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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 14 8 4 2 17 28
3 Jobi Juan 14 7 3 4 9 24
4 DX I Jaminator 16 7 3 6 -9 24
5 balonga13 12 7 2 3 12 23

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 14 10 2 2 25 32
2 ToffDuff 14 9 3 2 17 30
3 Big B 1970 16 9 2 5 2 29
4 ImmortalTanz 10 9 0 1 26 27
5 niwintz 12 6 3 3 7 21

Kazaa Returns With Hope!

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{jcomments on}We are always looking for our members experience' of our leagues and tournaments. Today sees the thoughts of long time member and full time spam bot, Kazaa218917 and his journey through our July Tourny - A Game Of Two Halves...........leave yourself 10 mins free, it's quite a read!

Its been a while since I participated in a tournament on Fifa10. A long string of one loss after another and scrappy wins left me frustrated towards the beginning of the year. It didn’t help much that my router kept on resetting itself on a regular basis. So I decided to hang up my Fifa 10 shoes for a short while and just hold back, put my feet up and concentrate on spamming and handed the sexbox to my brother in law for a while. At the same time, took a holiday and went to Kenya for 2 weeks and got spoilt rotten with the 30oC heat…..only to return and get even more heat!! Ah! I brought good weather with me…maybe I should do it more often!

Anyway, Upon my return I decided that I might as well give Fifa10 another go as I had just got the World Cup game and was enjoying EA football again almost winning the final with England in the WC.


So when the July tourney came about (A game of 2 halves) I thought, well lets have a bash and see how quickly I can get knocked out like before.
Not brimming with confidence, I signed up to the thread and things got under way.


When I looked at my group I thought to myself, well……it was a nice attempt to think positive, but the future of me in the tournament looked bleak from the offset. I had to face the likes of Heskeeey, a new chap who ive never played, Swindan, never played him either and had already set a name for himself as I could see in the forums, Wintz, who although always had some exciting games against him, I knew he was on form and the last few games he always had the upper hand. And last but not least, Aaron! Might I add that the very very very first time I played aaron was on PES08….I was winning 3-0 in the first half and he went on to clobber me in the second winning 5-3! Ive never beaten him.

My teams:
International: Norway
Club: FC Seoul

So all in all I was looking confident of at least getting away with 3 points at the most from the group stages and save myself some humiliation! Hoping that big Carew upfront can save my soul.

Didn’t help in the slightest knowing that Aaron had Brazil!.

So first games against aaron. Thought I would get the BigAC out of the way…..and as expected lost both games in a row. First game he completely flattened my Norwegians with his steam roller made in Brazil…..8-1! Game 2 was a tad more competitive and it finished 2-0 to him although I did miss some shocking one on ones and great chances. As they say, it’s the number of goals you score and not the missed chances!

Next played wintz. Somehow I won the first game 3-2 after a super come back from 2-0 down. Some scrappy goals were scored and some good ones. Then decided in the next to try attacking and have the upper hand if possible and that paid off. Won it with ease this time 3-0! Although I must say that wintz (as usual) didn’t spare me a scare when he kept breaking away and missing some great chances (lucky for me) 6 points and wasn’t confident I would get any more.

Swindan, I had seen his finishing on clubs…was dreading that….. however the games ended up being really really tight. Keeper was my hero in both games. First one ending 0-0. The second I had a nice early lead and then my stupid defender slid in and gave away a penalty in the 89th minute! Keeper dived the right way but just missed it! 1-1 and thats how it ended!

I must add that I was considering myself very very lucky by now. 6 games played and 8 points.

Then played the last against Heskeeey. Thriller full of goals! First game saw him win in the 89th with a lazy cross which my defender chested into the back of the net...the final score 5-4 to him! Second game saw me score early, him equalise and then me score a further 3 goals to make it 4-1. I thought it was all over, but he didnt give up. kept on pressing and i was lucky on the counter and scored a 5th. then he came back and scored a further 4 goals to scare the pants out of me! I then put away the 6th and it finished 6-4! Goal fest in both games and it could have gone either way.

Somehow I scraped through the group stages with Heskeeey above me ahead by Goal difference. UNBELIEVABLE! Could it be that the break really did help??

Knockout stages pitted me against Tuzza in the Quarters…..well….this was another guy who I have never beaten either. Definitely scored against him but he had always managed to come back and beat me in those games. So this was it! My positive thoughts turned negative in an instant! AH! It was good while it lasted.

To my luck Tuzza walked over! No response to the thread and then went off on Holiday! Mr 363 was nice enough to put me through! Haha! Tuzza feared the wrath of the new improved me! (I will live to regret saying that no doubt!)

So on I went to the next round (the Semi’s) and with a slight giddiness as well knowing that getting this far in a Tournament on AG for me was the first ever!!

Emotional Worm was next! I was under pressure as games against him have always been close and hes always ended up winning somehow or another! I knew I could do it! First game, Norway vs Czech Republic. Didn’t look at the stats difference but I knew that Baros up front was going to torture me with his pace! Played a standard
4-2-2-2 formation and he was on the attack. He scored, I equalised, I scored to take the lead in the second half….2-1….in or around the 80th minute, my defender gave the ball away like a ponce and that cost me dearly! He equalised easily! I had to try and get something out of this as there was no way I could see me winning the second game with a weak FC Seoul and set of poor strikers who cant finish for toffee! All out attack and risking conceding another goal was a chance I had to take! The pressure was on, he was falling back….conceded a corner….I put the ball to the back post, my man crosses it back it….his keeper has it covered…but Big John Carew gets a Big head to it and somehow puts it into the back of the net!!!! I could only imagine what was going through worm’s head!! While I was literally jumping up and down like as if England had fulfilled an impossible dream and won the World Cup!!!

It wasn’t over yet! I had to at least draw the next game to put me through to the final! This was not going to be easy after that last game! This time looked at the stats comparing both our teams (keeping in mind that changes could improve the teams overall stats). FC Seoul vs Colchester!

An early Goal I scored….. although I will admit that it was a cheap one where my striker broke away from his back 4 and squared the ball for my other striker to tap into an open net!

Anyway, it looked like that goal didn’t phase him in the slightest as he came back to score one, then another to take the lead 2-1! He had now levelled the aggregate score. I had to push harder and try to take the lead! This cost me dearly and I should have tried on for a third game decider! He scored a third and that broke my heart to pieces! Around the 80th minute my boys managed another goal to make it 3-2 and leave me with some hope, however shoddy defending cost me more and he scored another and added salt to the wound by scoring a 5th!!

It was all over…I was out…. A Glorious Run no doubt and I would like to say Thank you to the admins for making this tourney and accepting my entry!

Congratulations in advance to the Winners of Both Knockout stages (Kid I believe is Stage A) and its between Swindan and Emotional Worm in Stage B.

Its been great and looking forward to the next one!


Thanks go out to Kaz for his thoughts. I well earned scudo bonus is winging its way to his AG account as we speak. Perhaps he'll waste it in the bookies? Or perhaps he'll invest it ready for an assault on the leagues!

Dont forget, leave a nice comment and earn yourself a little scudo at the same time.......oh and our August tourney signup is now open in the forums. Get your name down!

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