them rather slow in terms of action and movement. This is a whole new ball game in that area. The speed of the character and the way they interact with various obstacles is immense. Dare I say it as a cross between Modern Warfare and Gears of War? Better not eh.

To be able to do the whole campaign in Co-Op mode on Xbox Live is another welcome addition. Although the AI characters are an adequate help, the addition of human help makes it far more enjoyable. It's one of those games that leaves you saying "Just one more go" !

Dont get me wrong there is alot of work to do here. Graphically its ok. Sometimes the wow factor and other times it leaves alot to be desired but Rome wasnt built in day. Yes they have had 5 years to work on it but when you think most shooters have released a game every 1/2 years to tweak what as they see fit this game is that start of something big that will make a challenge to the big guns. The fact that the game offers 20 Million combinations to make your weapon as unique as possible is amazing. I found with the multiplayer that if your weapon is not set correctly then you're going to experience a tough time. Its worth having 10 minutes with the loadout to set yourself up. A frustrating factor in this is that you have to set up both Ghost and Bodark characters. We discussed this online and ideally this should have been one setup for both as it can cause confusion when you move teams but as I say the options are extensive to suit tour needs. A complete range of Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, PDR’s, Assault Rifles, LMG’s, SMG’s, Sidearms, plus you can change every minor detail and add-on combined with adding a choice of Frag grenades, Flash bangs, Incendiary’s, EMP grenades, and X-Ray sensors to your arsenal.


The lack of game modes in multiplayer is a dissappointment. Only 4 options so far, Conflict, Decoy, Saboteur and Siege Modes. Conflict is a team based objective mode where objectives are randomly located across the maps and completing them will score the team points. Decoy is a game of Attackers vs. Defenders best out of three match – Attackers win the round by completing objectives whilst the Defenders can only win the match by stopping the Attackers. Saboteur, has a bomb in a central area where teams must either secure, transport and detonate it at the enemy base. Siege is a no respawn game type where there are Attackers and Defenders. Defenders will deploy near an objective whilst the Attackers will deploy randomly across the map, but as well as Attackers aiming to complete the objective it’s also about elimination. Having no respawns will deplete teams and if a team has no active live players, the team who has been completely eliminated will fail the round. Please Ubisooft bring back Sharpshooter and Last Man Standing, if not for just notalgia sake. Thats what GR was built on.

To start with you have 3 classes to choose from in multiplayer. Scout, Engineer or Rifleman. Scout's have the Sniper Rifiles, Active Camo and Suppressor Weapons. The Engineer can provide enemy locations for the team and the Rifle Man is provided with extra armour abilities as well as Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns. The importance of these roles when playing online is crucial. More so if your playing with Xbox Live friends. Having the correct setup gives you a huge advantage in each game setup. Teamwork is of the up most importance so this game may disappoint if you want to just pick up and play online with randoms. As with most game now the more you play and complete tasks the more XP you gain for your select role. This will then unlock more characters as well as weapons and add-ons.

Overall this game is immense. Its far from what I would call a finsihed product but games these days rarely are. The volume of content on offer, depth of game design, introducing new features into Ghost Recon as well as solidifying the mechanics that make this franchise great puts Ghost Recon: Future Soldier firmly on the must buy list.

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