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Fantasy League

1 oBIGASHo 20 15 50
2 balonga13 20 14 43
3 Paullowes80 20 13 43
4 CookieMUFC 20 10 37
5 ImmortalTanz 20 12 37

Club League 1

1 paullowes80 18 13 44
2 MarcusJonesy 18 11 36
3 TheAshCohen09 18 9 29
4 oBIGASHo 18 9 28
5 balonga13 18 9 28

Club League 2

1 sean boy walton 18 16 49
2 CookieMUFC 18 14 44
3 deareststorm 18 13 40
4 EmotionalWorm 18 8 28
5 niwintz 18 8 27

FUT League

1 sean boy walton 10 9 28
2 BIG 10 8 25
3 TheAshCohen09 10 6 18
4 Big B 1970 10 1 5
5 deareststorm 10 1 5

Late Shift Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

There are some quite interesting games out in the Xbox community. Over the last 12 months we have really seen some interesting games released and from a range of genre. Over the past week, I`ve had the chance to play through Wale`s Interactive newest addition to the Xbox family, and it`s something quite different. It`s called Late Shift and is a full motion video game. It`s different, is it going to make a hit on the store though? Or it is it going to be a wash away? Well, I quite enjoy it, but I`m not sure how it`s going to do in the wider Xbox community.


Late shift is developed and published by Wales Interactive and is a FMV (Full motion video) game. It tells the story and puts you into the character of Matt, a young adult who works as a parking attendant in a car park in the evening, looking after high priced sports cars and parking them. One night though, he is involved in an armed hold-up and is taken hostage and forced to get involved with a jewellery heist that involves robbing a Chinese porcelain bowl from an auction at Hainsworth, a jewellery auctioneer in London. After stealing what they thought was the bowl, they are rammed off the road and only two, Matt and May-ling, survive. From then on, you`re decisions are going to outcome the rest of the game. You need to get the bowl back to the Tchois, a Chinese group who are the original buyers of the bowl, and get out of the horrible mess.

This game is quite interesting because there are 7 different possible endings, all of which can occur through whatever choice you make. Throughout the game you`re going to be given a range of options that you can choose to use in a conversation with other characters, and your choice could either trigger the rest of the story or trigger an early ending. You have a range of options to choose form and it`s quite a nice idea, as it means there is more than one playthrough to be had. The fact that there is 7 different endings would probably give you a rough indication into what you`re going to be looking at in terms of full completion playthrough. I quite like the idea of the game. But, that`s all there is to the game. It`s choosing what conversation to strike up in the game. There`s no other element to it other than decision making and watching through the story (Which to get through to the ending will take around 1 hr and 45 minutes) and although I quite enjoy it, I`m not sure that it`s going to be well received across the board.

It is completely shot in London and is shot in HD, and it`s a good story. It really is. The two lead characters are quite likeable, and the acting isn’t bad in this either. We`ve seen games before where they`ve  followed a similar sort of route in terms of filming real life footage for the game and it hasn’t lived up to the expectations of some, and although I didn’t have any expectations for Late Shift, it`s nice to see a game that has good acting in it where it uses FMV. You don’t see many games go down this sort of route.

One of the only things for me that really did bug me at the start, and I`m not sure whether it was an update that was released that fixed it, was the fact that every time you played the game and story, it would need to be done in one sitting. You wouldn’t be able to pause the game and come back to it later, it`d have to be done in one go. There must have been an update to it a few days after I started playing as it suddenly started giving me the option to be able to go back to a point that I was at.

Late Shift is a game that`s quite an interesting one and from a story perspective is quite a good one to play. But other than watching through and choosing what conversations you`re going to have with people, there isn’t too much else to it. I do like the idea of it though, and I`ve quite enjoyed playing it, I`m just not too sure how well it`s going to do with everyone else.

A huge thank you to Wales Interactive for supplying us with a review copy of Late Shift.

Developer: CtrlMovie
Publisher: Wales Interactive
Website: Late Shift
Twitter: @CtrlMovieLtd / @WalesInter

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