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Destiny Beta Review - Xbox 360

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Bungie has left itself with some huge space boots to fill. With the Destiny beta, there is a hint they may have found something which can help them reach the dizzy heights that Halo once brought to them. Master Chief certainly casts a large shadow; at E3, 343 Industries, the new stewards of the Halo franchise, announced the 'Master Chief Collection', which brings together every main Halo game in the franchise, fully HD and with complete multiplayer. And all that before Halo 5 arrives. Destiny, however, will be the first to arrive (Sept. 9th), with the beta giving many gamers a sample of what to expect.

Credit must go to Bungie for including so much content. They could have released half of what they did and players still would have been delighted (conversely, though could have released double and some people would still mnage to moan). What we were treated to was substantial: 6 missions, set on open area of Earth known as Old Russia with plenty of exploring potential, and a bonus mission on the moon which became available on Saturday. On top of this was a single mupltiplayer mode for 6v6 called Control, which will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played CoD's Domination mode. Players also had access to the Tower, which acts as a base for your Guardian character, where you can purchase upgrades, buy new weapons, armours and ships and accept in-game challenges. In a bizarre but hilarious inclusion, you can interact with other players by pointing, waving...and dancing. Yes, a quick tap of the right button on the D-pad sees your character breaking out some nifty dance moves. During my time on the beta, it was not uncommon to see or be involved in huge dance parties. And it you're more of a wallflower, you can press down and sit there and watch everyone else have fun. Like a loner.


Oh my God, guys it's Master Ch...oh, sorry sir, my mistake.


Before reviewing the beta proper, it is important to remember that that is exactly what it is; a beta. This is only a fraction of what will be available, and some of the things mentioned might be improved or even removed by the time the full version is released. With that...

The beta's opening is wonderfully cinematic, as we learn of how great everything was before it inevitably all went tits up. You then awake in Old Russia to the robotic tones of Peter Dinklage, which must be a bit of a coup for Destiny considering his current popularity.

From here we find that the game is quite a traditional shooter. You can equip a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a heavy weapon. These consist of standard fare such as assault rifles, sniper rifles shotguns etc. Some of the more futuristic and alien weaponary available include the fusion rifle; holding down the trigger releases a blast of energy that can disintegrate an enemy with one hit. Certainly everyone who has played Halo will feel comfortable with the combat aspect. Items such as grenades are unlocked as you level up, along with abilities and perks such as a double jump (itself similar to the one in Titanfall). There are a number of different enemy types, yet there is not much variation needed in your approach to taking them down. Some have shileds, yet all this means is pumping more bullets into them than usual.



Customisation items are plentiful. There are three character classes to choose from, and you can have multiple characters at once, as befits an MMO. I chose the Hunter class (the other two being Titan and Warlock), with an emphasis on stealth and long range combat. Each class also has access to a super, which powers up as you play. The Hunter is granted a Golden Gun which gives a one-shot kill against most enemies. You can carry a number of weapons for each type and switch between them at will during missions. Weapons and armour can also be upgraded, and there will be plenty of both to find and buy. This part of the game is remeniscent of Borderlands, with loot containers dotted around levels and seemingly thousands of weapon and armour types to find.

Fans of Halo's vehicular combat will also enjoy what Destiny has to offer. Everyone has access to their own personal bike, that you can use to quickly travel to your mission objective, or just for general exploration. Bigger vehicles have offensive capabilities, with the biggest on show being the Interceptor, which was included in one of the multiplayer levels. Come the full game, there are sure to be even more and even bigger vehicles to cause carnage with.

The main draw here seems to be the ease at which you can share your experience with friends. Even playing solo you are constantly surrounded by others; the Tower is constantly full of life, as are the levels. With your own fireteam in tow, you can find yourself fighting alongside other teams or individuals. Certain areas lock you in, where you are in your own event and unable to see others doing the same mission at that time. Jumping in and out of teams is relatively seamless, and teamwork is a must at times, especially in the multiplayer mode available. There will definitely be team deathmatch, or at least a variant of it, to satisfy the needs of the lone wolves out there, but to play alone will be to miss out on a huge part of what could potentially make Destiny great. Microsoft is focused on bringing gamers together, and already a lot of developers are gearing there games toward just that. Destiny has the opportunity to be the front-runner.


Reviewed for Xbox 360


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