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Unforgettable Review

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Being a lover of the Cinema and film, I get the chance to go out and check pretty much all the new releases. Having both an ODEON Limitless and Cineworld Unlimited card, the opportunity and chances to go are pretty much endless. At the weekend, I had the chance to catch up with a film that looked intense, and something that looked like from the trailer would be quite a decent watch, and worthwhile considering, and it was something Unforgettable. No, that`s what it`s called, Unforgettable. Unforgettable is described as an Erotic Thriller film, but was it a film that was going to be truly unforgettable? And if so, in what way would it be unforgettable? Well, it certainly isn’t going to be unforgettable, but not for the right way.


Unforgettable tells the story through the eyes of Julia Banks, who we see at the start of the film in an interrogation room, being questioned over the death of her ex and estranged psychopath Michael Vargas. We are then given a throwback to 6 months before, where we are told the story up to the point of the interrogation. Julia lives and is now with David, living a happy life. However, David`s ex-wife, Tessa, is still getting over them two breaking up and the marriage coming to an ending, and sets out to do everything possible to stop them from having an enjoyable life. Throughout the course of the film, Julia is subject to hatred and inciteful abuse from Tessa, which includes being framed for pushing Tessa down some stairs and injuring her, getting in contact with her ex-boyfriend and de-stranged Michael Vargas, who after being informed by “Julia” (Tessa in disguise through Facebook using Julia`s name) goes to their house and is physically abusive to her once again. The film ends with a thrilling climax that results in the death of Tessa, and the film being left on a real cliff-hanger (Which I won`t spoil).

From the beginning of the film, it`s quite interesting to see the way that they`ve decided to take an approach with, in terms of effectively starting at the ending point (Where Julia is in the interrogation room) and worked their way in effectively a flashback method, starting from 6 points prior to the scene. It`s quite different and isn’t something I`ve seen used recently, and is something a bit different from the usual linear approach that most films will obtain to use and go for.

The three main characters of focus throughout the film are the characters of Julia Banks (Played by Rosario Dawson), Tessa (Played by Katherine Heigl) and David (Played by Geoff Stults) and what`s quite interesting throughout the film is the relationship between the three. Julia and David who are happily together are attempted to be salvaged by a rejected Tessa, who across the film and from the opening moment we are introduced to her, we can tell that she is the antagonist in the film from her facial expressions and throughout the film, this is even more apparent to the subject hatred abuse that Julia receives from her. All three of them play their parts incredibly well, and add something to their character, but it must be Katherine Heigl as the standout character for me. Tessa is a character who is quite frankly, a real horrible person (What I want to say probably isn’t suitable for this review) and she comes across as one from the off, and plays the part with conviction, and is someone who you could easily take an instant dislike to her. She does add a lot to her character that does make her standout.

Unforgettable is a film that does offer quite a few different genres and is a bit of a mix between a few. However, it`s not a film that`s going to stand out in terms of it story and although I like the idea and approach that they have taken, it`s not a film that`s going to win any awards for its story. Some of the acting though is terrific throughout, but it`s not a film that`s going to win everyone over.

Film: Unforgettable

Genre: Erotic-Thriller

Director: Denise Di Novi

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, Isabella Rice, Cheryl Ladd

BBFC Rating : 15 - Strong Sex, Violence and Language

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