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The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 3: Above The Law

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

I for one, love the Telltale Games. I`ve played nearly every single one they`ve released, and every single time they step it up. This week, they`ve released the next episode to Season 3 of their hit, The Walking Dead. It`s been 3 months since we saw the release of the first two episodes, “Ties that Bind” Part 1 and 2, and it feels like it`s been an age. Well, “Above the Law” has now hit us, and it was time for us to carry on the story and kill some more walkers. Please note that below will contain some story spoilers.


Let`s recap on the story and what we know so far. Javier, the main antagonist for the game and your playable character, has escaped the city with his group of Kate, Gabe and Mariana. He meets Clementine, the girl we`re all used to from the previous two seasons as one of the main characters, and Alvin Jr, who she is caring for (If you`ve played the 2nd season of the Walking Dead you`ll know the story behind this). Clem takes Javier to Prescott, a settlement where people are living to stay away from the Walkers, and while Javier`s family awaits at a disused junkyard further out, Javier convinces Tripp, the leader of the settlement to come and help. Upon arriving back at the junkyard, they are ambushed, and Mariana is killed, and Kate shot. Heading back to Prescott, they have a mysterious vehicle and a group of guys appear at the gates, claiming to the New Frontier, and after a heated argument, they ram the gates and let thousands of Walkers enter Prescott. Only a small group get out alive, and out to seek medical help for Kate, they set off and go to Richmond, which is a New Frontier run settlement. At the end of episode 2, the gates opened, and a group of people come out to meet the group which have been forced on their knees. It`s revealed that the leader of the group, is David, Javier`s brother and Kate`s husband.

David manages to get them into the settlement and out of the way of walkers. However, things don’t go quite as planned, and it`s found out that two of the New Frontier`s soldiers, Badger and Max, were responsible for the death of Mariana, and Javier after confiding in David, meet up with Joan and Clint, who are two other leaders of the camp, and after things lead to a heated exchange between Joan and Javier, Javier and his group are exiled from the settlement. They are given a map that has been given to them from David and come across a building where they discover lots of looted items from other settlements that have been raided. It`s believed that Max and Badger have been looting other settlements on orders given by Joan. Angry at the idea and wanting retribution for the death of Mariana, Javier beats and kills Badger, while sparing Max on the provision that he gets them back to Richmond, and tells the truth. They sneak back into Richmond and come face to face with Joan, who tells them that she was indeed behind the raids. Javier and David are then knocked to the ground by soldiers and Joan informs them to throw them in cells until she decides what to do with them. And it`s at that point that we are left with the cliff-hanger for the next episode.

This episode has felt like a more character driven episode. It focuses a lot more on the relationships between the two characters and is heavily conversational based, with not too much focus on exploring and finding things, and until the last 15 minutes of the episode, not too much action or walker killing. It`s an episode however that has certainly advanced more of the story and really does give us a better in sight to what`s been going on, and it does leave a certain number of questions that are going to need to be answered later.

It`s not the best episode of the series so far, and from my experience of the Telltale games, the best episodes are always saved to the last, but it does carry on what is a fantastic story and a fantastic franchise (If you`ve not played any of the previous TellTale Walking Dead games, you need to get on it, as it`s a fantastic franchise) and I`m loving it. I just hope that we`re not waiting another 3 months for the next episode!

A huge thank you to TellTale for providing us with a review code of the Season Pass for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Website: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
Twitter: @telltalegames



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