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Fantasy Premiership

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 ImmortalTanz 24 19 59
2 Burga Boii 24 15 50
3 DX I Jaminator 24 15 48
4 Jxcquesy 24 14 46

Fantasy Championship

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 X Plunkett 24 14 49
2 Goldenbeard 24 13 44
3 Paullowes80 24 12 41
4 ThePacfish 24 12 40

Fantasy League 1

Rank Teams Played Won Points
1 Bonzy87 24 16 52
2 Hilly89 24 15 50
3 niwintz 24 15 48
4 Red Rhinoceros 24 15 48

Absolute Gaming's very own F1 2018 season began last Monday night and was undoubtedly one of the most fun events that has ever taken place on our site. Our very own IDanger IMouse gives us his take on the evening's events.
Boy I can not justify how elated the AG crew where to get the brand new F1 2018 season under way. The first race took place on Monday night with a massive 19 members turning up for the 10pm event.
This was one of the biggest turn outs for an event I have ever seen, especially a mid-week event. So first of congratulations to all admin in organising this series, Joe for running it, and finally everyone who turned up.

Before the event started everyone who signed up for the full season was placed into teams which are as follows:
Aston Martin - SoggyCabbages / Emotionalworm
Alfa Romeo - RFC Buncey / payne wales
Ferrari - Joe / Riverman
Force India - IDanger IMouse / Red Rhinoceros
McLaren - Goldenbeard / ImmortalTanz
Mercedes - paullowes80 / Burga boii
Red Bull - Ryjones88 / Big B 1970
Renault - TheMalien / Bonzy87
Williams - Harryn9000 / deareststorm
Some very interesting match ups to say the least I'm sure you can agree. Before the race had even started SoggyCabbages was a clear 1/20 favourite to win the overall championship, with everybody else looking to fight it out for the remaining places. However the race didn't go all sSggy's way with surprise pole setter IDanger IMouse edging out the old cabbage by 0.2 seconds. The race itself however told a completely different story.
Mouse and Soggy flew off from the field and left what can only be described as a demolition derby behind, with an impressive 20 incidents involving crashes alone on the opening lap, resulting in 4/5 DNF's straight off the bat. Other than the first few laps the race remained pretty much stable throughout, with Soggy hitting the front from lap 3 he never looked like losing it.
The biggest surprise of the race was Mouse spinning out 3 laps from the end throwing away an easy 2nd place, and Bonzy87 capitalising on the carnage starting the grid at 19th and finishing 2nd followed in 3rd by ImmortalTanz who himself had started from 18th on the grid.
Driver of the day: goes to Bonzy with ImmortalTanz getting an honourable mention
Worst driver of the day: Goldenbeard (rage quitting)
Most accident prone: Red Rhinoceros
Next up is Bahrain and I certainly can't wait to make up for my rookie error, but watch out for deareststorm in an excessive outburst claims he's going to run everyone off the track. Let's see what happens !

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