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I quite enjoy these types of games. The games that you sort of find more on mobile devices, where you must dodge the obstacles, collect collectibles and basically keep going as much as you can until you end up dying or crashing. Well, one developer has decided to try and bring that sort of game over to Xbox One, with their game, RaceTheSun. A game where you are a solar-powered craft, and your aim is to keep going if possible. Is it a game that`s going to be welcomed on Xbox One? Or is it a game that should have stayed in the mobile device section? I must say, I`m pleasantly surprised, and really, really enjoying it.


RaceTheSun is a game developed and published by Flippfly, and is released today (Friday 21st April) for Xbox One. You are a solar-powered craft, where you must go as far as you possibly can and dodge and weave your way through obstacles. Over time, the sun is going to go down, and you need to collect star-like energy orbs that will push the sun back up slightly, and you need to keep collecting these to keep the sun up. The minute the sun goes in and you`re plunged into darkness you`ll lose power, and when you come to a complete stop that`s the game over. You`ll also need to make sure you avoid shadows, as that will also cause your craft to come to a stop. So, just like a solar panel that requires sunlight to power and work, you need to make sure you can always see the sun. See the sun, you`ll continue to get that power. The minute you lose the sun, the power stops.

Throughout the game, you`ll can level up. Each level will require several challenges that you may have to complete to level up, so to speak. Some of these challenges may include earning a set amount of XP within a time frame, or using the jump feature a certain number of times or perfecting a region several times. The more you do of these, the further and quicker you level, and the more features you`ll have access to be able to customize your ship with. Items such as a magnets and re-spawns are just a few that you can do to help you race with the sun.

There isn’t too much else to the game other than dodging your way through the obstacles and to keep it going as much as you possibly can. There a few other modes for you to try on, but most of my time went into the main mode where you try and get the furthest you can and to level up (As it is the only mode in the game that you can use to level up – remember the higher the level the better the craft is). It`s a game that you wonder whether there`s much more to it than what they`ve added to it, and whether there was anything more they could do.

Just like a mobile game, and a similar genre and type of game, it`s going to become very addictive after a while. You`re going to crash, and the urge to get back and try again is going to be apparent, and it`s going to be very addictive. It`s a game that does do it very well, and because of the type of game it is, it`s a game that`s going to get you to come back and back and back, and try and get the furthest you possibly can.

RaceTheSun is a game that you`d immediately associate with the mobile market, but I really do think that Flippfly have done an incredible job with it, and they`ve made something that may seem quite a basic concept really good fun and addictive. It`s a game that I truly welcome to the Xbox family, and I must say, I`m loving it.

A huge thank you to Flippfly for providing us with a review copy of RaceTheSun

Game: RaceTheSun

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Flippfly

 Publisher: Flippfly

Price: £7.99 (From Xbox Store)

Developer: Flippfly
Publisher: Flippfly
Website: Race The Sun
Twitter: @Flippfly

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