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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 14 8 4 2 17 28
3 Jobi Juan 14 7 3 4 9 24
4 DX I Jaminator 16 7 3 6 -9 24
5 balonga13 12 7 2 3 12 23

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 14 10 2 2 25 32
2 ToffDuff 14 9 3 2 17 30
3 Big B 1970 16 9 2 5 2 29
4 ImmortalTanz 10 9 0 1 26 27
5 niwintz 12 6 3 3 7 21

EGX 2016: Day 1

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 Votes)

Day 1 of EGX. The UK`s biggest gaming expo, where gamers from all over the world come from to play the hottest releases due out for the next few months. AbsoluteGaming will be covering the next few days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and we have lots coming up in terms of coverage, photos, and interviews. So, after receiving our press pass for the event, we headed in like every other gamer to the halls, where lines of ID games, mainstream games, PSVR, event stages and much more belit our eyes. And it was time for us to start, and feast what would be Day 1 of games galore.


It`s 10.45am. We`re heading to the arena and setting for Battlefield 1. One of the hottest and highest anticipated games for the next few months. After queuing for roughly an hour, we are taken into an area where we`re going to see an extended trailer, highlighting a little bit more into the game that we didn’t already know. Additional features that we`re going to see added into the game, aswell as some pretty slick graphics. We already know that Battlefield 1 will be using HDR (If you`re lucky enough to have the new Xbox One S) but from the trailer we are shown, it looks stunning. After watching the trailer, we are taken to our stations where the headsets are turned on, the Xbox Controllers or keyboard and mouse (depending on whether you took the PC or Xbox controller route – although it was a PC using an Xbox Controller) and the battle begins. A large game of conquest, 64 multiplayer mode beings, and it`s what you expect from a Battlefield game. Huge maps, lots of running, and a game that very much relies on team based tasks, such as capturing an objective. However, of what we played, it`s a game that we are very excited for, and we won`t be having to wait too long for it to come around.

After heading out of the Battlefield 1 arena, we weren’t just finished with EA. We jumped straight into another hour queue for another EA title, and another one that`s top of the agenda in the next few weeks. Titanfall 2. After being asked to watch another extended trailer of the game (where we are introduced to two new titan characters) we are taken to our workstations for another game of domination-like games. 6v6 multiplayer is the main task in hand, and we`re tasked with taking the objectives and winning the game. If, however you have played the Multiplayer technical test a few weeks back, there is nothing new for you here at EGX. With the game that is just over a month away, it won`t be long until we see the full release of Titanfall 2.

Next on my agenda was a stop with Team 17, and an interview session with the developers of Overcooked. Ghost Town Games kindly took the time to speak with us about the game, inspirations for the game, and the question of many fans who have completed the game have on their lips in whether we are going to see any DLC or future content offered to Overcooked fans. Keep an eye out for that early next week on AbsoluteGaming.

Ladies and Gentleman. My name, is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate, to the reigning, defending, undisputed, heavyweight champion of the world, Brock Lesnar! If you`re a WWE fan, then you`d have already guessed it, my next stop of the day was WWE 2K17. After being paired up with another gamer, we took to the station and to the arena of Monday Night Raw in a one on one match, pairing up Seth Rollins, against the demon king, Finn Balor. After a few grapples and a few reversals, Rollins hits the pedigree on Balor for the 1, 2...3 and the match is over. However, the game still feels very similar to the previous edition in 2K16 in terms of its mechanical gameplay. However, one of the newest parts and additions to this year`s game is the use of outside the ring and using the environment to your advantage. Being able to use an OMG moment on the outside of the ring to either slam your opponent onto the canvas or onto the ring barricade is something that`s new to the game and welcomed in by fans. WWE 2K17 is only 2 weeks away, and it` s a game that I personally as a WWE fan is hugely looking forward to.

Our last stop of the day is to perhaps, the hottest and most anticipated game and not for the future release of the brand, but for the re-mastered release of the brand, and that is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Remastered. Perhaps the longest queue time of the day, it is split into two halves. You`re going to play one game of Team Deathmatch on Infinite Warfare, and then you`re going to play a game of Team Deathmatch on the re-master. Now, Infinite Warfare had such a negative reaction when the trailer first launched back at the start of the year, that I`m really unsure what sort of reaction the full game is going to get when it launches in 2 months. I think the re-master is what`s on the lips of gamers at the moment, and it`s difficult to understand why it wouldn’t be. Infinite Warfare feels very similar to what we`ve seen over recent years with the additions of jetpacks and moving towards a very similar gameplay style to perhaps Titanfall that we`ve forgotton what the original Call of Duty`s were like. But it was a real throwback being able to go back to the days of Call of Duty 4, with a graphic enhancement, and with some of my favourite guns such as the AK47 and go on a great streak and spree. Finishing 2nd in my team, I came out of there knowing why it was that made the re-master so appealing and exciting. And it`s a game that I very much await the release of.

It was then time for us to depart the NEC and begin our journey back to our hotel in the City Centre. With 2 more full days ahead of us, we will be back at EGX tomorrow with the next wave of games we`re eager and awaiting to play, such as Gears of War 4 and the new horde 3.0 mode, Dishonored 2, Forza Horizon 3 and much more. We`ll also be catching up with a few more developers over the next few days and grabbing some exclusive hands on and interview coverage with them. Keep up to date with our ventures by following us either on our Instagram or twitter: @AbsoluteGaming.

Don’t forget to check us out tomorrow for our recap of Day 2 at EGX 2016.

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