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Fantasy League

1 oBIGASHo 20 15 50
2 balonga13 20 14 43
3 Paullowes80 20 13 43
4 CookieMUFC 20 10 37
5 ImmortalTanz 20 12 37

Club League 1

1 paullowes80 18 13 44
2 MarcusJonesy 18 11 36
3 TheAshCohen09 18 9 29
4 oBIGASHo 18 9 28
5 balonga13 18 9 28

Club League 2

1 sean boy walton 18 16 49
2 CookieMUFC 18 14 44
3 deareststorm 18 13 40
4 EmotionalWorm 18 8 28
5 niwintz 18 8 27

FUT League

1 sean boy walton 10 9 28
2 BIG 10 8 25
3 TheAshCohen09 10 6 18
4 Big B 1970 10 1 5
5 deareststorm 10 1 5

Cordon Banks Hat Trick

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First and foremost I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the TFI Friday cup. We had a fantastic turnout with 15 members signing up, long may it continue.

The 1st round:

Don Revie vs Dazzler24
Jobi Juan vs Franakamura
oKiduko vs BYE
Aaronc333 vs Gazgrass
Unloadedzulu vs Wrxengland
Goatlol vs Sam635
Tuzza vs StueySAFC
Swindan vs EasyEazy

The highlight of the 1st round was Swindan vs EasyEazy, the fancy flicks vs the welsh muscle. Dan went into the game as underdog, but has sprung a few shocks in his time here on AG. Dan and his troops were quitely confident they would get the result needed to see them through, unfortunately for Dan he found EasyEazy in scintillating form as he romped home 4-1. We managed to catch up with EasyEazy after the game, who had this to say. "Well played Dan" inspiring words.


The 2nd Round:


Sam635 vs Don Revie
Jobi Juan vs StueySAFC
EasyEazy vs oKidUKo
Unloadedzulu vs Aaronc333

The 2nd round pitted the two newcomers here on AG against two of our veterans. Sam635 vs Don Revie & Jobi Juan vs StueySAFC. Both games were tight affairs and rightly so as the winners would of been through to the semi final and one step closer to glory. After 90 tense minutes it was the two new boys who were celebrating as Stuey was able to see off Jobi in a comfortable 3-0 win, Don Revie did not have it so easy against Sam just scraping through 2-1. Sam was gracious in defeat (for once) who had these words for Don. "Well played pal, enjoyed it".

Semi Finals:

StueySAFC vs Don Revie
Aaronc333 vs EasyEazy

Well Well, two of AG's heavyweights were to meet in the semi final. Aaronc333 vs EasyEazy, these two have played out some memorable games over the years and knew exactly and knew each others tactics inside out. The games between these two and usually settled by one moment of magic, not this time. Both players were preparing for extra time until EasyEazy found himself in space just outside Aaron's box, EasyEazy hit a sweet shot that had the keeper beat, but wait, out of nowhere one of Easy's players jumped in front of the ball and stopped it from going in, what was he doing. Easy was clearing stunned by this and froze for a couple of seconds, this gave Aaron enough time to run up the other end and slot the ball home, booking his place in the TFI Friday cup final.


StueySAFC vs Aaronc333

Could Aaron make it a hat trick of TFI Friday wins? Or could new boy StueySAFC cause an upset and win his first piece of AG silverware? The game was full of great attacking play, lucky goals & poor goal keeping. StueySAFC found himself 4-2 up with less than 30 minutes on the clock and was well on his way to lifting the cup. Aaron had to dig deep and find something special, a quick change of formation for Aaron and his boys were responding almost instantly, two quick goals for Aaron brought him back level to 4-4 as with 15 minutes left more than enough to snatch another, which is what he did. The crowd went crazy as Aaron lifted the TFI Trophy for a record 3rd time. Stuey was left wondering what could of been. He had this say after the final. "Freakiest game of FIFA ever".

Well done to all who took part.

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