King of the Hill

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Fancy your chances at being the king of AG? Lets see if you have the bottle to challenge the very best AG has too offer.

What is King of the Hill?
King of the Hill is a one off game between you and the current king. You join the queue of members wanting to dethrone the current king. When your turn is up you will receive a PM from the site and you arrange to play.

Defending your crown
Members will challenge you during your run. If you win you stay on and play the next member. Your run will be shown on the King of the Hill page along with a history of recent games and winners.

Rules for King of the Hill

  • Winner stays on format
  • This hill is for Xbox ONLY!
  • Teams must be matched up, IE club team vs club team, international team vs international or womens vs womens teams. No mixing categories.
  • 4 Days per fixture from point of previous game being confirmed. Only extra time will be allowed in exceptional circumstances.
  • Challenger sets up thread.
  • Thread must be created within 24 hours of last game being confirmed by the challenger.
  • If challenger does not set up thread within 24 hours, 500 Scudo fine will be given.
  • If challenger does not set up thread within 48 hours, they shall be removed from the competition (Unless in exceptional circumstances)
  • Challenger will pick the team rating and the current Kin of the Hill will match.
  • Scores must be confirmed by both in the thread and on the FIFA 18 ladder.
  • All games to be played through Online Friendlies. If the scores are tied at the end of the game, then golden goal will decide the winner.
  • Winner will get 500 Scudo per game
  • Loser will receive 300 Scudo per game
  • Challenger will get 1000 Scudo per game.
  • Max of 5000 Scudo payout on King of the Hill per run not including challenger payment.
  • If the current King reaches 10 wins then for every game from there on in they have to reduce their star rating by .5 to their opponents. So the 11th game you will use a 4.5 star and the 12th you will use a 4 star and so on.
  • Admin decision on this is FINAL

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