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Club League 1

1 TheAshCohen09 18 12 3 3 27 39
2 paullowes80 16 10 4 2 22 34
3 balonga13 14 9 2 3 20 29
4 DX I Jaminator 18 8 3 7 -9 27
5 Jobi Juan 16 7 4 5 6 25

Club League 2

1 IDanger IMouse 18 14 2 2 37 44
2 ImmortalTanz 16 11 3 2 34 36
3 niwintz 18 10 4 4 15 34
4 Big B 1970 18 9 4 5 2 31
5 ToffDuff 16 9 3 4 12 30

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Xbox 360 Review

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Black Ops the successful spin off of the Call of Duty series has been one of the great success stories from the last generation of consoles. With the Xbox One finally hitting its stride it's clear that Treyarch have both feet firmly planted in this generation of consoles. And if you needed proof you needn't look any further than the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops III.

The decision to not include the campaign mode caught me by surprise. I even Googled it in case I was missing something that was right in front of me but alas I wasn't. Reading further into it Treyarch have blamed the limitations of the Xbox 360 and that is complete bollocks. I don't buy it for a second. There may have been graphical limitations and there are plenty on show here but does that really excuse them releasing only half a game? So as a thank you to the game's loyal fan base that made this series the success story it was on the last generation of consoles, Treyarch have basically told you to invest in this generation or miss out in a very unsubtle way.

So what is it your actually getting here. The ever present online multiplayer. Each multiplayer match starts with you picking a specialist to play as. There are nine different specialists to choose from Every specialist has one weapon that is exclusive to them and also one power that only they have. But you can only pick one of them. Every player also comes equipped with a thruster pack that allows you a much greater freedom of movement. If you've ever played Titanfall you will be right at home with the thruster pack. The ability to bounce from one wall to the next while chasing down your prey and spraying bullets from your weapon of choice is a great feeling. The only disadvantage is this also makes you an easy target. There are  plenty of loadout options available which you unlock the further you progress and you can pick up to ten perks, grenades and several others to ensure you in into battle with exactly the kit you want.

Zombies co-op mode is back and is now subtitled “Shadows of Evil”. You get to pick between a magician, boxer, cop or a burlesque dancer. If you've played Zombies before you know exactly what your getting here. You earn money by killing zombies and then use that money to buy bigger and better weaponry. The interesting twist this time around is the ability to “became the beast” which is like the Kraken from Evolve. This is a very short ability that allows you to literally tear any zombie that's unfortunate enough to cross your path into shreds.

I have encountered huge connection problems with both multiplayer modes. Constant disconnects, searching for games can take twenty minutes sometimes and when a bad loser quits a game early the host migration crashes and boots you back to the title screen. Why a game that is multiplayer only has such piss poor servers is beyond me. The whole game just stinks of a quick cash grab. Would you buy a cd with only half the songs? Would you watch a film if it finished halfway through? What about reading a book that the author had decided not to finish? If you answered no to all the above congratulations you have at least one working brain cell. Originally I was going to give Black Ops III two stars but because Treyarch screwed me out of half a game I'm going to screw them and half my mark. Fuck you Treyarch you can stick your half finished shit where the sun don't shine.

Review copy supplied by XCN.

Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Genre: First Person SHooter.

Developer: Treyarch.

Publisher: Activision.

Platform(s): Xbox 360/Xbox One.

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