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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 14 8 4 2 17 28
3 Jobi Juan 14 7 3 4 9 24
4 DX I Jaminator 16 7 3 6 -9 24
5 balonga13 12 7 2 3 12 23

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 14 10 2 2 25 32
2 ToffDuff 14 9 3 2 17 30
3 Big B 1970 16 9 2 5 2 29
4 ImmortalTanz 10 9 0 1 26 27
5 niwintz 12 6 3 3 7 21

Finished before its started?

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The AG World CUp is over and we have a winner, a week before the real thing has even started! Now, I could sit here and leave a big long winded news piece that noone would be interested in or I could leave it to the two finalists to give their views. What to do?

Step forward our World Cup runnerup, Aaronc333 and his rival, AG's World Cup winner, Adambell1.

Aaronc333 - Belgium
The final was as I expected, tight with very few chances at either end.

Highlight of the tournament was the game vs geordielad in the semi. End to end football, I was 2-1 up with 5mins left to play and geordielad scored to take us into extra time, in extra time geordielad was 3-2 up with seconds left and I scored and take the game to pens.

Overall Im happy with getting to the final which was no easy task and I think finishing top scorer. Only 4 years until the next one

That's all your getting from me, be happy. (Miserable arse - 363)

Adambell1 - Rep Of Ireland
The AG World Cup was always going to be good with the two tier setup allowing for it to be a more even playing field. I fancied my chances with Ireland, With no offence to anyone, I just don’t like them at all, however I thought with Keane and Duff I would have goals in my side and a bit of pace. After a few practice games I began to feel a little let down by my team, they were nothing like I previously thought and being placed in what I felt was one of if not the toughest group it only looked like getting worse!

I started with games against with Franakamura who went on to win the group. The first game I managed to sneak 2-1 with some Robbie Keane magic although my fortunes changed in the second game as I could only manage a 2-2 draw. I think that I wasn’t happy about something in that game, more “sour grapes” than something that had went on during the game.

I then faced MM who also had a very strong side under his wings and this proved evident when we drew 2-2 in the first game, I then thought I had a chance of sneaking something in the second game although a change of formation for MM and he ran out 4-1 winner after I took the lead aswell! Good games with MM compared to the last time, Let’s just say I managed to keep my style of play clean this time.
Lastly I played against my group favourite, EasyEazy, Throughout the first game i was under soo much pressure and went behind twice but a quickfire double nicked the game for me as I ran out as a 3-2 winner. The second game only got worse for me as I could hardly get out of my half through the whole game but a goal in the 90th minute and some neat defending throughout earned me a 1-0 win which guaranteed me an advance into the last 16!

I face Neil in the last 16 and never knew what to expect as I can’t recall playing him before then. We played a tight game with 4 goals split evenly between us leading to extra time, no one scored even though Neil was clean through with the last kick of the ball and missed to my relief. In a party chat with Aaron he told me my first two penalties had to go down the middle, only one of them worked whilst I saved one of Neil’s. I then neatly dispatched two neat penalties when Neil missed two allowing me a 3-1 win on penalties. In the Quarter finals I played Bring it 007 who was one of two people who took points from me in Int2 so I knew he would be tricky. In a tight affair i ran out 2-0 winner setting up a semi final with Emotional worm( me and Aaron had a dress rehearsal of the final if you like as he thought it was us to play but sadly it wasn’t as I won, the “best mistake” hes ever made! ). Me an Worm played a tight first half but I nicked a goal in the 45th minute which never went down well with him and after a little half time telling off either I stepped my game up or he got put off his as I went on to win 4-0.

So into the final I went against Aaron, I personally thought Kid would have got there but Aaron it was. After some cool words of encouragement from Worm “ I hope you get thrashed in the final” and some more from Den “ come on adam smash him up “ I managed to sneak a 2-1 win in the final. I took the lead after about 13 minutes after Robbie Keane pounced on a rebound. On the half hour mark shay given rushed out his goal to allow Aaron to lob him and bring the game square again however not for long as from kick off, some neat passes sent Folan through on goal who smashed the ball into the top corner to send me in 2-1 up at the break. A pretty quiet second half seen me reduced to 10 men after 60 minutes and what I thought wasn’t that bad a tackle midway inside my own half. Luckily I managed to hold on for the win and my huge Scudo earnings after my massive bet winning me 8000.

Well done to everyone who took part, It certainly was a good month of Fifa and well done also to those who took alot of time to running the tournament.

Thanks to both Aaron and Adam for giving us their thoughts (even if it was a struggle for AC to be positive!) and massive congrats to Adam for lifting the trophy, taking the scudo win AND winning big on himself in the bookies.

We have decided to put a hold on the monthly tournament for June as there is the small matter of the real World Cup to keep us busy as well as our normal league and league cup games. Keep an eye out for July's tourney in the forums.

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