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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 ImmortalTanz 22 18 55
2 Burga Boii 20 13 43
3 DX I Jaminator 20 12 38
4 TheAshCohen09 24 12 36

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 X Plunkett 24 14 49
2 Paullowes80 22 10 35
3 Big B 1970 22 10 35
4 TheMalien 22 10 35

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Bonzy87 22 16 52
2 Hilly89 22 13 44
3 Red Rhinoceros 22 14 44
4 MGC O NAKEDZ 22 12 38

Will this stand up to the tv series? or will it be a disappointment? Lets find out!

First of all the graphics are sub standard which is disappointing for a title that is following the tv series, the loading screens get in the way of the flow of the game which is unneeded annoyance, since the game has had a 7 year development cycle there are alot of unforgiveable bugs and below par gameplay which will disappoint even the most loyal of fans.


The combat doesn't help the game at all, it's between real time combat and turn based combat which doesn't help and would have worked better on their own but when the combat begins the action slows way down and you're presented with a wheel of options which lets you select different options such as sending Mors dog to attack the enemies or in Alester Sarwyck's case set your enemies on fire amongst other options such as replenish your stamina or block your enemies abilities.

There are loads of options available to upgrade your character and weapons, you can even chose what class you want at the start of the game which includes being an archer or a close combat class, Weapons can be bought and sold throughout the game but in reality you'll find you will be using the same tactics in every battle which makes these options reduntant.  A surprising oversight was if someone gets killed in the middle of battle you can't load your save, you have to wait until you are killed which can be frustating.

You don't have needed to have read the books or the tv series to follow the story but it does help to know the characters and know something about the background of the characters.  The story is what you'd expect from this although this gets boring quickly and takes alot to hang onto the game through the horrible graphics and repetitive gameplay.

There are choices you make throughout the game that impact on the story which is a good touch, the game switches between Mors who has been in exile with the Nightwatch and Alester Sarwyck  who is down south acting as a priest of R'hllor as things develop slowly it gets more interesting and the story intertwines between the two characters.

Mors has a dog as his sidekick which can also attack enemies and also at certain points of the game you take control of the dog in stealth sections of the game which also allows you to attack the soldiers while in control, the dog is also controlled in sections to follow scents to find treasure and detect which is a welcome break from the combat.


The story is the only thing that saves this game but only slightly since the graphics are very poor, gameplay is repetitive and it feels like a last generation title but the good thing is if you're a fan of tv series you'll probably love it although it will still not satisfy in some cases even if you do.  Good effort from a small developer but falls short on so many levels.






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