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363 Has His Revenge!

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Forza Motorsport 3 took pride of place for AG's Friday night event. It was the very first one night event we had hosted on Forza and it was a great success. Races we held across a variety of tracks with car class restrictions on each track.

Circuit De Catalunya - National - 3 Laps - A Class
Twin Ting Motegi - Full - 3 Laps - C Class
Maple Valley - Short - 5 Laps - E Class
Suzuka - Full - 3 Laps R3 Class
Silverstone - Full - 3 Laps - B Class
Amalfi Coast - Full - 3 Laps - D Class
Nurburgring - Full - 1 Lap - R1 Class

The current Forza league champion was the one to beat. RudeboyMACKA clinched the Forza League title at the turn of this year and he was the red hot favourite for this however Neil363 was out for revenge. The beaten finalist wasn't going to let this by a one sided affair. The quote I got from him on msn was "Im only in this to win it" however as we have seen with Forza anything can happen. A nudge from Kid UK or some sloppy driving from SoggieJoint can turn the race on its head. And it did, MORE THAN ONCE. We also had a few unknown quantities in the shape of SMURF Linfield & X0 A J 0X both wanting to make their mark on the night.

Race 1 got under way on the Catalunya Circuit and as predicted the first corner was a mess. Kid UK kindly using all cars in front of him as a break sending the majority of the field off track. But whilst every was losing their cool SoggieJoint and EasyEazy kept theirs. Both raced away from the pack. Easy piled the pressure on Soggie hoping from him to make a mistake but as he tried to push through Soggie just closed the gap and Easy went spinning into 6th place. Soggie then kept his head on took the very first win of the night. SMURF and Macka followed in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Race 2 and once again the nudger's were at it again however it was time the Forza champ made his mark, and he did in style. EasyEazy and Neil363 chased him all round Motegi but Macka was never going to make a mistake and he took the first of his 2 wins of the night. Race 3 was Maple Valley. By now you could see a pattern emerging. Nope not Macka's brilliant driving skils, Nope not Neil's determination to win this event. It was that Kid UK didn't know where his breaks were or why should he. He had us to reply on for that. After another mash up that left everyone screaming it was Neil who lead the way and took his first win of the night.

Race 4, Suzuka was once again Neils baby and he romped home ahead of Macka and SMURF who was by now stating his claim to be up there with the best. Race 5 was our very own Silverstone. EasyEaz decided that enough was enough as himself and SMURF (again) both jump into the Jaguar and romped home with the rest eating nowt but dust. Amalfi Coast was the setting for Race 6 where the members took out their D Class cars to race the cobbled streets of Italy. Neil363 and Macka lead the way for the majority of the race and both took 1st and 2nd place respectively. Kid UK was now moving up the pack in the points standings. This was his second podium finish. Had this guy finally found his breaks?

So it all went down to the final race of the night. The infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife awaited the AG members. 1 full lap of THE best track on the face of the earth. Neil363 currently occupied top spot on the leader board closely followed by RudeboyMACKA. EasyEazy was in third place and SMURF was close behind in forth. Neil only needed to finish 3rd or better to take spoils. Did he have the nerve or was this going to be Macka's night?

Race 7 started with a bang. Traffic chaos at the first bend meant Macka was away closely followed by EasyEazy. Neil was nowhere to be seen as these 2 raced through the forest section at pace. Easy was pounding on Mackas door but everytime it was shut in his face. As they both approached the first carousel Macka's mistake let Easy in only for a nudge (yes the first of 2) meant Macka regained his place. Whilst these 2 battled it out Neil363 was slowly making ground and was now in 3rd place. This is just what he needed to clinch the title. As Macka and EasyEazy entered the last turn Easy was in his slip stream and going past him but once again Macka shut the door with nudge (its all been noted Macka) howevre regardless of what Macka did Neils 3rd place meant his was Forza King. Neil took the Championsship by 1 point from RudeboyMacka. EasyEazy finished in a respectable third with SMURF finishing 4th.

Forza Leaderboard:

Neil363 - 56pts
RudeboyMACKA - 55pts
EasyEazy - 49pts
SMURF Linfield - 45pts
Kid UK - 35pts
SoggieJoint - 34pts
X0 A J 0X - 24pts
AdamBell1 - 14pts


So congratulations to our winner Neil363. Revenge was sweet and as his comment proved. He was in it to win it. A great event with more to Forza racing to come soon. Well done to everyone who took part.



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