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Rules Don`t Apply Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 Votes)

“He said that the Rules don’t apply to me”

When I first saw the trailer for this a month or so ago, it was a film that I really was looking forward to seeing. The idea of being set in 1958 Hollywood and following the story of a young actress, was a film that being a lover of theatre and the arts I was excited by. Followed by a star cast which included Lily Collins, Warren Beatty (Who directed and produced this film too) and Alden Ehrenreich in this lead roles with some supporting roles from Steve Coogan and Alec Baldwin, it was a film that I went into yesterday really looking forward to it. Once I`d came out, I was glad I`d seen it.


Rules don’t apply is set in 1958 Hollywood and follows the story of young actress Marla Mabrey, and the relationship between her, her chauffeur Frank (Ehrenreich) and billionaire Howard Hughes (Beatty) who`s pictures, RKO Pictures, Marla is signed to. As the film develops, it is revealed that relationships between employees and talent contracts are forbidden, and despite this, Frank starts to fall for Marla romantically and there is a segment where it focuses on the on-growing relationship between the two, and after performing a song for frank that she had written for him, they start to get intimate before being interrupted by Lavar, another chauffeur who is to take Marla to her screen test. After her screen test and she feels goes awful, she goes for a meeting with Howard Hughes and after getting incredibly drunk for the first time and playing her song that she had written for Frank, Howard proposes to her, and getting intimate. Throughout the rest of the film, we are shown more emphasis on the relationship between Frank and Howard, and as Howard gets older, he is losing his mind, and their relationship is starting to take a hit. After it is revealed that Marla is carrying Howard`s child, Frank decides to not believe it, thinking that Marla is after something. Frank finally realises later in the film that it was indeed true, as Marla leaves a ring that was given to her by Howard on a desk that Frank recognises from earlier on. After calling it quits with Howard (Who now has dementia and is confined to a bed), he goes to search for Marla and her son, Matt (Who is the child of Howard) and they re-concile, asking to give a relationship another chance. They are seen heading off to Los Angeles as it closes the film.

It` a film that`s going to make you laugh at points, feel emotional and sympathy for some of the characters, and include possibly one of the cringiest moments I`ve seen in a film for a long, long time. The characters are portrayed exceptionally well, and I must give a big mention to Warren Beatty and Lily Collins for their roles, and both of them played their parts exceptionally well. We`re told a story of Marla (Collins) and a range of emotion throughout the film, and that`s something that I like to see from a character and an actor or an actress. Too many times have I seen a film where the characters feel too one dimensional, and something that I personally hate. But, Collins shows a good range of emotion throughout and is one of the standout characters in the film. Warren Beatty also deserves a mention for his portrayal of legendary billionaire Howard Hughes, and the way he brings something that you`d find with most big Hollywood producers to the screen. Again, we see a range of emotion from him in the film, and is something that he does incredibly well.

The film is of one that is a strange one as it can fall into probably two different genres. The main idea of a romance where it focuses on the relationship between the three lead characters, with an element of a musical genre within, as it focuses on the arts of Hollywood and that there are musical scores in the film. Either way, Rules don’t apply is a film that is a good one, and although it`s not going to be everyone`s cup of tea, it is a film that does have a good story, and you`re going to get a range, of emotional scenes, romantic scenes, happy scenes, and as I mentioned earlier, a very cringy scene (I won`t spoil it but read early in the review you may work it out). Rules don’t apply though is a film worth checking out, and if you`re a fan of romantic films or musical films, it`s a must.

Film: Rules Don’t Apply

Director: Warren Beatty

Cast: Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick, Lily Collins, Alden Ehrenreich

Genre: Romantic-Musical

BBFC Rating: 12A – Moderate sex references, infrequent strong language

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