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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Burga Boii 16 14 42
2 Jxcquesy 16 13 40
3 Aaronc333 18 12 37
4 MUWBA 4 EVA 18 8 27

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Colmaw1287 19 16 51
2 Jobi Juan 18 13 43
3 Wellsa27 20 13 42
4 geordiecrawf 18 11 36

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 SoggyCabbages 18 13 43
2 Berty44 20 13 43
3 niwintz 20 11 37
4 MJG1878 18 11 36

2 weeks ago, we were at EGX, the UK`s biggest gaming expo, and we were very lucky and priviledged to get a Q&A session with Ghost Town Games and their recently released title, Overcooked. We spoke with Artist/Designer of the game Phil Duncan and we spoke to him about the game, improvements, and future plans. See below for our interview!


For gamers who haven’t played Overcooked, what is it? 

Overcooked is a co-operative cooking game for 1-4 players. The idea is that you and your friends control little chefs in various different ridiculous kitchens and you have to work together to deliver order that come in from the restaurant. It has all the usual stuff you'd expect from working in a kitchen: chopping ingredients, boiling soup, doing the dishes etc. and some stuff which you might not expect: counter tops sliding on the deck of a ship, a river of ice floes moving through the centre of the kitchen, rats, fire, earthquakes etc. etc. 


Was there any inspirations for the game? 

We knew we wanted to make a co-operative game, we knew we wanted to focus more on how a team co-operates rather than whether or not they're skilled individually. Cooking just seemed like a great anaology for this, having worked in various kitchens we knew first hand they were traditionally places where co-ordination and teamwork are vitally important, so we decided to run with it. 

It`s something quite different in the ID market at the moment, how different was it from the original pitch? 

The original pitch was fairly close to the game we ended up with, but there were a lot of significant changes we made to the game as we went along. Originally the game was a lot more sedate, all of the kitchens would be in traditional restaurants and the complexity would come more from the types of food you were making and steps you would need to familiarise yourself with. As we took the game to various conventions however we realised that player's were enjoying the layouts of the kitchens than they were the different orders coming in. Armed with this knowledge we started building more and more cruel and unusual scenarios, anything we could think of that would force a team to communicate and to rethink their strategies on the fly and we found players really started to respond and enjoy the game 

From the time of first pitching the idea, how long did it take to have a fully completed game?

We worked on the game full time for 18 months, started the company in March 2015. We didn't originally plan to take that long developing the game, but we got the opportunity to develop the title for Sony and Microsoft platforms and decided to extend the development so we could release on all platforms at the same time. 

Was co-operative gameplay a major drive and factor for you? 

 Definitely, we used to play lots of local multiplayer games at lunch time when we worked together at Frontier Developments, but there's a really gap in the market for games which encourage people to play together with their friends (rather than against them) In addition to that we wanted to make a game which would be much more accessible to people who perhaps hadn't played many games before.

Are we going to see anything in the future in terms of DLC? 

We have some extra content for the game coming out on the 15th November, it's called 'The Lost Morsel' it's a collection of 6 new levels and 6 new playable characters. We're planning to release more content to the game as we go along since we've had such a positive response from players. Thanks to everyone who has played the game so far!


Thank you for talking to AbsoluteGaming at EGX.




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