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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 14 8 4 2 17 28
3 Jobi Juan 14 7 3 4 9 24
4 DX I Jaminator 16 7 3 6 -9 24
5 balonga13 12 7 2 3 12 23

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 14 10 2 2 25 32
2 ToffDuff 14 9 3 2 17 30
3 Big B 1970 16 9 2 5 2 29
4 ImmortalTanz 10 9 0 1 26 27
5 niwintz 12 6 3 3 7 21

Club League Season 31 Preview

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Season 31 kicks off today and here at AG Sports News we take a brief look at the managers trying to triumph in the race for trophies.

Club League 1

Usually you would look at the players in League 1 and expect the title to be fought out between aaronc333 and Markos6969, but the return of oBIGASHo adds a third name to the favourites. There are some very good players that will be challenging the big boys and although UnanimousSauce8, CookieMUFC, Subz87 and caws 09 may not have bagged the strongest teams, they will still be fighting hard to cause an upset. YORKSHIREWHI7ES may tell everyone that he's not very good, his ladder position says otherwise and he'll get plenty of goals with Las Palmas. SUPAAJ may be making his debut in the Club League, but he has a good team in Palermo so should surprise a few people. MarkPaterson and ImmortalTanz are thought by many to be the most likely for relegation, but with Tanz at least getting Anderlecht in the auction, nothing is that certain.

Club League 2

The second tier is going to be very open with anyone capable of taking 6 points off anyone else on a good day. Many see TheAshCohen09 as the favourite and he seems to be happy to have bagged Olympiakos for the season. MarcusJonesy has been talking a good game in pre-season, but none of his results have backed up his bravado so far, so he'll need to get his act together, especially as everyone else is likely to raise their game to get one over on the boss. Billy Dubya is the mystery player this season, so not many know what to expect when they play his River Plate side. niwintz, Harryn9000, xi MAKO ix, Big B 1970 and dazzler24 are all players that have highs and lows in form, so they will need to get to grips with their teams early and get a good run of results together if they want to get promotion. NPT x Rocheyy may be hampered by only getting FC København, and the same can be said for stevie71b with Celtic. deareststorm is another who would've liked a better team, and may find goals hard to come by in his bid to finish in a good position in the league.

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