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World to the West Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 Votes)

I never had the chance to have a look at Rain Games first game on Xbox One, and that came in the shape of Teslagrad. A game that a few had spoken about, and something that had been well received from anyone I had spoken to about it. Well, Rain Games are now back with the 2nd game to the Xbox One, and that comes in the shape of World to the West. Is it a game however that`s going to be a good addition to the Xbox and console family? Or is it going to be something that` going to rather disappoint?


World to the West is a 3D type action adventure game, and is developed by Rain Games, the team behind Teslagrad. Being set in the same universe as Teslagrad, if you`ve played that then I think you`re going to really enjoy this. But if you`re like me, and completely new to their games, then I think you`ll have something that`s a little bit different and actually-quite enjoyable. From the start of the game and the start of the main campaign, you`re going to be thrown into the hot seat of one of four characters that you`ll control in the game, and the first one comes in the shape of Lumina, a young teslamancer who after following a strange path and being whisked away in a teleporter to another land where we come to the 2nd character Knaus, a young kid who loves to dig and explore. After you`ve come to terms with the first two it`s not going to be long before you`re introduced to the 3rd and 4th characters you`re going to come across, and they come in the shape of Miss Teri and Clonington the Strongman.

The more and more I played through the game, there was some inspiration I could see that Rain Games had taken something from, and one of those games I personally feel there`s been some inspiration for is the Zelda series. Arguably the best and most well-known franchise within Nintendo`s arsenal, it`s quite interesting to see because playing some of the Zelda games in the past, and playing through this, there`s for me been some sort of inspiration, and I`d be really interested to see whether they used Zelda as an inspiration for parts of the game.

What I really like about this game is how they`ve combined the gameplay into making it a game where it`s about exploring and facing and solving puzzles. Each character that you`re going to play as has unique features that will help them and benefit them in a range of different ways. You seem to be getting a good mix of puzzles and exploration within World to the West, and it`s something for me that`s really stood out, and the puzzles are not something that`s going challenge you massively. I`ve played games in the past where the challenges have been quite strong, and when the game is not designed to be a pure puzzler like some other ID games, it`s nice to see the balance and not having challenges that are going to give your brain a headache and focus more on other gameplay mechanics. It`s something that they do exceptionally well.

I`d read a few points that some people had made early on regarding something technical bugs that they`d come across within the game. Now perhaps I joined the party a little late and by that time a bug fix had been revealed and pushed out, but I can`t say I noticed anything outstanding that caused me problems. Having recently just reviewed a title that was plagued with problems, this has nothing of the sort, and it`s quite nice to see a game recently that has been pushed out with minimal issues!

World to the West is a game that if you`ve played Rain Games first title, Teslagrad, is a no-brainer and fans will love it. For fans who are like myself new to the game and go in completely open minded, it`s a really good title to get stuck into, and have a crack at, and I think Rain Games have once again done incredibly well with their title.

A huge thank you to Rain Games for providing us with a review key.

Developer: Rain Games
Publisher: Rain Games
Website: World to the West
Twitter: @rain_games / @WorldToTheWest


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