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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 14 8 4 2 17 28
3 Jobi Juan 14 7 3 4 9 24
4 DX I Jaminator 16 7 3 6 -9 24
5 balonga13 12 7 2 3 12 23

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 14 10 2 2 25 32
2 ToffDuff 14 9 3 2 17 30
3 Big B 1970 16 9 2 5 2 29
4 ImmortalTanz 10 9 0 1 26 27
5 niwintz 12 6 3 3 7 21

Rise and Shine Q&A

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We here at AbsoluteGaming have been privileged with a chance to interview indie-developers  Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, who are behind their latest creation, Rise and Shine. Rise and Shine is follows the story of Rise, in the world known as Gamearth, where he is thrown into a battle against Grunts, and alongside his brotherly-machine, Rise, must rise to the challenge of not only defeating the Grunts, but by also saving Gamearth.



Q: The opportunities for indie developers has arguably never been greater. With that in mind, what are you guys doing with Rise and Shine that sets it apart from other side scrollers?


I guess first thing that comes to mind when seeing a screenshot of Rise & Shine is that is another run and gun game, and it’s not!. We have introduced some elements like covers, limited ammo, puzzles, story, hand-drawn levels, etc, that really set the game apart.

This is not a brainless shooter where you kill everything that moves on the screen with a happy trigger, I can tell you that. Each situation will require a bit of planning from the players to get out alive. And lots of good aiming.


Q: What inspirations have you drawn upon in developing this game?


Definitely Another World is one of the main inspirations for making this game. That mix between puzzles, a bit of story and arcade is what I wanted to make with Rise & Shine. Also Limbo is another big inspiration, of course, although we don’t make a big use of the platforming mechanics. Our game is not a platformer either!


Q: Is there more than one way to get through each stage of the game, or do players have to follow a strict procedure to advance?

Well, some of the situations and puzzles the players encounter can be solved in differents manners, although some others have a unique solution.

Of course each player will be able to play the game differently…Adopt a more straight forward approach or use the covers making each bullet count.


Q: Given the success of Plants vs Zombies, do you think Rise and Shine offers players the same experience or that it is something completely new?


It’s something completely new. We are talking about different genres here. I guess some players will notice similar graphic styles, but that will be it.


Q: Is there any specific reason why you chose to launch on or around the date you have? Does this demonstrate the rise of indie games and how they now compete with the major publishers at any given time?


Our game does not have a final release date yet, although it kind of seems that we will finish it around May/June this year. We want to be sure the game is as good and polished as we can make it for the players to enjoy, so we haven’t thought about other big releases to place Rise & Shine in the market. 

But I think with all the games coming out every week it almost doesn’t matter anymore when you release your game, there always will be a major indie or triple A release on the horizon.

Q: With regards to the background detail, how have you ensured that this has enhanced the game play?


As I said previously, all the in-game backgrounds are huge hand-drawn illustrations (for instance, the first level of the game is a 3 meter wide drawing, without the use of any tiles or repeating elements). This, although not adding a lot to the gameplay, always adds to the experience of the players, knowing that every step they take is a completely new one. And of course all the easter egg chasers will have the time of their lives with all the classic videogame references hiding in the backgrounds.

As a gamer and developer I know that when playing a sidescroller, it’s always made out of elements that the devs copy and paste to make a level, so we wanted to give a game of this kind a more organic, artistic feel for the players to enjoy the ride even more.

I hope players will appreciate the effort and attention to detail, which is incredible. 

Q: What sort of DLC can we expect for this game?


No DLC’s planned at this point for the game. At least not paid ones! If the game is successful enough we have lots of ideas to expand it a bit more, but nothing written in stone just yet. 

Q : What can we expect with regards to online game play, if there is any?


Rise & Shine is a single player adventure with no online modes for now. 



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