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The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 5: From the Gallows Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

Well, we`re finally here. We`ve finally approached the end of another Telltale season, and this one has come in the form of the Walking Dead Season 3. If you`ve not played any of the Walking Dead games that Telltale have made, you`re missing out big time on something quite special. They`ve easily become one of my favourite game developers and I look forward to every single release they make. It`s now time for another season to end, as we take into the city and streets of Richmond for Episode 5: From the Gallows, where we`re left with a major cliff-hanger at the end of Episode 4. Will all be as it seems? Or will we go out the Telltale with surprises and much more galore?


Let`s start with a recap from the last episode. Javi, David, Kate, Clem, Gabe, Tripp and Eleanor are fighting and surviving within the city of Richmond, which is marooned and controlled by a group known as The New Frontier. The leader, Joan is made aware of a plan that Javi and David had hatched that would resort in her fall, and exposes them, in front of everyone in Richmond. Chaos ensures, and the wall is breached, and in thrive thousands of Walkers, all out to cause bloodshed and add to their family. We see Kate drive a lorry into the wall and into the Walker and exploding, leaving us with the question in whether she survived the explosion or if she had turned after being possibly bitten by a walker. I really like Kate`s character and how she`s developed over the course of the season and I`d have been quite devastated to see her go out before the end of the season, and thankfully, I was about to find out I wasn’t wrong.

The final episode focuses on the group as they try to avoid and escape Richmond. Over the course of the episode, it`s going to become apparent that working together and survival is going to be key, and some truths are going to be exposed and come out, most notably involving Kate`s and Javi`s on-going and developing relationship. Characters are going to be written out early on and throughout the episode, and we`re going to see the deaths of characters, but also some returns from characters that were quite wacky and cool from earlier on in the season. We`re also going to find out what happens with the rest of the group, and what Javi, Kate and Gabe do in the future, and what the next chapter is for our favourite, Clementine (Which going off the end of the episode, Telltale appear to confirm that a fourth season is in the works and will focus on her search for AJ who you may remember as the baby from season 1 and 2).

Episode 5 focuses a lot on the narrative within the story, and it focuses on the conversational element of the Telltale games, meaning that there isn’t awfully loads of actionic moments within the episode. You have a few key moments where you`re going to have to be ready to hit that controller button at the right time and move forward to avoid the walkers, but the focus is one of the story and narrative, and it`s going to explain a lot, and a lot is going to come out. For me, this is what makes the Telltale games so different and unique, and it`s the way that they tell the story and portray it throughout and the choices you have that can in some shape or form, influence the narrative and the rest of the game. I knew that a decision that I made earlier on in the season would now go on to be quite influential in the last episode of the season, as they always are.

The Walking Dead is probably Telltale`s best work to date, and that`s quite a big statement. We`ve seen some good franchises that have had their spin on including Batman, Game of Thrones and recently Guardians of the Galaxy, and their work never ever fails to disappoint me. As I said earlier on in the review, I really enjoy and love their work, and they`ve become easily one of my favourite developers.

If you`ve never played a Walking Dead episode by Telltale then you seriously are missing out big time. We`ve hit the end of Season 3, and you`ve got plenty of time to get up to date with the story and characters before we reach the next chapter of Season 4. Seriously, go and pick it up, because I guarantee, you certainly will not regret it.

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

Website: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Twitter: @telltalegames

Price: £5.19 for Episode 5 or £14.99 for the Season Pass

Review code supplied by Telltale Games



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