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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 16 10 4 2 22 34
3 balonga13 14 9 2 3 20 29
4 DX I Jaminator 18 8 3 7 -9 27
5 Jobi Juan 16 7 4 5 6 25

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 18 14 2 2 37 44
2 ImmortalTanz 16 11 3 2 34 36
3 niwintz 18 10 4 4 15 34
4 Big B 1970 18 9 4 5 2 31
5 ToffDuff 16 9 3 4 12 30

The Belko Experiment Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

30 people must be killed. If you don’t, we will kill 60”

I love Horrors. They tend to be one of my favourite film genres. I`m going to sound a bit strange and crazy, but I love the jump-scares and horror conventions you see in a film. Watching a horror film either at the cinema or in the dark at home can be one of the most atmospheric things you do, and if you can even watch with headphones rather than listening in for a sound-bar you`re going to be in for something. On Thursday, I had the chance to take on the newest horror to the Cinema in the UK, and that comes in the form of the Belko Experiment. I`d not seen much of it before so went in with a completely fresh mind. Is it a film that`s going to be a good horror? Or is it going to be a flop? I`m not too sure.


The Belko Experiment is a horror film that tells the story of the Belko company and the Belko Building located just on the outskirts of Bogota, Columbia. After some of the locals are sent home by military, Belko employee`s get to their day to day operation and work. Suddenly a mysterious voice communicates through the intercom, telling them that they must kill 2 of their employees, or more will die. Thinking that it`s a massive prank, they ignore the request only for moments later 4 employees to die after a tracking device that is planted in the back of their head explodes, leaving them dead. Over the course of the next 90 minutes, they are given requests to kill more and more of their employees, or more and more will die. This leads to the turning of the bosses and a couple of member of staff who are fighting for themselves and start shooting employees to stop a complete massacre. Towards the end, it is revealed that only one person can survive and leave the building, and whoever has the highest kill count will be aloud to live. Employee Mike Milch (John Gallagher Jr) who the story has been quite a focus on, survives through and is aloud to leave the building at the end of the film (Where the building has been barricaded up by steel slabs at the doors and windows) and is taken into a dis-used hangar opposite the building, where it is revealed that a group of guys to behind the voice and at the end, it is revealed that it is part of a world-wide command, where the same thing was happening in other Belko offices.

The film is a strange one because although I get the story, and I get the fact that it`s about survival, there`s something about the film that doesn’t seem quite right.               I can`t quite put my finger on what it is, but there`s something that really bugs me. With a big cast and lots of extras, there are a few characters that play their parts really well, firstly and most notably with a lot of focus going onto the character of Mike, you can see a transition from the start of the film where`s he seen to be quite popular and friendly towards the end when he wants to take retribution for the death of his girlfriend Leandra (Who is also an employee at the Belko offices) and is probably one of the standout characters in the film. Another one for me that really stood out was the character of Barry Norris, who is the COO of Belko, and is played by Tony Goldwyn, and you would probably see as the villainous character in the film, and especially within the company, a character who is only out for himself and will do whatever he needs to in order to survive. Goldwyn plays the part well and is a standout in a cast that isn’t great.

The Belko Experiment is a really strange one, because it is a horror, and I love horrors, there`s something about this film I really didn’t like. I can`t quite put my finger on it, but I remember coming out of the cinema on Friday quite disappointed with what I had just seen. Perhaps a 2nd viewing will help me to understand my dislike, but it`s not a film that on first impressions, I would go out and see, and I`d be very surprised to see it still in cinemas next weekend based on popularity.

Film: The Belko Experiment


Director: Greg McLean

Cast: John Gallagher Jr, Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, John C.Mcginley, Melonie Diaz, Josh Brener, Michael Rooker

Genre: Horror

BBFC Rating: 18 – Strong Bloody Violence, Gory Images

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